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Srbright 12-28-2012 11:58 PM

Port Orleans - French Quarter Room Category Change?
We were going to book POR but after much discussion (past 2+ hours with DH) we have decided to go to POFQ. We were just at POR in September and then the same buses went to both POR and POFQ and the boat to DTD is a bit shorter ride. They have all undergone referb so it wouldn't be a case of quality of room.

In reading the FAQ and doing some searching it seems that according to the FAQ there are:
Garden View
Water View
River View

However in pricing out the vacation, the room categories are listed as
Garden View
Pool View
River View

I took a screen shot for posterity. Does this mean that they are changing it so that there is no "water view" meaning I will actually be in building 2 or 5 facing the pool? I know there have been problems with the new site, but even the photos of the Pool View showed the slide out the window and the pictures of the River View showed the river out the window.

Has anyone else seen this?


minnie mum 12-29-2012 12:03 AM

It looks like they are simply clarifying one category of room. What was previously described as water view is now narrowed to pool view (after all, a pool IS water, technically).

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