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Rosiekins 01-28-2013 01:27 PM

Typhoid Wendy spreads the Disney Pox, A NOV '13 group PTR New 6/5
Hello and welcome to my wild and exciting pretrip Would you believe to my fairly average pretrip report that will hopefully lead to a wild and exciting trip? Better&.Okay then we will go with that! This trip was born from my overwhelming love of Disney World, and thus my overwhelming need to share this love, with everyone who will listen to me for more then 5 min. People say to me isn't it hot, don't you wait in line all day, isn't it just for kids etc& and I always grin and say not if you do it right. My husband then buts in and says not if you do it with her. We laugh but really it is fairly true. As you Disers know a little time and research in your trip gives you the heads up to have a much more magical adventure. So now my friends not only want to go to Disney they want to go with us! Which thrills me cause I so want to go with them!! So it started right after we returned in 2010, We said we were headed back in 2013 and they said wouldn't that be the perfect time to bring their son. And so they joined in, then another friend heard about it and decided to come bringing along her son. Then just today I got the word that our other friends who had been sending not so subtle nudges too are going to joins us too!!!! Which leads to cast of at least 12 with the possibility of a few stragglers joining in the fun.

So I guess I will give you the details then introduce the motley crew that we will be taking on the world with!

Our dates are Nov 7th -Nov 21st, most of the other people will be there from Nov 7th-Nov 13th. At this point all of us are staying in POP Century.

Now we have the hows and whys, the whens and wheres lets get to the Who's.

Rosiekins 01-28-2013 03:37 PM

Reserved for Chapter links

Rosiekins 01-28-2013 03:43 PM

First up we have me! Wendy Darling, (with a touch of Mary Poppins, a pinch of Alice and a swirl of Marie added in) Like Wendy I am often the "mother" of the group. I come complete with a pack of lost boys that I have yet to successfully marry off lol. They are the ones who dubbed me Wendy-lady years ago. Oh and I am married to Peter Pan. I was a Nanny forever like Mary Poppins , and of course I am Practically Perfect in every way… I think I just heard my Husband choking on his laughter in the basement. I am curious, silly and love tea parties like Alice, I also love full skirts and Mary Jane shoes. And I am just a little bossy (I try to curb it but you know lol), like Marie, and really Alice , Wendy, and Mary. Besides Disney I love to craft and create, I am an avid reader… mostly YA stuff (see I never grew up, this Wendy stayed in Neverland) I run a small business where I sew children's clothing and make hair accessories. I am infinitely girly, I love ruffles and fluffy things. I often joke that I dress like I am 5. Oh and I cook, I am told, well. I also get ideas and decide to be creative, this leads to things like Rummy Bears that turn out to be time release and other very very silly adventures. I am also completely and totally obsessed with Harry Potter.

I was a Disney child, I was raised on Disney movies, the cartoons but also all the Magical World of Disney ones my parents would rent me from the video store. We sang Disney songs and played with Disney toys. But you know it was the same with all my friends. I think Disney was the safe choice, it was fun but wholesome. Our parents never worried about letting us watch Disney movies or the Disney channel (when we had it) I of course though was the lucky one who had grandparents in Palm Springs (Where my Dad grew up and my Mom spent her teens), so I got to go to Disneyland more then any of my friends. More times then I can remember to count. I was a lucky little girl. And while the toys have dwidled a bit I still watch Disney movies, I still sing Disney songs and when I have kids they will be Disney kids too.

My big love now is Disney World and I am spreading it like chicken pox… Disney Pox! To my friends, and I am perfectly okay to be Typhoid Mary in this case. I talk it, I dream it, I breathe it and I even stalk it on the internet. Hopefully if doesn't get me a restraining order. My birthday is a week before we leave so I will be celebrating it, complete with Birthday Button while we are in the world.

My Favorite
Characters: Wendy Darling and Alice
Princess: Aurora (though I like the name Briar Rose better) and Belle
Fab Five: Minnie Mouse, not only has my family called me Mini since I was 2 (As in Mini Pearl) She has a frilly apron, pantaloons and a great dress.
Old Disney Movie: Aristocats (first movie I saw in the theater, it was on a rerelease) Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood
90's Disney: Hands down Beauty and the Beast.
Atraction: Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror and Peter Pan

Then we have Peter Pan, my husband of 7 years. He is funny, silly, grumpy and an everlasting child, like Peter Pan. Most days I like that about him, some days I could cheerfully lock his shadow in drawer. He was not a Disney child which I think is very very sad. He had never been to any Disney park until 2008 when he took me as a gift of sacrifice to Disney World for our 3rd Anniversary. By the first night he had to eat crow and admit he loved it. He gets particularly in to all the little details, and the construction details. Things like the different patterns in concrete work. His other favorite is all the restaurants. He loves Dining in Disney and is the main reason we do the Deluxe dining plan. He is a GC who has lived in Ma his whole life. He loves having a group around so he is super excited to be going with our friends. Oh yes and he has an odd and extreme love of the country bears.

