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gigi from canada 02-04-2013 04:11 PM

Crystal Palace Seating
I made a last minute reservation for 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) for a 8:05 slot on Feb. 27. I had been checking every day for one... and got lucky. However, it stated:
Please note that your party may be seated at more than one table.

Should I be concerned about this? :confused3

ktlm 02-04-2013 04:22 PM

No. That is a standard warning. We have 3 people in our family, and we have gotten that warning pretty much every time since DD (6) was 2. I've heard of it popping up when a 2 person party books too, which is just silly!

pumba 02-04-2013 04:36 PM

no..dont will all be together...usually they are talking about large large groups...we were six once and we were all together...
It is just a blank warning for large gatherings:thumbsup2

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