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dollpens 01-04-2013 07:58 PM

Help! Can't seem to decide on resort...
Vacationing with my husband and 2 year old son in October. I am having alot of difficulty deciding which resort. I originally planned on POR but than I'm worried about the bus situation and having to wait too long with a toddler. Than switched to POFQ, but by looking at the pictures I have seen it seems it has more of a motel feel than a resort. So now I am thinking about the Caribbean. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:confused3
Thank you!

mickeystoontown 01-04-2013 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by dollpens (Post 47083943)
Vacationing with my husband and 2 year old son in October. I am having alot of difficulty deciding which resort. I originally planned on POR but than I'm worried about the bus situation and having to wait too long with a toddler. Than switched to POFQ, but by looking at the pictures I have seen it seems it has more of a motel feel than a resort. So now I am thinking about the Caribbean. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:confused3
Thank you!

I can't comment on either of the Port Orleans resorts as we haven't stayed in them. I can, however, talk about the Caribbean Beach Resort as we have stayed there 8 times so far. Each of the resort villages has a bus stop so you're never far from one. We have been early, mid and late May (including Memorial Day and Star Wars Weekends) and early to mid August and we've never encountered any problems with buses. The buses do stop at the other resort villages before leaving the resort but it doesn't take long to make the resort loop. And, because the resort is centrally located, your ride to the parks are short.

The standard and preferred rooms have a slight Nemo theme and have plenty of storage. We are now a family of three but have gone as a family of four and had enough room to unpack 10 nights worth of clothing and "stuff". The rooms at the CBR are slightly larger than the other moderates and are 340 square feet.

Each resort village also has their own stretch of white sandy beaches complete with hammocks and beach chairs, a laundry facility and quiet pool. If you have to do laundry, you can simply walk over to the quiet pool area where the laundry rooms are located and then take a swim or play on the beach.

There is an island in the middle of the resort and there is a nice playground area for the kids and seating for the adults.

Old Port Royale is home to the food court, arcade, store and a concierge desk. Just outside of the OPR are the main pool, kids' water play area, hair wrap station, pool bar, hot tubs and the marina. Also outside are plenty of picnic and umbrella tables. At night, weather permitting, movies are shown in the OPR courtyard and a marshmallow roast is held on the beach.

The food court has a nice selection of foods to choose and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. There's also a grab n go station that serves fresh pastries, fruit, packaged sandwiches, fresh veggies and an assortment of sweets and drinks.

I have lots of pictures of the resort in my trip report and I've posted many on the CBR picture thread. If you want to see some of them, simply click on the link in my signature below. If you have specific CBR questions, please feel free to ask.

Hope this helps.

lmdean 01-04-2013 08:20 PM

I've stayed at both POFQ and WL several times with my hubby (no kids) in the past 10 years, and I love WL. POFQ was nice, but with the closure of their sit-down restaurant, coupled with the bus situation (buses were routinely VERY full), I would now choose WL every time. Wonderful theming, and I *love* the boat transportation to MK.

I have never stayed at Caribbean Beach, so I can't comment on that one.

lthiesfeld07 01-05-2013 12:18 AM

I stayed at CBR last January. I can tell you that it is a HUGE resort. There are several stops inside the resort before heading out to the theme parks. I would stay at POR or POFQ over CBR, hands down!

LoveToTravel2001 01-05-2013 12:42 AM

CBR is our preferred resort. We've stayed numerous times since DD was five. (We only switch to Shades when we travel with my parents.) It is a huge resort, however only once in all our trips did we wait more than 10 minutes for a bus.
We always request preferred location which is Trinidad North or Martinque. We have always been in Trinidad North and it is a very short walk to the main pool and food court. From there we only made the resort loop a couple of times. We always seemed to be the last pick up, and never a full bus and the first off (very nice). It would keep you on the same side of the cay as the food court. If you opt for a theme room - they are in Trinidad South and friends that stayed there said it is a long walk to the food court and main pool and not worth it for the 'theme'.
I liked that we could see the fireworks at Epcot from the main pool, not the stuff that happens on the lake but my DD didn't care. She could see fireworks, we could get a snack and sit without the crowds, and we didn't have to battle leaving at the end - quick walk to the room and bed.
I highly recommend CBR. We love it!