His Favorite
Characters: Country Bears and Peter Pan
Princess: Pocahontas
Fab Five: Donald
Old Disney Movie: Peter Pan
90's Disney: Country Bears.
Attraction: Peter Pan and the Country Bears

Up Next is the rest of the gang.

Rosiekins 01-28-2013 04:20 PM

Next we have the Incredibles.

Mr Incredible is our Iraq veteran. He is an Eagle Scout, and still super involved with boy scouts. He is also the first (and only) of my lost boys that I succeeded in marrying off. He does however have to call and ask permission before he can preform science. Long story involving dried sterno and the scorch mark on my dining room table. He is the kind of person who will try to make avocado soda just to see what have to clean your ceilings btw. He is silly, occasionally grumpy, and mostly just a lot of fun. Since we are both in charge planner types we occasionally butt heads. I think though it will be fine in Disney, we can always go our own directions and meet up later! I am pretty sure he has been to Disney World before. :banana:

Mrs. Incredible is one of my favorite people. She is level headed, sweet, silly and just a little bit evil (in a good way of course) She is a fellow Disney lover, and a big Mickey fan! She has been to Disneyland and Disney World. She also loves cross stich, she has a amazing Disney cross stiches that she made framed and hung in her house. She deals with our crazy group pretty well. I am counting on her to help me keep my head if everything gets a little crazy. Her little bit of evil leads to an awfully lot of fun so I know we are going to have a blast in the house of mouse. :stir:

Jack Jack is their 3yr old son. He is the most relaxed little boy I have ever met! I watch him a few times a week and we have so much fun. He is so go with the flow and a lot of fun. I am told though that when he melt down he goes in style. While he is fun, silly, adorable and so relaxed you just know one day he is going to develop amazing super powers, start bouncing off the walls and throwing giant fireballs. :furious: We can't wait! I am so excited to spend some time in Disney with him, I know it is going to be magical.

Stay tuned for the next familiy

Rosiekins 01-28-2013 04:57 PM

Up next we have

Duchess, a SAHM to a lovely little girl and twin boys. She has her hands full! She (like me) is a writer (though I am still at the aspiring point). I happen to know that she also loves many Disney movies. While she grew up in FL I don't think she spent much time in World. Now she lives new DL and she still doesn't spend much time there….crazy I tell you crazy….. Duchess was my best friend when were both nannies in MA, we lost contact for a while but we have rekindled our friendship thanks to FB. She is funny, silly, and a great Mom. We had a great time when they visited this summer so we are So excited that they are coming on this trip.

Her whole family is super healthy and they are really away of where their food, clothing and such come from and how it is made. I think that is great. They are Vegetarians so I am curious to see how their dining in the World will pan out. I think, and hope that they will have no problem and find lots of yummy choices Any advice or experience will be appreciated!

Thomas is an actor who also works with computers. I don't know him all that well but he is really nice and funny. And he makes my friend awfully happy, plus he is a great dad so he is pretty great in my book! I will find about his Disney history and let you know!

Marie is an adorable 5 yr old little girl. She is so cute and silly I just love her to pieces even though I mostly see her through her mothers FB posts and pictures. She is sassy and fun, and a great big sister. She loves Scooby Doo. She has never been to the world and this trip will be a surprise to her and her brothers.

Toulouse and Berlioz are 2 year old twins who will be having their birthday while we are in the world! They are cute little boys who I am looking forward to celebrating with. They were actually expected while I was on my last trip and I spent every bus ride checking for updates to see if they were here.

One more to go.

wiigirl 01-28-2013 05:01 PM

Following along! :thumbsup2

Rosiekins 01-28-2013 05:25 PM

Lilo will be coming with her son. Her husband isn't a Disney fan so he will be staying at home. She has been to the world a few times. She is also a stay at home mom. We are looking forward to drinking our way around the world together. She is fun, blunt, and bossy (I know Pot, Kettle lol maybe that is why we are friends) We went on adventure to Vermont last year and while it was a complete and utter disaster (we were cursed) we had a great time and laughed ourselves horse. We craft together and her family is regular Sunday dinner attendees.

