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slg 12-12-2012 09:05 PM

St.John excursions on Fantasy
I booked my St. John excursion on Gold booking date, BUT I didn't notice that it was January 1. None of my kids wants an 8 am excursion on New Years Day, so I really wanted to change it to either the 12:15 Champagne sail and snorkle or the doubloon sail and snorkle at 12:45. I have been trying for days, but although it shows availability it won't let me book 5...:(

Anyone know if DCL holds back some spots on the ship for those who book excursions on board? I've never had an issue getting what I want (this is cruise #8), but the Fantasy is so much bigger and probably no one wants 8 am excursions on New Years Day. Sigh.

We booked Castaway Catamaran Sail to Shipwreck Cove, but the reviews aren't that great on that excursion so I want one of the other ones.

Any guess as to my chances if I go right to the shore excursions as soon as it opens?

Disney Trio 12-12-2012 09:37 PM

If I was guessing I would say no. Early bird gets the worm kinda thing i suspect. I've gotta tell ya tho. We were down there in June and booked a sailing excursion with a private charter co. Morningstar Charters was the name. They use actual sailboats to sail with and it limited to just your family. There was 5 of us and this was by far THE BEST excursion we have ever gone on. You sail over to St. John and they find a spot that is not real crowded. We went to Honeymoon Beach. Absolutely beautiful!!! They grill you lunch which was better than anything we ate on the ship. While they are fixing lunch you get to snorkel which is amazing with all the sea turtles and sting rays. Best of all FREE DRINKS the entire day. You really can't go wrong with this excursion. You can read all the reviews on Trip Advisor. We sailed with Capt. Dave and First Mate Josh and these guys were absolutely the best. Just an option if your looking for an experience to remember.

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