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ajh88 01-27-2013 11:36 AM

Yet another TIPPING question
I am preparing our final budget for our Spring Break cruise in March. We are staying concierge and while I have gathered the typical tipping for servers and stateroom hosts, I haven't found anything regarding concierge hosts. Is tipping for them "automatic" the way it is for the other positions, or is it at your own discretion?

TIA for help!

kcashner 01-27-2013 12:02 PM

Concierge tipping is NOT automatic and DCL gives no guidelines as to what is appropriate or suggested.

There have been many "suggested" amounts on these boards, but take these with a grain of salt. Remember, these are the same posters who suggest everything from $0 to $50 per person as the appropriate extra Palo tip.

My suggestion--look at what they have done for you and tip accordingly. Did they work as much as a room host or dining server? Then that might give you a starting point of $4 per guest per day.

And while I'm on that--remember that a suite is a lot more work to clean than a basic cabin, yet the standard tip is the same. Personal opinion here, but I think the starting point on the stateroom host in a suite is double the suggested in a standard cabin--more bathroom, kitchenette space, etc. = more work = more tip.

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