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PlutoTheDog89 12-06-2012 08:57 AM

Breakfast and meals question
Okay, so less than three weeks away from my trip and I'm getting antsy. We are on the dining plan and staying at POFQ. Our meal reservations look like this:

12/24: Dinner at Tutto Italia (1)
12/25 Dinner at Narcoossee's (2)
.. then I forget the dates, but the rest of the trip is:
- Dinner at Boma (1)
- Crystal Palace Breakfast (1)
- Dinner at Saratoga Springs (1)
- Dinner at Whispering Canyon (1)

Now, with the exception of Crystal Palace, we will be doing dinner meals for the entire trip. In the past, we've stayed at Coronado Springs and just used our quick service at the pepper market for eggs or pancakes.

My question is, can anyone recommend good counter service places for breakfast outside of POFQ? It would have to be a nearby resort or somewhere in a park. Something to mix things up a bit than having a western omelette (although very good) and pancakes every day. I understand most resort counter service is about the same for breakfast, but some ideas would be awesome.

For example, is there a great counter service breakfast in MK or DHS that we could do when we wake up. Or, is there a great snack we could do instead of breakfast and then use our counter service for lunch? My sister was thinking of using a snack on the cinnamon rolls at Main Street bakery, then using the counter service for lunch.

kuhljeanie 12-06-2012 09:33 AM


-at DHS, Starring Rolls is fantastic for bagels, rolls, muffins.
-at Epcot, Sunshine Seasons is just the BEST. If you can hold off until the World Showcase opens, the bakery in France has lots of wonderful options.
-at MK, agree with your sister. Main St Bakery is great. You can also get cinnamon rolls at Gaston's Tavern in the new Fantasyland, and the line probably won't be nearly as intimidating. Another option is Sleepy Hollow - they've got a fruit and Nutella waffle that's kind of amazing.
-AK - not sure. Anyone else have any ideas? Mara at AKL has some interesting choices (bobotie, for example) but it's an extra bus ride to get there. If you're going to haul over the resort, you might as well have the Boma buffet.

As far as QS at the resorts go, if you're willing to put in the extra travel time, I LOVE Captain Cook's at the Poly. The Epcot-area resorts have some good options but getting to them in the morning is a pain. You're better off getting something quick at Sunshine Seasons than trying to trek to the Boardwalk Bakery.


sharonabe 12-06-2012 12:50 PM

The fruit/nutella waffle at Sleepy Hollow is not available as a snack or QS credit, so that would have to be OOP.

Pizzafari at AK has some interesting QS breakfast options.

Writer's Stop at DHS is another place for some snack breakfast items.

Casey's Corner at MK will probably be open for breakfast while you're there. lists a "sausage breakfast dog" for breakfast there. Not sure what that is, but might be worth a look-see.

If you have a late morning scheduled, you could hop over to DTD and have breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express. It's a great value even for breakfast on the DDP.

Did you pay for the DDP? If so, you do know that using your QS entitlements for breakfast is not a good use value wise on the plan, right? You will be losing money.

PlutoTheDog89 12-06-2012 09:32 PM

Yeah that's a great point... Would probably be better to do a snack for breakfast and a nice lunch

chloelovesdisney 12-06-2012 11:14 PM

I agree with the previous poster, hop the boat to DTD and visit Wolfgang Puck.

Hopefully 12-07-2012 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by PlutoTheDog89 (Post 46872521)
Yeah that's a great point... Would probably be better to do a snack for breakfast and a nice lunch

We get a food delivery from and do a quick breakfast in the room. We buy fruit, juice, pastries, coffee, etc as well as soda, water, beer, wine, cheese and crackers etc. We believe we save money by doing this. The water alone is expensive at Disney.
We use our QS credit for lunch and our TS credit for dinner.
This works for us

smiths02 12-07-2012 07:07 AM

Since breakfast is not a good use of QS credit...

We bring some easy iterms with us (we drive): juice boxes, bottle waters, Cliff bars, not perishable milk, those cereals that come in their own bowl, apples/bananas

I also carry a soft sided cooler with me and bring Ziploc bags. Two Ziploc bags filled with ice from the hotel ice machine is a good ice pack. This helps us save enough leftovers to munch on. QS desserts can be good breakfast items....we got things like yogurt, fruit, cinnamon rolls, school bread, cupcakes/Mickey rice crispy treats ;), etc. as our QS dessert and then saved them in the cooler for breakfast/snacks the next day.

ETA: Another reason to avoid breakfast in the parks would be it takes away from touring time. Do you want to be in line at Sunshine Seasons or at Soarin'? Do you want to be in line at Space Mountain or Main Street Bakery?

Moira222 12-07-2012 08:57 AM

I am with hopefully and Smith. We have brought instant oatmeal with us and used hot water at theresort Qs location, and have ordered grocery delivery to have toast, cereal, fruit and yogurt for breakfast. If you have bread or bagels, most of the resorts have a counter service spot with a toaster, jelly, peanut butter in the guest area. We would take our bread down and toast it or make pb&j sandwiches. This way we could use our snack credits to explore the yummy snacks in the parks!

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