jemmouse 01-05-2013 01:13 AM

Have stayed at FQ 3 times...No way motel feel to it. And to be honest I think for a 2 year old it would be awesome. The pool area has statues of alligators playing musical instruments. The resort is SMALL never more than a 5 minute walk anywhere...Yes busses can be full, BUT you are the first pick up so you are pretty much always guaranteed a seat going there. Coming home a lot of times you share with Riverside. But have you ever seen the size of Carribbean Beach, wait times and full busses the same....FQ has renovated rooms throughout resort all QUEEN size beds just like Deluxe, renovated in I believe 2010....Sit down restaurant, I don't feel the need but if i did I would prefer a themed restaurant at a park or if i really needed it walk next door to Riverside...Goto AllEars Net read reader reviews, usually it favors FQ over Carribbean...But to be fair we all love different resorts, its all personal preference and about your particular visit..But personally I love love FQ!!!

Good luck...:cool1::banana::cool1:pixiedust:

Julie711 01-05-2013 05:53 AM

I would choose CBR , especially with your sons age and the kiddie pool area they have. My DD has stayed there a few times , 1st time when she was 2.5 and loves the pirate ship with water slides & dumping buckets. We love the Caribbean feel , music, landscaping, beaches. It's a great resort.

Megsie1000 01-05-2013 11:38 AM

We stayed at POFQ a year ago and I think it's a perfect place to stay for a first visit. It is small and everything is close. The buses were never full when we were there in November and we didn't ever wait too long for one. Occasionally they would go to POR after picking us up (in off-peak times like mid-afternoon) but usually we had an exclusive bus for our resort. Unfortunately our youngest is now over 3 so we can't stay there any more (we are a family of 5) otherwise it would hands down be my first choice for a moderate.

ETA: All three of the resorts you mentioned above will have exterior entrances (motel-like). When you get to the deluxe resorts you will get interior corridors in most of the resorts. And I second the person above who mentioned Wilderness Lodge as a possibility if you can price it out. Love that place, too.

dollpens 01-07-2013 11:40 PM

Thank you all for your input and advice😊

mickeystoontown 01-08-2013 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by dollpens (Post 47118458)
Thank you all for your input and advice��

You're quite welcome! Let us know your decision.

dollpens 01-11-2013 10:48 PM

Ended up going with POR...also moved our trip from October to april! I just can't wait till October:)

hsmamato2 01-12-2013 10:27 AM

I love the port orleans resorts....they are so NICE! Not motel like at ALL!;) actually, I haven't stayed in a disney resort that I dislike,ever. I like the nice clean feel of every property- so don't overthink it, pick one,and have fun!:cool1:

goofy4tink 01-12-2013 10:34 AM

Not one single resort has the 'best' transportation. They all have their pluses and minuses. I love POR....have yet to have a bus issue. It's a beautiful resort. I think you'll be happy with your choice.
I did head to the food court for a quick bite to eat prior to heading to a park, then using the main bus top in front of the food court. That way, I didn't really have to worry about the bus being crowded after making a few stops before getting to my particular bus stop.

neville04 01-12-2013 10:47 AM

i have been a few time to disney - we went last year with our 5 and 3 year old- we stayed at POFQ and i am so glad we stayed there as opposed to some of other moderates purely for the size alone- it was so great to walk 2 minutes to be in the main building for any snacks or drinks our little ones needed instead of taking a 15 min hike one way because some of the other moderates are HUGE! Also the hotel was just refurbished so it was very nice and new!.. i would suggest pofq esp with a little one :)

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