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Holeshot1982 12-08-2012 10:49 PM

Can someone help me with Crowd Levels?
Hi guys, just got back from our first trip and I was wondering if an experienced person could fill us in on these crowd levels I got from touringplans... they felt wrong, but since I don't have any experience, I could be the one who is wrong.. We had to go the parks on these days because of dinner reservations... Here is how our scheduled went

Sunday 12/2 - HWS - Crowd Level 6.7, park to avoid
This did feel busy, at times you couldn't move for all the people in your way, we didn't ride anything that afternoon when we got back so I don't know about the wait times....

Monday 12/3 - MK - Crowd Level 5.6, park to avoid
This felt close to HWS the day before and got a lot worse as it got closer for Wishes.... Before wishes even started I had a hard time getting back to my party because it was soooo crowded... Seen lot's Pop Warner cheeerleaders in there to.

Tuesday 12/4 - Epoct - Crowd Level 1.1, Best Park
Can't say this felt like a 1.1 at all... There was a crowd all day but not to the point where we couldn't move... No problem with the rides, did Soarin' first thing, after that there was a 30-45 wait all day, even did Test Track the 1st time with no issue, the 2nd time was a FP and it did take a while but that was because the ride kept stopping... No problem getting into the shows or anything..... Got a great spot for the night show but there 1 hour before to secure it... Took us 15 min after the show go to and get on a bus..... Still felt like it was more than a 1.1...

Wednesday 12/5 - MK - Crowd Level 1.1, Best Park
There is no way this was a 1.1... it was worse than Monday's by 12pm and it never let up... I figured it was because of the new Fantasy land and there was "guest" passes and media people around all day... Not to bad of a wait for rides or shows and after the fireworks we didn't have to much trouble getting back to the castle for pictures...

So.... does that sound like the right crowd levels? Maybe someone else was there the same days that could chime in.... I'm trying to get a good idea for this because on the next trip I will plan around the crowd levels... Thanks

QueenElinor 12-08-2012 11:48 PM

I think that perhaps your definition of crowded is different from how Touring Plans define crowds. Their estimates are based on how long the lines are for the rides, not how many people are milling about.

For complex reasons, it often feels like the parks are pretty crowded even when the wait times are short- people get through the rides and back out on the walkways much faster- but on busy days they're standing in the lines. So the number of people out walking around ends up to be similar on busy and slow days.

You said yourself that it wasn't too difficult to get on the rides- for many people (perhaps most people) that's all that matters. So it sounds to me that the predictions were accurate. On the day that was completely off (EPCOT on 12/4) I notice that a different touring plan calendar (Easywdw) has that park as a park to avoid. A lot of people feel that the predictions from Easywdw are better than TouringPlans. Apparently that was the case on 12/4.

Holeshot1982 12-09-2012 12:22 AM

Ok, that makes sense them... The ride line really weren't that bad on the "low" days but were worse on the "high" days. Thanks for clearing that up.

QueenElinor 12-09-2012 12:33 AM

You're welcome. :)
Although I do think that on days that are rated a "9" or "10" it really is wall-to-wall people plus long lines so by anyone's definition those days are going to be super crowded.

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