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SJMommy 02-04-2013 08:48 PM

BEST dessert(IYO, of course :) )
Im a HUGE dessert lover! so I wantto make sure I hit up all the yummy desserts while Im here at the end of the month!

Smiling Cheshire Cat 02-04-2013 09:19 PM

There are so many good ones! Here's a few of my favorites.

Berry Cobbler from Artist Point
Heathers Chocolate Sampler from Cali Grill
Bread Pudding from Ohana
Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake from Liberty Tree Tavern
Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake from Tonys- this may have been seasonal
Grapefruit Cake from Brown Derby

DHs favorite is Almond Crusted Cheesecake from Narcoosees
DSs is Creme Brûlée from Chefs de France

nursegrl507 02-04-2013 09:49 PM

Right now my favorite would probably have to be the bread pudding from raglan road.

marshmeloh 02-04-2013 09:57 PM

I'm going to second both the berry cobbler from artist point and banana bread pudding from ohana and add school bread from the bakery in Norway!

Pakey 02-04-2013 10:37 PM

Mine is the chocolate soufflé at Victoria & Alberts and tiramisu at Il Mulino.

2012DisneyWorldBride 02-04-2013 10:50 PM

Mine is chocolate wave from coral reef... Sooooo yummy!!!

Ro Z 02-04-2013 11:04 PM

Crème brulee from Chefs. Zepolli from VN. Chocolate ricotta cake from MM. Strawberry shortcake from Sunshine Season. The best dessert ever in WDW was the cannoli from Palo's at the Swan. Years ago. It was amazing!!

jude&jonah 02-04-2013 11:05 PM

The Valrhona cake at cali grill... and I'm not even a huge chocolate person! Altho going to Ohana this year for the first time as a bread pudding fan... so this may change... ;)

purple figment 02-04-2013 11:56 PM

It's so hard to choose, but here are some that I enjoyed:

Almond Crusted Cheesecake - Narcoossee's
Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake - Liberty Tree Tavern (lunchtime only)
Dessert Sampler - Grand Floridian Cafe
Coppa di Brutti Ma Buoni ("Ugly but Good Sundae") Via Napoli
Cloudberry horn, Schoolbread - Kringla
Berry Cobbler - Artist Point
Bananas and Caramel in Phyllo - California Grill
Chocolate "Moose" - Le Cellier
Dunbrody Kiss, Dundon's Delight - Raglan Road
Any cupcake - Starring Rolls
Zebra Domes - Boma & Mara

Ro Z 02-04-2013 11:58 PM

I just remembered Kona has a chocolate fondue that I love. Pineapple and chocolate. OMG!! GFC has one too but Kona is better!

TwoCortWort 02-05-2013 12:00 AM

Peanut butter cookie at Hollywood Studios and also Magic Kingdom. I am all about the cookies...the one at HS has butterfinger in it, but it's very sweet...would recommend splitting it with some one. The one at MK is I want to say made with crunchy peanut butter, it doesn't have nuts but has like the crispy crunches you find in crunchy peanut butter and it also has peanut butter cups in it. My parents swear by the carrot cake cookie that is found at HS.

cheshirecatattack 02-05-2013 12:05 AM

Cloudberry horn from Kringla
Anything from Karamell Kuche

iheartmickey1111 02-05-2013 12:17 AM

Any of the cupcakes from Starring Rolls at HS are really good- and HUGE! The tie-dye cheesecake at Pop Century is really good- even if your not staying there, if you have time, its worth going over there just for that! Its Rainbow colored cheesecake on top with red velvet cake on the bottom.

As a HUGE dessert lover myself, here is my Disney tradition: each morning while eating breakfast at my resort, I'll go ahead and buy a dessert..then when I am done eating, I bring it back to my room and store it in the fridge...then when I get back from the parks at night around midnight, I have this delightful delicious morsel waiting for me! You dont have to worry about the food place being closed or out of the dessert you want this way either!

iheartmickey1111 02-05-2013 12:18 AM

OH! And the caramel/chocolate covered apples are really good...but I found the ones with the mickey/minnie "pants" on the bottom are really hard to eat because they are so thick on that part. I get more plain ones now lol.

JZCubed 02-05-2013 07:11 AM

Chocolate Soufflé @ Shula's (more accessible than V&A)

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