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sunnydays28 01-13-2013 01:49 AM

Dining plan and allergies
We are trying to decide whether or not to do the DP, I am leaning towards no. We will be there for 8 nights. We we have never used the DP before, wanna help me figure this out?

My daughter is allergic to dairy and citrus, so no ice cream, rice krispie treats, Dole whip. She also can not drink soy milk or juices, when we were there 2 years ago soy milk was the substitute milk. I doubt we would use the snack credits. I know sit down restaurants can prepare allergy free meals for her and while appreciated #1, if it doesn't look, smell, taste like the substitutions we make at home, it will probably go to waste; #2, other than a few ADR, we don't want to be wedded to having to be at a certain place for every meal that they have specially prepared for her.

I am a very picky but can be adventurous: love to try new flavors and cultures but eat very little carbs, no pork, no steak/very little red meat, no meat on a bone, and not a big fan of family style but OK with buffets.

My husband loves to eat in general but is much happier with familiar standard American fare.

We almost exclusively drink water, occasionally tea, even when sodas are free. We do not have plans to buy the refillable cups at the resorts, unless just for a souvenir.

We will be driving in and will be bringing favorite shelf-stable portable snacks (applesauce pouches, bottled teas, PB crackers, cereals, etc.) and will be making a grocery trip for fresh stuff and almond milk for in the room. We are staying at the AoA suite and POR (at this point, HA!) and will have a micro and fridge for breakfast in the room.

That being said, we are definite for the following:
Cinderella breakfast for her birthday
Be our Guest for late lunch
Garden Grill for early dinner
Fantasmic with Hollywood and Vine
Wishes dessert party on our last night

Other possibilities:
Spirit of Aloha and/or Mickey's BBQ
She is going to Neverland one evening so dad and I can do a solo dinner, but not fancy, nothing close to V&A or even Narccoosse/Yachtman's. (We may go back to the hotel and just nap.)

We will not be doing more than one ADR/large meal a day.

CalSea12 01-13-2013 02:50 AM

Honestly I do not see a reason at all to do any sort of dining plan, because you do get so much food on it. I would still make ADRs for the places you want to go, but if you get the DP I feel you will be wasting money.

MournNStar 01-13-2013 11:07 PM

I understand your situation... I have several food allergies too. We don't do the dining plan because so much food AND money would be wasted. And with it sounding like you're bring tons of your own snacks anyways, it sounds like you all wouldn't even need the dining plan.

ErinsAuntMimi 01-14-2013 12:46 AM

It sounds like you've already made the decision to no DP. :)

Make the necessary ADR's; be sure to note the allergies in your reservation. If you do want to try snacks or CS you can always let them know of your allergy issue. They should have a book at the register so that you can check the ingredients for yourself. (I know they do at CS, not so sure on the kiosks or other snack places.)

Have a lovely time!

clanmcculloch 01-14-2013 09:36 AM


My daughter is allergic to dairy and citrus, so no ice cream, rice krispie treats, Dole whip. She also can not drink soy milk or juices, when we were there 2 years ago soy milk was the substitute milk.
Why no soy milk? Many places to also offer Pacific brand rice milk.

Why no ice cream? Tofutti and Rice Dream are available in chocolate and vanilla in many places.

Why no juices? There are many non-citrus juices. Neither of my kids can have citrus either but that doesn't stop them from getting apple or pineapple (where available) juice at all sorts of restaurants. Some also have cranberry juice but my kids can't have that either so I'm not sure how many carry it.

I just read this morning that the pineapple dole whip is now dairy free. At Aloha Isle it seems they even have separate nozzles for dispensing so cross contamination doesn't seem to be a concern.

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