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Kwaschitz 01-12-2013 04:12 PM

Best bets for larger parties
We've always traveled as either a party of 3 or a party of 5 (2 adult couples, 1 child), and have typically stayed at CSR. We tried CBR once (room was great, resort left a bit to be desired for us - just *too* spread out). Most recently we were a party of 3 at the Poly.

Our next trip we will be a party of 4 (3 adults, 1 child) and likely stay at the Poly.

I'm working to save up the extra $$ to take my nephew and 2 nieces along (18, 11, 6) within the next year. As I look to see how much I need to get in the fund, I've got some questions for those who have btdt.

Better off to rent a DVC 2 br OR 2 adjoining rooms at a moderate (or even at 2 at the Poly)? Both in terms of $$ and amenities...

If I could take the kids one at a time, we'd just stay at the Poly and the cost of adding a kid is really not that much, but how do you tell a 6 year old "your brother goes this trip, you go in a year"???

I've been considering the Poly, BLT and BWV (thinking that it would be easier with access to ferries, monorail, and walking paths to parks).

What have you done with a larger party and why?

Goofy4 01-12-2013 07:00 PM

It would better to rent DVC unless a "super-saver" package deal is running off-season.

We've stayed at BWV and Kidani with large groups and enjoyed both. Boardwalk has more to do, but obviously no savanna.

Kwaschitz 01-12-2013 07:43 PM

Thanks for the input - that's what I'm leaning toward. Actually, I found out that I'm less than $500 in the fund away from paying the difference between the trip for 4 and the trip for 7 if we go that route and stay at BWV! (Excluding airfare)

Btw - Fellow Indy girl here :wave2: (well, by birth and one day I'll convince my NY born husband that we need to go back...and that's where the 3 kids I'm hoping to take all are)

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