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carolynb 12-28-2012 06:15 PM

Is there much difference between a regular room at the Beach Club and the studio at the Beach Club villas? Which is better being they are the same price?

Sammie 12-28-2012 06:21 PM

a villa will have one queen bed and sofa bed and kitchenette.

A resort room will have two queen beds and possibly a day bed.

The resort room will have better views, as the villas were build after the resort and built in the parking lot.

Decor is very different. The rooms at the villas have not been rehabbed lately and the resort rooms have.

Resort room:

Villa Room:

Sue M 12-28-2012 07:20 PM

Good pic contrast! We prefer the resort room, being 2 of us. My (adult) daughter doesn't want to sleep on a pull out. And with the sofa out, I heard it takes up a lot of room. IMO the villa rooms are looking dated. But they are the last to get a refurb as it is paid for by members.

owl0306 12-28-2012 07:51 PM

much further walk also to lobby when staying at the villas.

minijenny 12-28-2012 08:03 PM

DH and I love staying at BCV. When DS2 gets old enough for his own bed it will be cramped with the pullout sofa. But we really like having the kitchenette and we love the quiet pool. Two of the four times we've stayed, we backed up to Epcot and could watch Illuminations from our porch. Another room looked over the quiet pool and the last room had a nice garden view plus you could see the Swan & Dolphin statues as well as Tower of Terror in the background.

Overall, for only two adults, I think BCV is a slightly better value.

WsPrincess 12-28-2012 08:42 PM

Depends, for DH and I, I like the BCV because we have a sitting area and a bed plus the kitchenette. With the kids I prefer BC for the extra bed! So I think it just depends on your needs.

pamkat1820 12-28-2012 09:26 PM

I heard a rumor that they are starting a "soft" refurb of the villas. The ugly bed spreads are going, I'm not sure about anything else for sure. I think it will make the rooms look more up to date.

Sammie 12-28-2012 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by owl0306 (Post 47015496)
much further walk also to lobby when staying at the villas.

That actually would depend on where the villa was versus the resort room. Some villas are closer than resort rooms.

DPCummerbund 12-29-2012 01:17 AM

I agree that the walk from the BCV is longer and the rooms look dated (they were dated when we were there 6 years ago, I imagine they've only gotten worse).

However, if you rent DVC points, the villas will be less than half the price of the regular Beach Club rooms.

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