Stitch is a rambunctious little boy who is in fact all boy. Stitch is a good choice for him. He is cute and charming when he wants to be and keeps me laughing most of the time. He met Marie this summer and they had fun watching the fireworks together so I think they are going to have a great time seeing each other at Disney. He is quite the ladies man. He has never been to Disney so I am sure he will have so much fun.

Rosiekins 01-28-2013 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by wiigirl (Post 47337485)
Following along! :thumbsup2

:hug: Welcome!!

Rosiekins 01-30-2013 09:23 PM

I thought I would fill in our details a little bit more. And give a better idea of when each family will be there.

We (Peter and Wendy) will be in the parks the longest. We will be there from Nov 7th until Nov 21st. This gives us about 14 days in the world and a few days on our own to recover from traveling with a group. We are staying at Pop Century. We are on the Deluxe Dining Plan and have a good handle on our trip already.

The Incredibles will be there approx. from Nov 8th to the 17th. I am not sure if they will be at Pop also, if they will stay off site or if they will be staying off site, or renting points to the Beach Club. They may do the Deluxe Dining Plan also but it is unsure at this point. Jack Jack will be getting his first real hair cut on the trip!

Our Aristocats, will be there Nov 7th until the 13th. I am pretty sure they are also staying at Pop Century and I believe they are getting the regular dining plan. Since they are celebrating the twins Birthdays they invited all the grandparents so there may be more people in their party.

Lilo and Stitch will also be there Nov 7th until the 13th. It looks as though they will be doing the exact same thing as us. Pop Century and Deluxe Dining Plan. I am encouraging Lilo to look in to the kids clubs if she wants a night off so hopefully that will happen instead of a meltdown.

Rosiekins 01-30-2013 09:37 PM
I can't wait to have another one of these!

I can't say much for other peoples plans at this point but there are 2 things that we (P & W) are currently in debate about.

1 Photopass Plus. Now I know I want to do this, there are very few pictures of Hubby and I together when we go on Vacation or really anywhere so having someone else take our pictures is something I really look forward too. I love getting home and seeing a whole bunch of us pictures. And adding the ride photos is going to make it so much more fun! We are already planning on some fun staged ride photos.

Our debate on the Photopass is whether or not to offer to "share" it with our friends. I mean it makes it cheaper for everyone but I am little concerned over how the control of it would go. Someone would have to be in charge and because I am the one already getting it and offering to share it I would like to be the one in charge. I am concerned with a couple of the people not being able to handle that. I am a little worried someone would get on to edit their photos then order the CD before everyone had a chance.

Also I am unsure how the plus part would work. There is only one card and I think running back to add everyone's ride photos later will be a pain esp if people are other parks. Can they add their own if they have the number or do they have to have the card? Perhaps I could divide the cost of the of a regular photopass between everyone then pay the upgrade to Plus myself? My husband thinks just not sharing would be easier, but it seems nicer to share. I since I am getting it anyway I can make up my mind closer to the date or even when we get there. Has anyone done a share with family or friends? How did you work it out and how did it go? I would love any input.

2 We are debating Annual passes. Yippee. Because we are there a total of 14 days and we want to be able to feel like we can just go with our friends when they go and still enjoy the park when they leave we wanted more days. After doing the math it is cheaper to upgrade then buy new tickets for 3 or 4 days. Plus the merchandise discount would be nice! And you know that might mean we can sneak another trip in before it expires. :rolleyes1Does anyone have a pass? And do you find the discounts to be worth it?

Rosiekins 05-28-2013 12:27 PM

Of course what is a Disney trip with out lots of changes! The first Change is that our party size has shrunk a little. We lost Lilo and Stitch bringing us down to 10 people for sure. Though there is a possibility of 11. To be honest we are all relieved that Lilo and Stitch dropped out (which she did once she realized that she would have to watch her own child and I would not be doing it).

The second set of changes only applies to our portion of the trip. When calling about about a little pin code in my email (tiny discount) I found out there was a ...dun dun dun...FREE DINING pin code attached to my name! However it didn't start till the 11th. We are there so two weeks so we went ahead and added the pin-code in and changed our dates from the 11th to the 20th with a stay at the beginning from the 6th to the 11th with the tiny discount. We of course upgraded out dining to Deluxe and kept if attached to the first reservation as well. This saved us a pretty chunk of change and hopefully we will not have to move rooms when we switch over. We were already upgrading to AP's so the extra tickets costs get swallowed in to that and we shouldn't have to pay much of anything when we go to do that!

