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michi-gan 01-02-2013 10:26 AM

Moderate resort-which one!?
Tried to view all the threads on the resorts etc..

So here is the deal..we get 40% off, deluxe is too expensive still. So we are on to the moderate resorts.

We plan on 3-4 nights over easter break period. Son is 17, daughter is 13 two parents. Spending all day for the most part doing AK and MK for two days with other days doing resort(relax) and stuff like boardwalk and downtown disney, riding monrail to visit other resorts etc..

For some reason Caribbean just isn't doiing it for me(talk me into it if you think it fits best!!). So with that said, that leaves the others. Based on the cirteria above, talk me into a moderate resort...oh I shoudl mention, AofA can be on the list.

Megsie1000 01-02-2013 10:29 AM

I would do POFQ if it is included in your discount. It is a nice place to hang out on your days off. You can take a boat to Downtown Disney. You can go over to POR for other pool and restaurant choices.

POFQ also has queen beds, which in your situation I think would be a good thing. CBR only has doubles.

tink2 01-02-2013 11:10 AM

We love POFQ! It is small, compact (not long walks to bus stop/food court), and has a quiet,comfy feeling. We travel with our whole family- including kids the ages of 19, 16, 13, and 11. All four love this resort! They love the jazz music playing and the theming.
POR is beautiful as well. We loved the mansion side when we stayed. That being said- even from the closest building, the walk to the bus stop/food court is longer than at POFQ.
The two resorts share buses. The POFQ side is always picked up first (get to sit down for sure) and then picks up POR guests. Also returning from the parks, POFQ is always dropped off first. That is a big plus.
POR and POFQ share facilities- so if you stay at one- you can visit the other's pools/food court.
Both POR and POFQ are beautiful resorts and have such a great charm. You can't go wrong with either. Good luck!

Linda T. 01-02-2013 11:32 AM

My family has stayed at POR and CBR. We absolutely love Caribbean Beach. My daughters are now 24 and 26 and that is the only place they want to stay (besides the Poly which is out of our budget). CBR is beautiful - white sandy beaches, beautiful tropical flowers, colorful villages, and Caribbean music filling the air. There is an outside bar by the main pool if you like an adult beverage or just a soda, etc. The new pool is fantastic and each village has a quiet pool which my family is partial too. It is like you have your own pool in your back yard. We like the food court for lunches and snacks. The gift shop is great too. The beaches also have hammocks to lounge on (sometimes you can see Epcot fireworks) and friendly ducks which we feed regularly. We always request Jamaica 44, 45, or 46. It is really close to a bus stop and it is a short walk over a scenic bridge to the food court and main pool. We have stayed at CBR eight times and we have had good bus service. Yes, the buses can get crowded and yes there are several stops around CBR but my family doesn't mind because we are just happy to be together at Disney. And yes we have had a few long waits but I figure all resorts at Disney and their buses have had a few glitches along the way. Some people say the resort is too big but I like that because it doesn't seem too crowded. It is also nice in the mornings to take a walk or a jog with very few people out and about. To us, CBR is a tropical vacation along with a Disney vacation. This was our first resort and it is special to us. But I really think everyone has a special resort at Disney. So whatever moderate you choose, enjoy and have a great time!!!:)

goofyintoronto 01-02-2013 11:38 AM

I personally love POR!! We loved everything the resort had to offer. Loved the food court...the make your own pasta was amazing! Loved the big pool slide. Perfect for older kids. POFQ slide is too short IMO. We also loved renting the bikes. That was fun. Loved the horse/carriage ride too. I also found the POR grounds much prettier than POFQ. So gorgeous. We stayed at Arcadian mansion and thought the location was PERFECT!

The smallness of POFQ didnt really appeal to me. I didnt care for their food court options. My son didnt like the short pool slide. We dont like the fact that we have to go to POR to rent bikes. We also didnt care for the fact that POFQ folks were picked up 2nd (they stop at POR first) for the boat ride to DTD. The boat was often full, letting only two ppl on at a time. Had to wait for the 2nd or 3rd boat to come around before we could get on! Thats annoying. Also, if you have a room facing the water, you can quite often hear the sound of the boat go by. We obviously never had this issue at POR. Not a big deal, but it can be for some.

Its true that while at POFQ, you can easily go over to POR to use their pool or bike rental etc. Easier said than done after a long day at the parks! You really dont feel like taking that long walk over to POR. Lol.

POR is definitely the best choice for us. Thats just our opinion.

MissyMouse80 01-02-2013 11:44 AM

I agree, I love Port Orleans French Quarter. I have stayed at all of the Moderates but CBR. I agree it just doesn't do it for me. I think I would go POFQ, POR, CS, then CBR. I visited AofA and it is a neat resort but I would Not recommend it if you plan on staying in a Standard room. The Little Mermaid rooms are VERY far away from the Lobby. Good luck!

