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Wendybird55 12-27-2012 11:48 AM

Leaving Jan 13th First Disney Cruise Have A Few Questions

We've been to Disney World many times and I've been on alot of cruises, but this January will be our first Disney Cruise - 5 day on Disney Magic. I just have a few questions for those cruise experts...

Mickey Ice Cream they have them on Disney Cruises? DS LOVES them.

Pin and Vinylmation they do these on Disney Cruises? Should DS bring some of his pins and vinylmations to trade?

Dressing Kids Up...DS has his Captain Hook costume which he wore for MNSSHP. Is there any reason why I should bring it on cruise? Are there any opportunities for kids to dress up? He's 6.

Anyone do the fishing excursion at Coco Cay? We just booked it as DH and DS enjoy fishing...we've done it a few times a Disney World. We booked the 9:30am trip any advice? Reviews?

Thanks for your input.

loran424 12-27-2012 12:02 PM

Hey Wendy! I can answer some of your questions.
Yes -Mickey Bars are available on the ship. They are a dessert choice in the MDRs as well as a room service item (24 hours a day!)
Yes- there is pin trading. On our recent 4 day Dream cruise there was a trading event scheduled. Just check your daily Navigator. Also you will see lots of CMs & other cruisers with loaded lanyards to trade with. Not sure about vinylmation swapping though.
Yes- pirate night would be a wonderful time to dress like Cap'n Hook!! Lots of children were dressed in costumes every day. You may get lucky & Cap'n Hook might be a scheduled character greeting. I know he & Mr. Smee made 2 scheduled appearances on our cruise.
Hope that helps!

Wendybird55 12-27-2012 01:42 PM

Thanks so much Loran...this is very helpful. DS love Hook and hopefully we will have some photo ops. And I will make sure to get a trading lanyard together for him...he always enjoys it when we're at Disney.

Thanks for the info!

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