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dave 2 02-01-2013 10:37 PM

Stage shows not to miss
We are on a 3 night Dream cruise in March with two boys 12 & 14. Wondering about stage shows which would be of interest to them. I hear Believe and Golden Mickeys seem to be favs with Villains hit or miss. Will be a feat to bring them to any shows so 1st one better be good. Which would you recommend for this age/gender? Thanks.

Paigeanne 02-02-2013 12:22 AM

Villains Tonight was my very favorite!! Now, I have 2 ALL boys, so that may play a part on it. I would say its a don't miss.

PizzieDuster 02-02-2013 03:16 AM

Disney Dreams. *Do they have this on the Dream or Fantasy?*

Ann Marie and Peter Pan. Gets me teary every time.

Our last cruise with my DD13 we saw it again. It was so cute at the end my daughter teared up too. It was such a lovely moment I don't always get with a 13 year old. I'll never forget it. We talk about that sometimes. She said "I don't know why I cried." I said "I do." :thumbsup2

Mousepal1980 posted a 6 part on YouTube. It's the part 6 that gets to us every time!

cris0809 02-02-2013 03:35 AM

They do NOT have Disney Dreams on the new ships, "Believe" is in its place.

I much prefer Dreams after having seen it again last week for the first time in 2 years. Believe is a little too critical of having a scientific mind. I'm all for dreaming and believing in magic but it was a little sour for us. :confused3 I'm not sure it'd be a win with most teens? Hopefully some parents will chime in for you.

We also enjoy Villains Tonight! I'd choose that and Golden Mickeys, especially with boys. One for the humor and the other for the "Classic Disney" and music.

sambycat 02-02-2013 07:16 AM

Go see for yourselves! :) it's part of the experience you are there for!

lbgraves 02-02-2013 08:43 AM

The only one we would go see on that ship is the Golden Mickeys.

LoriV 02-02-2013 09:37 AM

We never miss any of the shows. Even DS19 who has been cruising since he was 6 likes them.

disneyholic family 02-02-2013 10:00 AM

i liked the one on the last night on the Dream the best.
What's it called? Believe?
i don't remember.
I liked all three nights and i wouldn't miss any of them, but i liked the last one the best.
Second best was villains tonight.
but i liked all 3.

scrapycruiser 02-02-2013 01:35 PM

Has anyone seen Aladdin on the Fantasy ? How was it ?
We will be on the ship Mar 2 :cool1:

Silverfox97 02-02-2013 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by scrapycruiser
Has anyone seen Aladdin on the Fantasy ? How was it ?
We will be on the ship Mar 2 :cool1:

Good in June, not as good in December.

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scrapbookjulie 02-02-2013 02:21 PM

You'll have to decide for yourself! A lot of people love Believe, but that was the one show that neither DH, DD or myself cared for. At all. Didn't like the music or the storyline. Can't imagine teen boys being thrilled by that one. Villains, on the other hand, I think would really appeal to boys. That was DH's favorite. Golden Mickeys was the favorite for DD and me.

diadevito 02-02-2013 06:54 PM

Just got off the Fantasy last Saturday and Aladdin was our favorite show!

itdoesntsmell 02-02-2013 07:27 PM

Villains and Golden Mickeys!

dave 2 02-02-2013 10:38 PM

Thanks everyone. Looks like we will see all shows. As usual, Disney seems to have first rate productions and I'm sure there's something for everyone.

Silver Queen 02-02-2013 10:53 PM

We were on the Jan. 12 Fantasy cruise and Aladdin was our favorite show. That being said, we enjoyed all of the shows and didn't want to miss any.

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