Up next all our pretty ADRS

Rosiekins 05-28-2013 12:36 PM

Here our ADRS. I got up way to early to make them but got everything we wanted. Though I am less then thrilled with our BOG day as it turns out is a party day.

Nov 6th 3 credits
Liberty Tree Tavern 11:45
Cirtricos (Changing to Monsieur Paul's.

7th Thur Arrival day 1 credit plus snack credits
Food and Wine festival for lunch with Snack Credits
Biergarten (D)7p 8PM

8th Fri 4 credits
1900 PF (B) 7p 8:05am
Tony's (L) S 7p 12:45
Brown Derby 7:30

9th Sat 3 credits
Crystal Palace (B) 10p
Via Napoli (L 10p 12:45
Ohana 10p 7:10

10th Sun 4 credits
Akershus (B) 7p 10:30 am
Cinderella Castle (D2) 10p 7:15

11th Mon 2 credits
Tusker House (L) 10p 11:30
Be Our Guest (D) 10p

12th Tue 2 credits
Sci Fi 11:15
Whispering Canyon Cafe 6:25

13th Wed 3 credit
Ohana 8 am
Coral Reef 1pm
Rose and Crown 7:15

14th Thur 3 credits
San Angel Inn 12:20
Artist Point 7:50

15th Fri 1 Credits
Kona Café (B)5p 9:30
Biergarten 4:00

16th Sat 2 Credits Incredibles last day
Chefs De France
Raglan Road (D)5p 7:30

17th Sun 4 credits
Brown Derby (L)2p 11:30
Yachtsman (D)2p 5:45

18th Mon 4 credits
Sanaa (L) 2p 11:45pm
Monsieur Pauls (D)2p 5:45

19th Tue 4 credits
Le Cellier Steakhouse (L)2p 12pm
Jiko (d)2p 8PM

20th Wed
Leave :(

Rosiekins 08-05-2013 12:19 PM

Double Digit Dancing and more changes!
First off....

:dance3::yay::cheer2::cool1::banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
We are all double digit dancing which is sooo exciting!

As far as the trip itself goes we changed our dates a little (but not enough to get free dining for the whole trip *sigh*) We are now coming on the 5th and leaving the 20th. Our dates were decided by airfare prices, which I already bought which means I could not change our dates again to get all free dining. Oh well it's done and we are going to Disney World!!!! How can you complain about anything when you get to say that!

We also have 2 more Guests Joining us.
Violet is joining the Incredible Family. She just turned 20 and I just love her! She is a lot of fun and I am so excited she is coming along. She has never been to Disney World.

And King Louie will be coming on his own. He is a long time friend of my husband and Mr. Incredible and now of course all of us. He is a musician and is friends with an Imaginear which is part of the reason for his trip down. He has never been to Disney World.

Our ADRS also now look like this

Nov 5th we get in around 10:30 2 credits
No Lunch We are eating at Food and Wine this afternoon
9 pm Dinner at Foulton's

Nov 6th 3 credits
Tokyo Dining 12pm
7:30 Monsieur Paul's

7th Thur Arrival day 2 credit
Liberty Tree Tavern 11:45
Biergarten (D)7p 8PM

8th Fri 4 credits
1900 PF (B) 7p 8:05am
Tony's (L) S 7p 12:45
Brown Derby 11p 7:30

9th Sat 3 credits
Crystal Palace (B) 11p 8am
Via Napoli (L 10p 12:45
Ohana 10p 7:10

10th Sun 4 credits
Akershus (B) 7p 10:30 am
Cinderella Castle (D2) 10p 7:15

11th Mon 2 credits
Tusker House (L) 12p 11:30
Be Our Guest (D) 8p

12th Tue 2 credits
Sci Fi 10p 11:15
Whispering Canyon Cafe 9p 6:25

13th Wed 3 credit
Ohana 8 am 11p
Coral Reef 1pm 8p
Rose and Crown 7:15 7p

14th Thur 3 credits
San Angel Inn 12:20 7p
Artist Point 7:50 6p

15th Fri 1 Credits
Kona Café (B)5p 9:30 7p
Biergarten 4:00 7p

16th Sat 2 Credits Incredibles last day
Chefs De France 6p
Raglan Road (D)5p 7:30 6p

17th Sun 4 credits
50's Prime Time (L)2p 11:30 2p
Yachtsman (D)2p 5:45 2p

18th Mon 4 credits
Sanaa (L) 2p 11:45pm 2p
Citricos (D)2p 5:45 2p

19th Tue 4 credits
Le Cellier Steakhouse (L)2p 12pm 2p
Jiko (d)2p 8PM 2p

20th Wed

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