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Talli16 01-30-2013 01:21 PM

AOA Finding Nemo
My kids are huge huge Nemo fan's and I was looking to book two nights at aoa in the nemo suite. I am used to staying deluxe, as I love the ease of getting to and from the parks. Will I be hugely disappointed in aoa being such a deluxe lover or will not having to share a bathroom with anyone (yes hubby included lol) be all worth it? Any requests you could think I should add to the reservation. I was just thinking pool view if available. How is the food court? We stayed asm suites years ago and swore never value again but then poof aoa was born and is so cute!:cloud9:

clanmcculloch 01-30-2013 03:27 PM

I think it'll all depend on why you didn't like values and why you like deluxes.

We're huge fans of Polynesian. We're also huge fans of Pop. We really enjoyed our Nemo suite at AoA. But, as I said, we're happy with values.

Transportation is one of the things we really liked about AoA. Like Pop, it has decicated busses. The bus stops are also covered at AoA plus they have nice orderly marked queues at the bus stops unlike at deluxes. That's one of the reasons we like Pop as well and one of the reasons we're hesitant to try the AS resorts (shared busses; they all have the queues). At Poly, while we love the monorail and boats, the busses to DHS and AK drive me nuts with being shared. We're had to watch busses at Poly leave without us because they were too full from the previous resort.

We really liked the food court at AoA though we prefer the Pop food court. The AoA food court has significantly more options than you'll find for CS options at deluxe resorts. True there aren't any TS restaurants, but there's a huge food court with lots of CS options including an amazing create your own salad station and create your own pasta station.

While there's no slide at AoA like you'll find at deluxe resorts, the Big Blue pool is a really nice and well themed pool.

So, what didn't you like about ASMu? That really should be taken into consideration when you think about when deciding if you can be happy at AoA.

Talli16 01-30-2013 04:08 PM

i think the reasons we didnt like asm suite are different at aoa. I do not like exterior halls, aoa has interior. I did not like the food court at asm, but I have heard good things about aoa's food. The having to drive everywhere but I will have that with aoa.
I didnt like the pool at asm, too boring, but having that huge pool with under the water music at aoa. :goodvibes so i think we will give it a chance.

tracynwu 01-30-2013 09:04 PM

I totally get where you are coming from. We like Deluxe as well but honestly the nemo suite is awesome! The pool is great. I loved it as an adult, but my kids were gagaa over it. I thought the food court was great. Kind of felt a bit upscale. I mean, it's still a food court but the choices were great. Having extra room is fantastic. We drove our car everywhere so I can't speak for the busses. Bottom Line, monorail makes life easy, but that really only helps you with Epcot and MK. It's absolutely worth trying. They really did a great job with that resort.

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