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Mynamewastaken 01-08-2013 08:15 AM

BWI club level questions....
We are staying at BWI for two nights in April. We have two children ages 6 and 4 that are very picky eaters. Toast and bagels only for breakfast and big time snackers. Anyhow, I priced out bumping up to CL at the BWI for two nights. It would be an additional 289.00 for those two nights. My questions are....

1.Is CL level worth it- would I spend 289.00 in two days for 4 people between 4 people for breakfast, snacks and drinks? I understand it does not include lunch and dinner?
2. How are the rooms St. view club level? Would I be able to have a balcony, view of epcot or maybe boardwalk? I do not want to pay CL for BWI with a view of the parking lot. Thanks for the help!

tinkermommyof3 01-08-2013 08:32 AM

We love staying CL and find the value--food is not just the factor. At BWI, you will get a much better view in a CL room than a SV room. For that, the extra $145.00/night may be worth it to you. I don't think you will see the value in the food with a 4 and 6 year old that are picky eaters. Choose CL for the ammenties, location, convenience, then you won't feel that it was not a good value. Personally, I always find the value in CL--it enhances our vacation.:goodvibes

mickeynut1 01-08-2013 08:56 AM

We've never stayed at BWI, but we have stayed CL at other resorts and we love CL for the convenience of the lounge and having somewhere to go and relax rather than sitting in the room or around the resort. The drinks and snacks throughout the day are nice, but it's not worth it, IMO, to stay CL just for that. I agree with the pp that if you stay CL for the amenities, location, convenience, etc., I think you will feel it's worth it; but if you book solely for the food offerings, I don't think the value is there. Good luck.

lililoo12 01-08-2013 09:51 AM

I just stayed BWI deluxe room club level and it was Amazing. The ease of breakfast in the am, the appetizers starting at 5 were delicious, the desserts were great. The great CM's that are at your beck and call. They loved my kids. The room was huge and the boardwalk view was priceless. PM me for any other info you need. CL btw is not like having a dining plan you get a typical continental breakfast, no hot food except some oatmeal. Cereal, bagels, danish, croissant, hard boiled eggs, milk, juice, choc milk, coffee tea, muffins, fresh fruit, the afternoon had sodas, coffee, tea, water, cookies, goldfish, chips 5-7 they had the appetizers, vegetable spring rolls, pork on a stick, salads, cheese, crackers, veggies, spinach pies, beer, soda, coffee, tea, dessersts 8-9ish brownies, keylime pies, cookies, tarts

we felt food wise we did not need to buy breakfast, had to buy lunch of course, appetizers before dinner were nice but you def cannot make a full meal out of the appetizers unless you eat an insane amt.

pixarmom 01-08-2013 09:59 AM

We have three boys, ages 6, 12 and 13. For us, the convenience of breakfast, snacks and coffee is huge - it's not just the actual value of the food consumed, but the value of the convenience. CL has such a positive impact on the pace of the morning because breakfast items are right down the hall. And I do love the fact that the snacks are more substantial and healthy than most available snacks in the park - cheese, fruit, veggies, hot appetizers. Your kids may not eat all of those items, but maybe some. Even our pickiest eater usually finds plain bagels or rolls to enjoy.

And at BWI, CL is very important to us - not only because of the wonderful CL CMs there and the warm welcome, but because there are currently no self-serve refill mug locations and the CS locations out on the Boardwalk are spread out. It's not like you have a central BC Marketplace or Captain Cook's. For that reason, CL is essential for us when staying at BWI. But our rule of thumb is that CL is worth about an extra $100 per night. The extra $145 is a little high, but if we were set on staying at BWI, it would still be worth the expense. Factor in convenience (huge!), the cost of breakfast, a couple glasses of wine, the reduced cost of dinner after we have appetizers, having juice, coffee and milk readily available all day, etc. - it can be a good investment.

Oh, and the view!!! At BWI, you can book a standard CL room and request a Boardwalk View!!! It's amazing to think that for the cost of standard CL, that beautiful view is possible. Of course, it's only a request and not guaranteed, but the alternative room assignment when you book standard CL provides some really nice views of the gardens.

Pakey 01-08-2013 11:52 AM

Although the food offerings are more extensive at GF RPC, BWI is my favorite club level at WDW. You aren't going to get $289 worth of bagels and toast in two days but you will get an easy walk to the club room with the nicest staff at WDW. The homemade potato chips may be worth $289; I love those things!!!!

There are not that many club level rooms with Boardwalk views but I was lucky to get one in October. However, being close to the ESPN club meant a certain level of noise but it didn't bother me. I had courtyard view 2 weeks ago and it was still nice. I actually liked the balcony better because it was bigger and it was much quieter.

You can watch fireworks from the balcony in the club room itself.

I agree with the PP regarding CS/store locations at BWI. The club room makes it so much easier to grab a soda or a bottle of water for your room than hauling yourself down to the store. We always grabbed a couple of desserts or some of those chips to have in our room late evening.

momof4minnies 01-08-2013 12:03 PM

We have stayed Club Level in other resorts and have just booked June at BWI. When our kiddos were very little, we stayed Club Level for our comfort. Unfortunately, 2 separate trips we had a family member that was sick during our stay and we were able to get soda crackers and various other things from the cast members that helped out. HOPEFULLY you will never have to experience this. However, the cast members can be of great help in unplanned for situations.

The best part when the kiddos were younger - dessert, cocktails and fireworks. After a long day at the parks, being able to enjoy fireworks from the lounge and then walking down the hallway and tucking the lil ones in bed is very very nice. This way you don't have to make your way thru the crowds, wait for transportation back to resort with kiddos that maybe falling out from a long day. If club level fits your budget, I say it is well worth it.

Mynamewastaken 01-08-2013 07:35 PM

I did it..... eeek :scared1:

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