LovesTimone 01-02-2013 11:44 AM

We have stayed at all the mod's, Here are my thoughts

Caribbean Beach - Tropical, nice themeing, especially pool area and several quiet pools, Food court- not our fav, due to selection and service, breakfast is good for us- not horrible just not for us. This is a very large resort, lots of walking. It does however seem to offer the lowest rates, cost wise it is really good. Rooms, do have 2 sinks and a privacy curtain. Buses, well are buses, but they do not share with other resorts. I have stayed here with my girlfriend for F& W and I am taking my mom here for her 70th birthday at the end of Jan.

Coronda Springs - Nice- not really Disney themeing and if there is a convention very crowded :crowded:. Pool is nice with a cool slide. Food Court is okay different selections than most Food Courts, but again can be very over crowded when convention group are there. I believe that they rooms have queen beds.

PO- Riverside - Only one night here, and checked in very late, room was nice, Food court was the good - breakfast was yummy. Boat to DTD-. Room was nice, from what I remember, we checked in at 10:00 pm grabbed some sandwiches from food court that night and ate in room and went to sleep. I was so tired that I can't say what how the meals were. Did not use the pool that trip but we have walked over from POFQ on another trip, nice relaxing and really cute themeing

PO- French Quarter - This is our favorite resort - love the themeing and the pool area, Small resort, Rooms are nice we love the riverveiw and you can walk along it to POR - Food Court - while smaller than most, has the selection my Family prefers, Boat Ride to DTD is very pretty and nice to get away from the buses.

You might want to think about a family suite at one of the value's, that way you will have 2 bathrooms with teenager is a blessing:rotfl:. I would check out the sleeping options( AoA) with a pull out couch and a pull down which I believe is more for smaller children, this might pose a problem. on who sleep where. My friend stays in a family suite that some of the other seating turns into a single beds, I think at Movies, they are a family of 5, she loves having the 2 bathroom and the little kitchen area for snacks and such. Her teenager can and will eat everything in site:lmao:, so she either brings it or orders from garden grocer, She like this option as it give them more privacy and space.

minnie mum 01-02-2013 12:46 PM

Sounds like budget and ability to use a discount are priorities for you. The current Disney Visa discount that just came out won't apply to AoA LM. It may or may not apply to POFQ (I've seen conflicting reports).

While DH and I love CBR and have stayed there several times, I don't think that the double beds would be comfortable for your family.

That leaves POR or CSR. Both are large and spread out with very different themes. Go with the one that appeals to you most. I'd give POR the edge because of the boat to DTD (but that's only a plus if you think you'll actually use it).

tink2 01-02-2013 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by minnie mum (Post 47056544)
Sounds like budget and ability to use a discount are priorities for you. The current Disney Visa discount that just came out won't apply to AoA LM. It may or may not apply to POFQ (I've seen conflicting reports).

I booked 3 rooms at POFQ in June using the Disney Visa promo- no problem. It may depend on the CM you get- but I talked to 2 different ones and both said it would apply (before I booked) to POFQ no problem.

colfr 01-02-2013 01:22 PM

I'm not much of a fan of CBR either - I just don't like the decor/atmosphere that much.
POFQ would be my choice if I was in your situation. I think it's so pretty and so conveniently located. Also you have the perk that you're so close to POR so it's two resorts in one.

michi-gan 01-02-2013 02:58 PM

thanks all! Keep them coming...

POFQ guest can use the boat to DTD???

And can POFQ and POR guests go back and forth to each others pool areas??

Nancyg56 01-02-2013 03:05 PM

POFQ! I have stayed at CBR and POFQ so UI can only compare the two. CBR is HUGE! I had no problem with the size but has booked a preferred room so we were close to Old Port Royal but my DD and DSIL hated it. There are multiple stops within the resort for buses and that made them nuts. The food court is huge and noisy. Again, I was okay with it but they really disliked it.

POFQ is small, compact and lovely. The grounds are meticulously maintained. The water taxi goes to DTD as well as to POR. Anyone can use the boat and it is a pretty ride. I especially liked it after the sun was down, the lights from shore are nice.

dansdad 01-02-2013 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by michi-gan (Post 47058029)
thanks all! Keep them coming...

POFQ guest can use the boat to DTD???

Yup! POFQ even has it's own boat pickup/drop-off.


Originally Posted by michi-gan (Post 47058029)
And can POFQ and POR guests go back and forth to each others pool areas??


tink2 01-02-2013 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by michi-gan (Post 47058029)
thanks all! Keep them coming...

POFQ guest can use the boat to DTD???

And can POFQ and POR guests go back and forth to each others pool areas??

Yes to both. POFQ guests can use the boat to DTD (though we've never used it- we stick to the buses) and guests can use the pools at both resorts.

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