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Maybelle 01-05-2013 09:06 AM

need help deciding between CSR and PO (Riverside?)
I need help from those of you who maybe have stayed at both CSR and PO, we are thinking Riverside...have done FQ before and loved it, but maybe want to try Riverside?? And I know what I am asking is opinion based, but I would like to hear some different viewpoints for my consideration. :)

Here is the situation:
+We will be in WDW during April vacation. Family of 4 with one of those being an exchange student who has never been to FL or WDW before, so we want to make the trip memorable for her.
+We are currently booked for 5 nights at CSR, where we stayed our last trip and LOVED it! Loved the pool, loved the room (recently re-done last time we were there), loved the beauty of the resort. I chose CSR again because of these reasons and also because it has the sliding wooden door between the bedroom area and the vanity area. Because we are travelling with our exchange student, I thought the extra privacy of that door would be nice for changing, etc, but we lose the second sink.
+We will be dependent on WDW buses, as we will not have a car. The buses from CSR were never a problem for us before when there in the summer, but this being April vaca. I know this might be an issue.
+We will want to spend some time at DTD, and the buses to DTD from CSR were the only ones that left a bit to be desired last time, in that they seemed to take a long time and be few and far between, and the thought of the boat from PO is tempting...we will prob. only need it a couple of times, but one of those will prob be our last day, when we will need to get back to the resort to catch ME to get to the airport for a 5:20 afternoon flight.
+We have never stayed at Riverside and it gets very mixed reviews as far as everything, it seems, which makes me a bit nervous, but I do like trying new places.
+We have stayed at FQ twice. Liked it but want something different. Have also stayed at OKW and didn't like it much, so that is not an option.

OK, that's the scenario...any opinions or words of advice?? What would you do?
Thanks for taking the time!!:)

princessallegra 01-05-2013 09:13 AM

We've stayed at both and really like both. Personally in your situation the sliding doors are a huge factor. They really help with privacy. We personally dont find the second sink all that helpful. I would chose CSR for this trip.

Maybelle 01-05-2013 09:15 AM

thank you. :) It is hard not to second guess myself! :)

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