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gr8vthsfam 12-07-2012 12:14 AM

Laundry service on the Dream?
Anyone with a recent price list for having laundry done on the Dream? We will be coming from a stay at WDW just prior to sailing and then another resort stay after the cruise. I thought I read that it is more affordable on the ship vs the resort. Thanks! Also, do you know what the turn around time is? Thanks so much!

kcashner 12-07-2012 12:18 AM

Turn around time on the Magic is one day. Sorry, no price list; there used to be one in the FAQ sticky at the top of the page.

What we a load or two on either the last night or departure morning at WDW. There are plenty of self service machines there and I've rarely seen anyone else using them. That way we get on the ship with everything clean. Every resort has a guest laundry, usually located by the pool(s).

cwdefouw 12-07-2012 08:24 AM

I have a price list that we just picked up on our three day last week. I will post it later today, when I get home.

cwdefouw 12-07-2012 05:52 PM

Here is the current Laundry Service pricing...

Regular Service: Returned next day by 5:30 PM
Same Day Service: Add 50% to Dry Cleaning surcharge. Call Guest Services for pick up before 9:00 AM, returned by 5:30 PM.
Express Service: Add 100% express cleaning surcharge. Call Guest Services for pick up, returned in 3 hours.

Pressing only service is 50% of Dry Cleaning price

Suits (2 piece) $7.00
Suits (3 peice) $9.00
Coats $7.00
Pants $4.25
Jackets $4.50
Shirts $3.50
Sweaters $4.00
Ties $2.00
Blouses $4.00
Evening Dress $8.00
Skirts $4.50

Shirts $3.00
Pants $3.50
Socks $1.00
Undershirts & Bras $1.25
Pajamas $4.00
Handkerchiefs $0.75
Undershorts $1.25
T-Shirts $2.50
Blouses $3.50
Slips $3.00
Nightgowns $3.00
Short Pants $2.50
Sport Shirt $2.50

I don't think they change prices very often as the slip appears to have a date of 10/03 on it.

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