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SJMommy 01-10-2013 10:32 AM

What would you do?! DD(2.5) and DD2(6m). Only 2 days
Hi! looking for some seasoned vets advice! DH and I have been to MK once before kids :) and this will be the first time taking the kids. (Feb 26&27)We will only be there 2 days, then we are going on a cruise :) So I thought with my DD age...2.5 years old..that MK and AK would be logical choices..esp since my daughter LOVES animals! I was looking at the crowd calender and ..with what it suggests, dont do MK the 26- so we would do AK the 26 and then MK the 27th....butttt the MSEP doesnt run on the 27(per website). And the website suggests NOT going to AK on the 27th... and I think watching the parade and fireworks would be a great thing for my DD. I could do park hopper for that one day......but isnt that alot of money just for a 2 hour thing(parade and fire works....). Now are those rec. a huge deal?! Should I listen? We are staying at AOA. So suggestions?!?! :) We were also just going to do naps in the stroller. Oh and also....Nursing in public @ Disney. Anyone ever do this? Any negative responses?! Thanks !!!!!princess:

starsweeper 01-10-2013 10:43 AM shows both those dates as good for MK. I would go to MK on the 26th. You are going at a slower time of year, so I think you will be fine. We go at slower periods and glance at the calendar to make sure there are no 8, 9 or 10 days but go where we want with no problems.

SJMommy 01-10-2013 10:46 AM

It shows that its the 3rd best to go to.. so I wasnt sure if it was "worth" it(like maybe alot of things are cloesd?!). But then what do you think to do with the 27th? AK is on the NOT suggested list?(maybe alot of animals arent there or things are closed??--is that what that usually means when things are on the red side??) thanks :)

starsweeper 01-10-2013 10:51 AM

I'm not sure about ride closures, etc. but when my kids were 2.5yo they enjoyed just walking the animal trails/seeing birds along the paths between rides and playing in DinoLand play area. I think we rode the safari and a couple rides in DinoLand, so it took little for it to be worth it for us.

SilverSynchro919 01-10-2013 10:53 AM

You should be fine to do AK first and MK second.

As for breastfeeding, that is your personal choice! If you are comfortable doing so in public, go right ahead - your babe needs to eat! But if you are not comfortable, there are baby care centers in each of the parks. In the MK, it is near the Crystal Palace, and in AK, it is near Creature Comforts on Discovery Island, just past Pizzafari.

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