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mnmhouston 01-24-2013 04:20 PM

10th B-Day Dinner @ BOG
DD9 wil be turning 10 during our upcoming surprise (for her) trip. I have ressies for her special birthday dinner @ BOG. Anything special I can/should request for the celebration? I'm looking to really make this a special evening for her. Of all our trips, never really celebrated anything special and not sure what's out there to choose from.

Any ideas are appreciated!

catne 01-24-2013 04:49 PM

As long as you have her birthday celebration on the reservation at Be Our Guest, and remind them at check in (and remind your server, too) she will get served "The Gray Stuff"...remember, from the Be Our Guest song "try the gray stuff, it's delicious"?

You cannot order The Gray is only served for special celebrations that have been noted on the reservation in advance. It is not a regular choice on the dessert menu there, and cannot be requested while you are there (we just ate there on Monday, and the people at the next table wanted to order it...the waiter sadly told them it was not available to order, sorry Even though the next table over had twin girls celebrating their birthday and two plates of the dessert was delivered there. He explained to the 2nd woman that the twin's birthday celebration had been noted in advance.)

As for what The Gray Stuff is...has been described as tasting like an oreo mousse type dessert

Otherwise, you can order a special cake to be delivered to the table, from Disney cake bakery...these are expensive, though.

However, we thought all of the regular desserts there are all "elegant" looking...she may prefer getting to choose which one she wants.

mnmhouston 01-24-2013 07:56 PM

Thanks so much! This is great info. Yes, they already have her bday on the ressie but I will double and triple check. Just want it to be a special night for her.

Thanks again!

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