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taraaplin 01-26-2013 09:51 PM

Pop Century over Easter
Can anyone give me any activities Pop century has other than pool. Also, we will be there on the EAster holiday, does pop do any easter activities?

augusta1 01-26-2013 09:53 PM

We will be there too! Interested to see what others have to say

Tricia's mom 01-26-2013 09:57 PM

If I remember correctly pop doesn't do any Easter activities ... Just as we'll, they sometimes can be overwhelming ...and a mess. If they do anything you will not know til the day.

Try calling pop directly... But I was there 3 years ago and nothing was happening. We have stayed at moderates too on Easter they usually have an egg hunt and activities.

Grandmatoniko 01-26-2013 10:00 PM

We stayed there a few years ago and I dont recall anything either. I hid eggs in our room so the kids thought the Easter bunny came but hid their baskets at home before we left so they could find them when we came home.

taraaplin 01-26-2013 10:22 PM

That is a really good idea. hiding the eggs in the room. I am starting to get very worried about the time being one of disney's busiest. For those of you that have went over Easter, what did you experience? Do you have any tips/suggestions. This was the only time this year my husband and I could go this year. We wanted to go before my 10 year old loses the "magic" in it. I am planning as much as possible in advance. We also are only doing one character table service meal. Everyithing else will most likely be counter service. WE also added the quick service dining plan.

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