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vacation disney 12-24-2012 10:33 AM

I have a split stay at ASM and AKL starting on 1/1. We are arriving at Orlando Airport late on New Years Day (930 PM) so I decided to book a value room for the first night because the discount rates do not go into effect until 1/2. We are staying at AKL the rest of the time.

In order to do this I needed to make two separate res. and had to attach the park tickets and meal plan to the AKL res. We will be using Disney transportation to/from the airport, and plan to allow Disney to transport our luggage from ASM to AKL.

My do I get my park pass/meal plan tickets that start on 1/2? Do I need to go over to AKL before we hit the parks, or can I get them at ASM before we check out first thing in the morning? We would like to get an early start as crowds will be heavy. If I need to get to AKL, what is the best or fastest way to do it?

Thanks In Advance For The Help!!

CanadianGuy 12-24-2012 10:39 AM

Typically you need to get those at the resort with the reservation to which they are attached.

HOWEVER, you can usually go a day or two early and get the park tickets on a key which will become your room key. However, I strongly advise against this if you having dining entitlements as well.. It's something they 'can' do, but I have read some pretty ugly horror stories of it getting all messed up.

My recommendation is that you wait til the morning of the 2nd and present yourself at the front desk of AKL and get your room key/park tix etc at that time.

The fastest way to get between the two early in the morning is DEFINITELY a taxi and the folks at the concierge desk at the value resort can help arrange that for you. Talk to them on arrival and they'll walk you thru it.

Sue M 12-24-2012 01:02 PM

Yes, you'd have to go to AKL first thing in the morning and do an early check in. You will then be given your KTTW card with your tickets and meal credits on it.
I always take a cab with my luggage. But you can let wdw move your luggage, take the bus to AK, and from AK catch the AKL bus to check in and pick up your tickets.

vacation disney 12-24-2012 03:08 PM

Thanks for the help....sounds like a cab is the best choice.

rcraw45425 12-26-2012 09:01 AM

We're doing the same thing but staying 1/1 at the Dolphin, rate was comparable with Moderates and I booked two rooms connecting for <$200 each. I actually think I'll just get tickets at AAA so that we can send the teens straight to a park on the 2nd then hubby and I will transfer luggage and handle check in. No dining plan planned as we will have three teens and know they will want to spend more time in the parks. I do have TS booked each night but can modify it if it will just be hubby and I. We were just there in October without kids so this trip is for tem

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