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Tinkerbell1989 12-24-2012 07:10 AM

Finally got my own way - TR - 14.10.12
Sunday 14th October

We woke reasonably early to get to Hollywood Studios for opening. We got there minutes after 9, ad followed everyone else to…


We grabbed a Fastpass for 11.30 and jumped in the 50 minute queue… which actually turned out to be only 25! However, the queue is amazingly detailed and I love that Mr Potato Head is interactive!


The ride/game is amazing fun! I just wish Tom and I weren’t so competitive, hehe!

Next we grabbed a FP for Tower of Terror and then queued for Rock’n’Rollercoaster. As always, it’s still fast, and still awesome! However, before we set off, there was a super long wait, which made everyone really nervous!


We took a slow wander over to the new Star Tours ride.



WOW! Now, I have no interest in Star Wars, but this has always been a must-do. Now it’s 3D, and there are over 50 different combinations of scenes, it will never be the same twice! (Well, it will, but… I wouldn’t remember… you know what I mean!)

MuppetVision 3D was okay, but we were sat all the way to the right, so our view of Statler and Waldorf and the Swedish chef were very limited.
Walking towards the Tower, we stopped to watch the street performers. They were very cheesy, but very funny! And their “supporting actors”, ie audience members, were great sports for playing along!


Our first ride on Tower of Tower – AMAZING!


I’m always a little scared on this ride; the cast members play their role so well! And yet I go back for more!

After trying on some hats, we head back round to the American Idol Experience.



Hmm. This was okay. The guys singing were good, but I don’t think I’d return in a hurry. Glad to say I did it though. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it and all that!

Lunchtime! At last!



The set-up for Sci-Fi Dine-In is very cool and very 50’s! I had an Oreo milkshake to drink (yum), an All-American burger and fries followed by a hot fudge sundae. Oh my days, I could not move after eating all this! The food was delicious – although the burger tasted very strongly of pickles (but that’s a personal dislike of mine!)




Next stop, somewhere to let my food-baby settle! We had never been to the Magic of Animation before, so we stopped off for a quick drawing lesson. We were drawing Minnie Mouse!



Even with very good instructions, I drew a fat Chinese Minnie Mouse, hehe! Aw well, it was great fun, and I’d love to return!

Back to Tower of Terror for a couple more rides! After hurting my voice from screaming, a mother and daughter turned around and said we had a bonus drop, which is where the screen at the end shows a clip from the beginning before shooting you back up and dropping back to the floor! They then gave us some FPs which were valid already, so we thanked them, and jumped straight back in the lift!

We decided to call it a day for now, and went back to CSR for a swim.


The pool was lovely and quiet, but still had a great atmosphere. We got ready for the evening and went to the Pepper Market for dinner. It was so quiet there too! From what I remember there was a MNSSHP that night.


I had nachos and Tom had a chilli burger – mine was delicious! The nachos or the salsa would have been that little bit nicer if it was warm, but still really good! We picked up a chocolate twist and a M&Ms cookie for later and head back to Hollywood Studios for the evening.

First stop?


Where else! It was about now, where I realised that this was Tom’s favourite ride! However, it’s hard to argue with him – because the drop sequence changes each time, it is great fun!


Tinkerbell1989 12-24-2012 07:11 AM

A massive (and I mean MASSIVE!) queue started forming for Fantasmic, so we found the end, which was right by the hat, and joined it. Eventually we sat down in great seats, and the show was amazing!





One thing we learnt on the tour yesterday was that you never see Mickey Mouse more than once at any one time, and Fantasmic is the perfect opportunity to see that in action!

It was now closing time for non-resort guests, so we used our EMHs for Tower of Terror! We then went back over to Star Tours, and had a different scene.


We head back over to the hat, and heard Mulch, Sweat and Tears play a few songs.


I was expecting them to be very rocky, but actually they were pretty good!
Rock’n’Rollercoaster next before Tom chose the last ride…


It’s like it was meant to be! In the preshow, it was obvious everyone had ridden it before as we all said the last line and then giggled! It definitely made it less scary, but somehow much more atmospheric! However, I had my eye on the CM, as he was freaking me out a little! Throughout the preshow he was wandering very slowly around the room. He saw me watching, and put a finger to his lips, so I elbowed Tom to watch him too. When the lights came back on, he started talking and made everyone jump, as he had moved from where they were expecting! He was so made for his role!

We decided to call it a night; I don’t think my throat could handle much more screaming! What a brilliant day!

Next - 1900 Park Fare, Typhoon Lagoon and some mini golf!

Chilly 12-24-2012 12:39 PM

I'm a massive TOT fan as well.

tinks_1989 12-25-2012 02:05 AM

Another great day. I love TOT. I can't wait till Elsie is tall enough for it. Got a long wait I know lol.

Tinkerbell1989 12-27-2012 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by Chilly (Post 46986743)
I'm a massive TOT fan as well.


Originally Posted by tinks_1989 (Post 46989284)
Another great day. I love TOT. I can't wait till Elsie is tall enough for it. Got a long wait I know lol.

Thanks for reading, and sticking with me! Life got in the way of my TR, so it's had to come 2nd for a whil!

I love ToT as well, I just didn't realise Tom would love it so much! Loking forward to next trip when we can take my family on it again! :)

Nubbedy 12-28-2012 02:00 PM

Another huge ToT fan here! Never had a bonus drop though.

Tinkerbell1989 12-28-2012 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by Nubbedy
Another huge ToT fan here! Never had a bonus drop though.

We didnt know anything about bonus drops until this lady told us! X

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