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momtosam 01-06-2013 10:23 PM

Will I Hate The OBX?
Dh wants to go to the Outer Banks this year with friends. Some secluded spot that you need four wheel drive to get to. I like the beach, but my beach is Jersey -- boardwalks, casinos, restaurants. So what is there to do in the OBX? Will I be bored out of my skull?

Madison'smommy 01-06-2013 10:41 PM

lol, we go to OBX for the vacation where we dont really leave the house. We always go with other families, and rent a nice big house. We always have a pool, and typically the house has some type of "game room". The families all pitch in and are "responsible" for particular meals. We pretty much just hang out the whole time we are there. Kids play and have a ball... adults hang out, have a few drinks, play games etc... We do like it every few years inbetween our other vacations. There are not alot of places to even go. It has built up some over the years, but there isnt alot of entertainment.
ETA: Oh yeah, and of course, there is the beach! That is always fun!

momtosam 01-06-2013 10:45 PM

Snooze. I dont do relaxing, I do Disney!

Madison'smommy 01-06-2013 10:56 PM

Yeah, you wont like it...lolol. We usuallly go with people who rent a place for a week. I typically can do 3 days there. Maybe you will get other opinions that will make it better for you... lol. There are a few places you can go.. kind of touristy.. lighthouses etc...... We have done that stuff, so not really much else left. Have fun if you do go!

momtosam 01-06-2013 11:02 PM

Thanks! This is the "I have to do it because DH never gets to choose" trip. I already know what is in store. He'll be drinking with his buddies all day and I'll be on kid duty.

skater 01-07-2013 12:29 AM

I love the obx, but you may not. If you have to go, I suggest giving yourself daily talks ahead of time - it will be different :rotfl:. There are some fun restaurants. Try Tortuga's Lie, Mama Kwans's, Sugar Creek for good seafood. The Lost Colony is a nice nighttime show. If you like scrapbooking, there's a great scrapbook store. Otherwise, it is definitely a quiet, more nature oriented family type vacation spot.

ccstrickler 01-07-2013 06:29 AM

If you are going to 4-wheel drive country you will be near Corolla. There's plenty of restaurants, shopping, Currituck Light and of course the ponies. If you are looking for "Jersey" style, this is not the place for you. Kick back, relax type of place. I love it, but I might be a bit biased!:rotfl:

Christine 01-07-2013 06:37 AM

OBX is great for people who like to go the beach and just sort of sit for a week. If you enjoy actually being on the beach all day, hanging with friends, reading lots of books, taking walks, etc. then this is the place for you.

I couldn't do it unless I went with, oh, 20 people. They do have restaurants and shops but it's not going to be like a touristy beach.

FlightlessDuck 01-07-2013 08:14 AM

There is plenty of do if you know where to look and are OK with taking a little drive. There are lighthouses, historic sites, aquariums, museams, marinas where you can rent a boat, etc.

taitai 01-07-2013 08:26 AM

I LOVE the OBX but hate the 4WD beaches. I think it gets loud with the cars driving back and forth all day long. I also think it is dangerous for young kids. Lots of cars driving superfast and not really paying attention to where they are going. You really have to watch little kids so they don't get hit. That isn't the case with the other beaches.

We always rent a place in Corolla or Duck. LOVE it. Get a huge house with a pool on the beach. Hang outside all day long and then have big, fun dinners at night. Duck Donuts every morning!

If you like lots of action, the OBX might not be your favorite vacation. It is one of ours.

mikehn 01-07-2013 09:18 AM

You will probably not enjoy OBX. It is a place you go to just chill. If you cant sit still for 10 minutes, you will be bored outta your skull. There are a few rentals on the tip of OBX, past Corolla, where there are no paved roads and you will need some sorta 4wd to get to.

bellebud 01-07-2013 09:57 AM

We've rented in Corolla a few times and absolutely loved it. We've gone w/ other families, so the kids just played, and the adults relaxed and hung out. When they weren't on the beach or in the pool/hot tub, the kids favorite rooms were the movie theater room and game room. They made forts, had snacks, really had a blast inside and outdoors.

There are a few shopping areas, restaurants, ice cream stands, there was a small go-cart track (don't know if it's still there) and the lighthouse if you're looking for something to go out and do w/ the kids.

I second the thought that the 4x4 beaches aren't safe for kids. I'd never stay up there because of that (the driving on the beach). Also, I've heard (so not 100% sure), that when the tide comes in, you're 'trapped' in the 4x4 area (someone correct me if I'm wrong), so you have to plan your trips in and out of there accordingly.

How old are your kids? If mine were really little and couldn't hang out and play independently, and I knew my hubby would be hanging w/ the boys, I might not like it so much... it would be just like being home, only not baby/toddler proofed.

You definitely have to have the mindset that you're relaxing for the week.

We'd do a huge grocery shopping (everyone adding to the list and splitting the cost), cooked big breakfasts/lunches/dinners. When it was nice out, we were back and forth between the beach, pool, hot tub. At night, bring flashlights and catch crabs on the beach w/ nets/pails. Soooo much fun w/ the kids!

We haven't been in a few years, and I really miss our Outer Banks vacations. But, that has a lot to do w/ who we went with.

The development that we rent in is behind the grocery store (food lion????) in Corolla. The streets are safe for bike riding, taking walks, etc, if you do that w/ the kids. Our house had a play set out front too, but it didn't get tons of use - the beach was more fun for the kids.

The 4x4 houses are way less expensive, but I also think they're very far from the water on the beach (just look on google earth for mapquest). The houses in Corolla are steps from the water. To me, that would make a difference.

Have fun if you guys go. :)

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