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MickeyNicki 12-13-2012 10:46 AM

With 6 Todd will eat your egg roll! Nicki, Todd, Katmark & Family Xmas! UPDATED 1/2
Hi everyone! We are back from a wonderful holiday trip to WDW with our best friends and their kids so sit back and enjoy a bonus review, 6 adults means 6 meals to review and yes I took a ton of one was allowed to eat until a photo was taken!

The plan was to suprise KatMark's husband Mark for his 60th birthday and take in all the decorations. Todd and I arrived late Wed night and left for home Sunday afternoon. Kathy and family arrived Thursday afternoon and left on Tuesday morning...I will post from Thur to Sun and she will pick up the other days to complete all the meals we had.

We had so much fun! The weather was alot warmer than normal, 62 in the am and very foggy and humid but the skies cleared around 11am and the temps were in the low 80's. Our resort, Dolphin, wasnt busy once the conventioners checked out on Friday but Kathy's resort, CSR, was packed with the PW kids and was super busy. The parks were not busy at all with the exception of MK on Saturday...that was like 4th of July busy! Hopefully we will make this a yearly thing!

Here is a picture of my and my hubby

Kathy and her husband Mark

Their son Andrew and his girlfriend Des

KatMark 12-13-2012 10:46 AM

I'm here and I'm first (as should be since I am part of this EPIC and best trip we've ever had!).

MickeyNicki 12-13-2012 10:53 AM

Table of contents
Boma breakfast for Nicki and Todd
Downtown Disney snacks
Dolphin decor and lunch at the Swan pool bar
Beaches and Cream dinner
Epcot drinks and snacks
Beach Club Marketplace breakfast and Sunshine Seasons pastries
Chefs de France lunch
Epcot snacks and drinks
Hollywood Studios snacks and drinks
Yachtsman Dinner
Kona breakfast and coffee bar
MK treats and snacks, lunch at Peco Bills
CR Gingerbread house and many snacks
Contemp Cafe Cupcakes!
Grand Floridian Treats
Main Street Candy Shop
Be Our Guest Dinner Part 1
Be Our Guest Dinner Part 2
Cape May Breakfast

mickeystoontown 12-13-2012 10:56 AM

Hey Nicki! Looking forward to reading your reviews and those of Kathy too!

pas130 12-13-2012 10:57 AM

Hopping over from Kathy's TR!!! popcorn:: I'm ready, feel like I already know you Nicki ;)

butiflfeet 12-13-2012 10:57 AM

Yay you're back! It sounds like you had some great weather while you were there. I can't wait for your reviews!

Tracerr00 12-13-2012 11:09 AM

Yes! Can't wait to read this tag team review!!:banana:

MickeyNicki 12-13-2012 11:13 AM

So the plan was for Todd and I to drive up around 1pm on Thursday but the wonderful man gave me a great Xmas gift and called me Wed morning to say we could drive up that night! I was overjoyed to say the least because if you have read my other reviews you know he never gets out of work at the right time!

Since the Dolphin and Swan were sold out we stayed at the Holiday Inn in DTD, it was nice but the room and bathroom were super small. I had promised Todd that we would sleep in and go to DTD for lunch....and I am sure you can figure out that isnt what happened! :rotfl:

For one thing I didnt go to sleep until after midnight and for the other I was up at 4:15 am wide awake and trying not to make too much noise! But alas, the boy woke up at 6 am and the first words out of his mouth?


Yes!! We are going to get a walk up on this trip! We showered and checked out of the hotel and drove right over to the AKL. It was a beautiful day and I was going to chow down on the best breakfast in all of WDW! Of course we did a walk up and of course we were seated right was around 8am and the place was very empty...until 20 minutes later when all the tables filled up and the place because a mad house.

If you want to see detailed pictures of the buffet check out my Oct 2012 thread, things havent changed since then...instead of the ham and cheese eggs they did have goat cheese and chive eggs and instead of blueberry or M&M pancakes they had sweet potato pancakes. He loves those little sticky buns, they were warm and very fresh.

