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disney212 12-26-2012 10:46 AM

A MVMCP TR December 2012
Thanks to all of those who joined me for a PTR! Let's get started.

Our trip was December 15-23 and included many firsts for us. First time staying at our home resort (BLT), first time dining at BOG (lunch and dinner), first time for MVMCP, first dessert party, first time during Christmas, and much much more. Thanks for joining along and I hope to keep this interesting. I am trying to figure out how to get my pictures off my camera and hope to post some pictures to go along with this TR.

disney212 12-26-2012 11:04 AM

Day 1, Travel Day!
It was a beautiful yet chilling day in Northern Kentucky. Our flight was at 11:15 so in order to get to Dayton OH for our flight we needed to leave about 9 (just to make sure). We are up, showered, fed and on our way by 9:15 (not too bad). We set the GPS and off we go. The GPS directs us to an exit that I know isn't right (we have flown from DAY before) but DH insists the GPS is right and takes the exit. I look DAY up on my blackberry and low and behold he chose the small local airport instead of Dayton International when setting the GPS. Luckily we were less than 10 minutes off course so we turn around and head to DAY airport. We made it with plenty of time. Security was pretty light (it is a small airport) and I get tagged as I have liquids meds I take with me but the TSA was very nice and professional and we get all the business taken care of and we are off to our gate in less than 5 minutes. We flew Airtran and were able to upgrade to business class so in less than 15 minutes after getting to our gate we were on the plane and enjoying a nice soda. Next stop MCO. Our flight was quick and uneventful and I was soooo happy to see my beloved palm trees. We head straight to ME and have less than a 5 minute wait for our bus. We are staying at BLT so we are the first stop. I am so excited to see the gates to WDW! We are let off at the Contemporary and had done online check-in so we were all set in a few minutes. It is 3:30 by this time and our room will be ready at 4:30 we are told so we head off to grab some grub. We hit the Contempo cafe and split a cupcake to get us by. We decided to hang out until our room was ready and by 4:30 we had a text saying we were ready. We LOVED our room. It was a standard view on the 5th floor but had a great view of Space Mountain and the Castle! SCORE! we dropped off our carry on bags and hopped the bus to DTD to pick up our AP's. I had purchased the vouchers back before the price increase but also before the PAP deal. We did get an upgrade to a PAP but no refund as some here have reported. We were fine with out getting a refund, we were happy with getting the PAPs! We and ADR's for Rainforest (a first for us) and found the portions huge and the food to be good. We walked around DTD a bit and decided to make it an early night since we had been so busy the few days before we left making sure everything was done for Christmas since we didn't get home until the night of the 23rd. The bus back to BLT was a nightmare. It was packed and seemed to take forever to get back to the hotel. We were glad we pick up our rental car the next morning! We get back to the room, our luggage has been delivered. We unpack and sit on our balcony and watch the MK fireworks. This trip is gonna ROCK!

SusieBea 12-26-2012 12:35 PM

I'm in! :surfweb:

dbprimeaux 12-26-2012 09:52 PM

waiting for more...:surfweb:

disney212 12-27-2012 12:05 PM

Day 2, The first full day in the World.
We start off our day by visiting the front desk and asking them to call the car care center. Within 5 minutes our coach carries off to pick up our rental car. We have reserved a compact but score an upgrade! In less than 3 minutes we are in our car and off for our first full day of fun! We purchased a TIW card when we picked up our PAP's. A little back ground I didn't include, this is a celebration trip for my winning the fight against lung cancer, I actually booked this trip the day before my first surgery as my way of telling the cancer I was going to win. We head over to AK since it isn't on the monorail and we have the car for only 4 days. We hit the safari (my fav) and took the train over to planet watch. I wasn't feeling too great that day so we only stayed a few hours and went back to the hotel for a bit in the hot tub. Fully rested we headed to HS for our ADR's at Sci-Fi and to see the lights. Let me say that dinner was good but the lights were SPECTACULAR! For those who don't know (like us) it snows in HS when the Osbourne lights are going off. It was one of the most beautiful Christmas displays I have ever seen. The park was closing so we headed back to BLT and headed to the TOTWL for drinks and to see the fireworks. We really enjoyed it, it was busy but not too crowded. Then off to bed to get ready for tomorrow!

Thumper4me 12-31-2012 12:45 PM

Congratualtions on getting your PAP. We were in the same situation - bought our AP voucher before the PAP offer was available. When I asked about upgrading, I was told NO. I even said they could keep the overage - no go. :rolleyes: Oh well, so we ended up with the regular AP passes we originally purchased.

Enjoying the trip report!! Keep it coming!! :)


disney212 12-31-2012 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by Thumper4me (Post 47037960)
Congratualtions on getting your PAP. We were in the same situation - bought our AP voucher before the PAP offer was available. When I asked about upgrading, I was told NO. I even said they could keep the overage - no go. :rolleyes: Oh well, so we ended up with the regular AP passes we originally purchased.

