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mum2four 01-23-2013 05:53 PM

What restaurants do your kids really enjoy (not character meals)
Hi :wave2:

Heading to WDW in May with our four kids (14, 7, 6, 2.5) and I think I've got all our ADR's set. This is not our first visit to WDW, but it is the first time we'll be doing TS restaurants. I'm trying to make this trip really fun for the kids, so I chose these ADR's based on theme/experience that I thought kids would enjoy. I know some places on my list have mixed reviews, but we're not picky people LOL! We will be in WDW for 8 days.

Here are the ADR's I've made so far:

Rainforest Cafe
Chef Mickey's
Coral Reef
Be Our Guest
Sci Fi
Tony's (youngest is a HUGE Lady and the Tramp fan)

So, are there any restaurants I'm overlooking that kids really enjoy (aside from character meals)?

Andiamo 01-23-2013 06:19 PM

Chefs De France at Epcot
You will have to check the menu for your personal tastes but my wife and I thought the food was good.They have kids choices too.However we are fans of the movie Ratatoille and at various times Remy the little Rat/Chef arrives via maitre d' and interacts with your table.We really loved it.

Leanne1977 01-23-2013 06:20 PM

My boys are 12 and 10 and their favourites are Teppan Edo, California Grill and T-Rex in that order.:thumbsup2

growinupdisney 01-23-2013 07:03 PM

Via Napoli at Epcot was one of my kids favorites, they loved seeing that huge pizza at the table.

Mousemommy1 01-23-2013 07:16 PM

My kids loved Via Napoli and Ohana (dinner). :goodvibes

OrlandoHelp 01-23-2013 07:17 PM

I have boys ages 8 and 9 and the 2 restaurants that they always ask to go back to are Whispering Canyon Cafe and Hoop Dee Doo Review.

kris4360 01-23-2013 07:28 PM

Looks great! My kids would love all of those.

DCbride 01-23-2013 07:36 PM

You are going to all our favorites! The only 1 we would skip is T-Rex. I am not a DTD fan and the theme is not for us. We love Ohana for dinner too! And WC is great fun for kids but we never seem to include it.

JimmyV 01-23-2013 08:12 PM

My daughter's favorites, (yearly or more visits from ages 0-13):

California Grill
Via Napoli
50's Prime Time
Flame Tree
La Cantina
Kona Cafe
Bistro de Paris (haven't been to Monsieur Paul)

Doesn't care for:

Buffets of any kind (other than Cape May)
Chefs de France

Disneylover99 01-23-2013 08:25 PM

I think your list looks great!

But another place to consider is the Biergarten.
It's a favourite restaurant of my kids.
Last year we ended up going there twice.
it's pretty easy to get a reservation too.

Who doesn't love to dance to a good oompah band?

disneybliss2 01-23-2013 09:18 PM

My girls really like 'Ohana at dinner. They also really like Teppan Edo.

shell8558 01-23-2013 09:29 PM

My kids 11 & 13 love Ohana's, Whispering Canyon, and Mama Melrose. They also like Crystal Palace breakfast. (but it is a character meal, but well worth it!)

lcpalmer 01-23-2013 09:41 PM

T-Rex cafe

tinkerpea 01-23-2013 10:25 PM

I think my kids favs are all on your list!!
Their ages are now 8,8,10 and have been going since they was all 1 every other yr,

We did Sci-do and Trex for the 1st time last trip which was in October and they LOVED them both so much we cancelled 2 other of are usual ressi's so we could go back to each of them again!

My twins don't eat very much but really enjoy adult tastes like steak lol so at each of the places we ordered them an adult meal and they would share it, at Sci-fi both times we had great servers who split there meal and plated it up for them with extra fries :) even dessert they split perfect ensuring each child got the same amount ( adding extra ice-cream etc in) so I would def ask them to do this for you if your kids don't have huge appetites they even have them extra drink so they wouldn't have to share!

partigus 01-24-2013 01:44 AM

our kids also enjoy teppan eco- but most places you can get the same experience at home. we did morroco last year and the belly dancer took one of the girls up on stage to dance with her- magical- but you can'y plan on that.

I think you choices are fine and you'll have a great time. Taking a few minutes for a nice meal at least once a the air conditioning, with beverage refills is SO worth the added expense if you can swing it! You be pleased, i am sure

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