Here is the tree in the lobby

Todd's first plates, bread pudding with pecan caramel sauce. This was outstanding and not overly sweet.

Banana bread (his favorite thing!) mini muffin and sweet potato pancakes. I really enjoyed these, they were freshly made and very tasty but when we got more they were a bit rubbery and tough.

Carved ham, bacon and scrambled eggs...he loved all of them and had seconds on them too...the bacon is the best, they must have changed brands because it is a thicker cut, super tasty and no nasty smokey flavor. We also had a huge plate of fruit but I dont have a picture of that, the fruit was super fresh and flavorful and very ripe

My plate, and I had seconds on all of this too. Regular scrambled eggs, goat cheese and chive scrambled eggs (both of them were delish and very soft which I love), tender tasty sausage and the bacon was excellent (although its not on my plate, the first time I have enjoyed bacon in a WDW resort). I am madly in love with the stewed tomatoes, they are spicy and sweet at the same time and when you mix it with the scrambled eggs it is pure heaven! The asparagus was great too, tender yet crispy and had a nice char flavor. My all time favorite thing on the buffet? The ham! Amazing, best I have ever had! Wish they had the turkey that day but it was the corned beef and that is just too dry for me

After a wonderful filling meal, with amazing coffee by the way, we hopped in the car to drive to DTD...believe it or not the parking lot was filling up! Come on Todd we have some shopping to do!

jabead 12-13-2012 11:26 AM

I'm here and made it on Page 1. I am quite pleased with myself. :lmao:

Great start Nicki and looking forward to all the rest! :banana:

MickeyNicki 12-13-2012 11:28 AM

We were so happy to drive up the night before so we could shop and see the decorations in DTD! I love it when there isnt many people around and that is exactly how it was, until noon and then we were outta there!

I was able to pick up a few things for my youngest niece and we had some fun just checking out the area and of course snacking!

Goofy's Candy Shop

No trip is complete without a pretzel! This one is a sour cream and onion...he loved it!

We really didnt feel hungry enough for lunch, I mean we had a huge breakfast so we were good. When DTD started filling up we knew it was time to check into the Dolphin! And away we go!

accountingbabe08 12-13-2012 11:32 AM

Looking forward to more

Tracerr00 12-13-2012 11:33 AM

Yum, yum, and yum!! I'm starving right now and your breakfast looks so good. Especially the meat! And bread pudding with caramel sauce? You're killing me!

MickeyNicki 12-13-2012 11:42 AM

Checking into the Dolphin was a breeze, we turned in Todd's travel points for a free 3 night stay...booked this way back in February 2012, and we had to get a king bed! After a few checking the girl at the desk found us a very nice king bedroom room on the 2nd floor that was ready right then and there. Here is our view

The aroma was intoxicating...GINGERBREAD! Made me very hungry :rotfl2:

After we unpacked and got settled a bit someone's stomach started to growl and it was mine this time! Shocking I know :lmao: The plan was to meet Kathy and family at the CSR around 2:30 and then head to dinner at 5pm we didnt want to eat too much. Not too many options at the Dolphin and Picabo Cafeteria was deader than a doornail and the food didnt look very fresh.

A quick walk to the Swan and they had a little place by the pool that had pizza and subs. Gave me a chance to check out their holiday decor

Todd had some pizza, he said it was nothing to get excited about

I had a scoop of tuna fish on shredded lettuce with tomatoes. This was delicious and just enough to keep me going

At this time Kathy text me to tell me to get on over to the CSR so we could surprise Mark and let me tell you he was bowled over!

Here is the tree at the CSR

mommy2mrb 12-13-2012 11:57 AM

I'm here!

breakfast looks yummy! happy to know bacon is better now!

great view from your room! love seeing all the trees!

--side note - need to know where Des got her MH epcot flag shirt!!!

so hope you all plan on being there next year when we are there! would love to meet up!

aras4007 12-13-2012 12:04 PM

I'm in! Can't wait to hear about this trip!

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