Enjoying the trip report!! Keep it coming!! :)


sorry to hear that, we didn't get the refund as some did but we were happy for the upgrade!

disney212 12-31-2012 07:14 PM

I got a new laptop and can now post pics....
it took me a few hours today to get it set up and all the pics downloaded. I am now able to post pics! Thanks for following along, I promise another update tomorrow and more pics!

disney212 01-02-2013 08:08 PM

Day 3 - a day with no ADRs
We hit the Magic Kingdom bright and early on Monday morning. We had no ADR's but plans to get in line at 10:45 for lunch at BOG. The park was busy but not crowded. We rode our favorite rides (HM and POC) and then headed to the new Fantasyland. It was beautiful. In line at 10:55 for BOG and we were inside and seated by 11:20 (line moves FAST). We each got a potato leek soup, DH got the steak sandwich and I got the turkey (we planned to each eat 1/2 of each) and 1 lemon and 1 chocolate cupcake. The soup was very good and the sandwiches were huge! DH and I each ate less than 1/2 of each sandwich. It was a struggle to try the cupcakes but we managed a few bits. The food was very good and we were excited to have ADR's for dinner later that week. Fed well we walked the parks until thirsty and headed over to Gaston's for a Brew. It was wonderful and the first of many that trip. We didn't ride anything in Fantasyland that day but did enjoy the views. We headed back to the hotel and hit the hot tub, ahhhhh. After a few beverages of the adult variety by the pool we went back to MK for a few hours. We did make it back to the room in time to sit on our balcony and watch the fireworks.

Chellymouse 01-02-2013 08:19 PM

Looking forward to your next installment! You're stength is amazing! Wishes for your continued good health in the new year!

disney212 01-04-2013 07:09 PM

Thanks! Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2013!!!

disney212 01-08-2013 08:16 PM

Day 4, Soarin, Pizza, a Merry Mixer and O'hana
We head to EPCOT for our first time on Soarin. It was AWESOME. The last few visits we made to the World I was under treatment which caused motion sickness and DH didn't want to ride with out me. Thankfully that is behind me now and I was moved almost to tears to be able to see what I had been missing. We hit our favorites at Club Cool and after touring the energy house we headed to WS as we had ADR's for our first lunch at Via Napoli. It was AWESOME, DH ate 3/4 of a larger pizza!

After lunch we headed over for our first Merry Mixer. We had a GREAT time and made some very nice fellow DVC'ers. We would happily go again.

After much fun at the Merry Mixer we headed back to BLT for some pool/hot tub time and a little rest before our first dinner at O'hana.
We did have a beverage of the adult variety served in a large pineapple! It was wonderful and not too strong. Once the food started it wouldn't stop. We found it to be good but way too much food. Not sure we would go again unless we have a bunch of big eaters (our kiddies) with us. After dinner we strolled back to BLT and headed to the TOWL for a night cap and then off to our balcony to watch the fireworks.

disney212 01-10-2013 07:31 PM

Day 5, CP and Garden Grill, two more firsts
Still full from our feeding frenzy yesterday we had coffee for breakfast and then rolled our selves to EPCOT. We had an ADR for Garden Grill at 4 pm as part of a CP package. We hit our favorite rides and spent the day just wondering around EPCOT. We headed over the Garden Grill and were seated within 5 minutes. We found the food to be good. My DH loved the fish. He had seconds of everything. The characters we GREAT! Even though it was just DH and I they all stopped and took pictures with us. The best part was that I got to FINALLY see in the window of the farm house from the Land Ride. After all these years I got to see the inside. I know that sounds silly but it was driving me nuts!

We eventually made our way over to the CP and although the line for the CP seating was long it moved quickly and we were seating within no time. I had hear good and bad about the CP. I will say that we are very glad we did it. Sorry I didn't get any pictures but I was too engrossed to take any. I think one of the choirs that night may have had teenagers with some type of bug because chaperones kept having to escort them off the stage since they seemed to be getting ill. Nothing major but 3 of them ended up sitting down during the show and were escorted away. It didn't affect the show but it was a bit weird since no one had mentioned that ever happening during a show and we had it happen 3 times. I will say that we probably won't do the CP again (nothing to due with the ill kids). We enjoyed it but I think once was enough.

I didn't take many pictures that day but here is one of my DH enjoying France.


After the show we headed back to BLT, hit the TOWL for a night cap then off to the balcony to watch the fireworks.

Only a few more days to go, thanks to those who have stayed with me during this trip.

Chellymouse 01-10-2013 09:20 PM

Most likely the choir members were not ill, but had either not eaten or had been standing with their knees locked. I don't think we've ever been to CP when we haven't seen at least 2-3 choir members sitting down or having to be escorted off. We see it every year that we go in Dec. Glad to hear you liked GG. We ate there in June with the family (DH and I have been prior) and really enjoyed it also! Can't wait for the next installment!

disney212 01-14-2013 11:05 AM

Sorry I have been lacking on my updates. I am on my 2nd round of pneumonia since Christmas! I will try to get one out there soon.

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