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jackal 01-10-2013 12:10 PM

Help with my scenerio
I am the usual resort changer. I confess. I just can't help myself! We are going Spring Break - peak spring break after Easter. My DD10 always wanted to stay at Pop. We have stayed at Deluxes only so far since she was 4. Poly is our favorite, but out of the budget. We love the BC. Right now I have Pop booked and PO booked. I need to cancel one. But I got thinking and playing around with numbers and We could do the BC for about $2,000 more than Pop and $1,500 more than PO.

We arrived at 6:00 p.m. on our first night, I thought we could stay at Pop for one night room only and then the next day move over to BC for the rest of our stay to include tickets and the dining plan. Literally, that one night would save $500+ off the trip.

So, would you stay at Pop for the $4,300+
Stay at PO for $4,800+
Stay at BC for $6,300
or Stay one night at Pop and move over to BC for $5,800+

We love the BC. We love the convenience to the parks which is a HUGE selling point for us. I'm worried during this peak time staying at Pop or PO and not having that convenience.

nessz79 01-10-2013 12:30 PM

I guess it's really going to be up to you and your family in the end, especially if you love the BC.

I would personally rather go with Pop all the way, since your daughter would like to stay there and you could save so much money. Maybe, instead of staying at Pop 1 night and BC the rest of the trip, you could do the reverse? Stay at BC 1-2 nights and stay at Pop the rest of the trip. This would probably save you quite a bit and you could still visit BC for a night or two.

lanejudy 01-10-2013 01:38 PM

If your DD specifically requested POP, will she be satisfied with just an evening there? Arriving at night, sleeping, then getting up the next morning (presumably to go to the parks) and changing resorts - that really won't give her much time at POP.

Personally, I'd go with POP for the new experience plut the cost savings. But ultimately it's your choice. Maybe have a family meeting to discuss it, since presumably all options are within your budget so that isn't a deciding factor.

mamalovesdis 01-10-2013 01:47 PM

Since your daughter is requesting POP I would do a split stay and stay at POP longer than 1 night. Im not sure how many nights you were staying all together, but atleast do 2 or 3 at POP. We stayed there and the kids loved the Disney decor/theme all around. Really a fun place. So you save some $ and make everyone happy :)

eeyoresmom 01-10-2013 02:44 PM

I would do a few nights at POP then either PO or BC. I wouldn't want to stay at any value resort for longer than 3 nights during peek season, especially if used to the relative serenity of BC. We like POP, but it is definitely a different experience. I do think you have to give it at least 2 nights to give your DD the experience. Personally, I would do a 3/4 split.

Amy&Dan 01-10-2013 02:50 PM

POR the whole time since its my favorite resort! But given your dd's desire for Pop and your love of BC, I would do Pop two nights due to your arrival time. Then switch to BC. Pop is fun, a day there at the pool the maybe DTD that night.

You may like Pop a lot more than you think.

jackal 01-10-2013 03:09 PM

Thank you for all the responses! We have to do the dining plan for DH. That is a deal breaker for him. It's all he requests. So, I don't know if staying longer that first night at POP would work as we wouldn't be able to get tickets until our 2nd part of the trip because of the dining plan. So, we would be at POP with no tickets for a few days? I'm not sure that would work.

If it helps we are staying for a total of 9 nights.

I'm liking the idea of saving all that money and staying at POP the whole time. I did book a preferred room so we are close to the food court for DH to refill his mug. I'm just worried that we have been so spoiled walking to Epcot and HS that they (and I) would miss that convenience.

Angeejoe 01-10-2013 03:44 PM

We did something very similar in Feb 2012. The last 2 years we did deluxe with BC in 2011 & YC 2012. We drive from OH so we never know when we will arrive & I hate paying for deluxe if we won't arrive until late. So in Feb 2012 we did 1st night at POP, which I thought was fine, DH was very disappointed & said he wouldn't do value again. DH has become very spoiled by deluxe :scared1:

Marthasor 01-10-2013 03:47 PM

I'm going to be the odd man out and vote for 1 (or even 2 nights) room only at POP and the rest at BC. I just can't imagine 9 nights at POP over spring break. How about 2 nights at POP, no dining or tickets. You could spend your entire first day there giving your daughter the full POP experience. Then switch to BC with tix, dining and all the convenience you want.

If you don't want 2 nights at POP. Keep it at 1. You can still use the resort amenities all the next day. Once you've slept there, swam in the pool, eaten in the food court, played in the arcade, what else is there to do at POP? You can do that in a day. For my sanity, personally I would then switch to BC.

Mynamewastaken 01-10-2013 04:21 PM

My DD wanted to stay POR and I wanted to stay BWI. We met in the middle. 5 nights at POR and two at BWI... this way we both get what we want. I have never done a split stay but I can't wait. I eventually want to stay at more than 1 hotel in Disney for the experience. It may be a hassle to some but we live out of our bags so moving won't be that much of an issue :)

Amy&Dan 01-12-2013 08:42 PM

I so understand your dh wanting the DDP! However, a 9 nine night trip total with two nights at Pop would still give you the bulk of your trip with dining and tickets with just one full day without. You can check in early to BC, get your tickets and dining.

Also, you can pick up your park tickets early, you won't be able to access your DDP credits but you could get your park tickets. I copied this from Cheshire Figment's sticky on the theme parks board:

I. Picking up Package Tickets Prior To Start Of Package

In cases where Walt Disney World Resort Guests would like to begin using their Package Tickets prior to the day of check-in (up to three days in advance), the Guests will be directed to visit any Theme Park or DTD Guest Relations location and request Early Ticket Pick-Up. (Note this cannot be done at a water park.)

It is only valid for people with packages at a Walt Disney World owned and operated Resort. You can be staying off-property at the time you pick up the tickets. Note that if you have a package which includes Dining, although you can pick up your tickets early you cannot get access to the Dining until you have actually checked in to your Resort.

Note that since August 2011 the Call Centers have been telling Guests this cannot be done. However it is still a valid procedure and can be done with no problem at Park Guest Relations Windows.

There is a possibility that if your package and the stay prior to the package are at the same Resort that you will be able to get the tickets at the Resort and not have to go to a Park Guest Relations Office.

And the tickets issued will be valid for the entire stay; they will not receive valid tickets when they actually check-in to their resort. There is a strong possibility that the tickets you have received prior to check-in cannot be added to your KTTW on or after check-in.

I would suggest you copy down the following information if you are planning to upgrade promotional tickets. If the person in the window is hesitant to upgrade these promotional tickets, ask them go go into The Hub >> WDW >> Work >> Ticketing >> Processes & Business Rules >> Early Ticket Pickup For Resort Packages where they will see the procedure.

The amount of money you'd save and the fact you would be giving your daughter her Pop fix might make your dh okay with not having the DDP for what is basically one day (since you arrive fairly late and can then check into BC and get your DDP credits as early as you like after you leave Pop).

Good luck!

Belle83 01-12-2013 11:04 PM

For a 9-night trip, I would go with Port Orleans over Pop Century. Save the extra $ and stay at Port Orleans instead of a Deluxe!

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