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ErinsMommy 12-05-2012 02:18 PM

CR TPV v. Tomorrowland Dessert Party
We're staying in a TPV Room at the CR -- I'm trying to talk DH into letting me RSVP it (when the ressies open for our dates) but he thinks it'll be a wasted expense as (1) we can see Wishes from our room and (2) it'll be toward the end of the evening and he's not so sure if DD will be close, if not already, passed out from the activities of that day.

Is there anything I can tell him to convince him?? (I personally think although we may be able to see Wishes, it'll still be quite a distance away and we won't see tinkerbell, or of course get to feast on desserts.)

wdwfun! 12-05-2012 08:06 PM

I can't help you convince him but you can create your own fireworks dessert party from your CR TPV room. We stayed CR TPV the week before Thanksgiving and the fireworks view is really great. It is not far away at all and almost feels like the fireworks are eye level. We enjoyed sitting on our balcony and snacking on wonderful cupcakes and/or cookies from the Contempo Cafe or having a glass of wine while we watched the fireworks. It is a very relaxing way to see the fireworks and not have to deal with crowds. However, I don't recall being able to see tinkerbell fly at the start of the show.

a1tinkfans 12-05-2012 08:19 PM

we did the dessert party, and i LOVED seeing Tink fly right over our heads...other than that...Id not really repeat it...All I saw were many people just loading up plates of desserts that they could not possibly a free for all, it was gross...It really turned us off (even my ds commented on it). The view is good, but Excellent, not really...(except for Tink, IF you get right up to the wall and hold your spot when it all starts)
Otherwise Id watch from Contemp. and enjoy the amenities there.
Whatever you choose, have a great time!

scjo68 12-06-2012 07:17 AM

We have been to the dessert party 4 times. We really do enjoy it. Though I do have to admit that some of the guests do attack the dessert buffet as if they have not seen desserts before. We really noticed it during this last trip, as we were seated right next to the buffet table.

Seeing Tink fly overhead was very cool. I will point out, though, that Tink does not always fly. For two of our four dessert parties, Tink did not fly. It was disappointing to my kids because they were standing at the rail expectantly waiting. Not that it was a very big deal (it wasn't), but I wouldn't "sell" the idea of the dessert party on your dh or dd based on the perk of seeing Tink.

Like I said, we really enjoy the dessert party, but I think I would enjoy a CR TPV more. Honestly, that is my idea of a true spluge. I would get some special treats together, and watch wishes from the privacy of my own balcony.

tinkermommyof3 12-06-2012 07:23 AM

IMO the Dessert Party is underwhelming for the money. CR TPV is a great location to watch Wishes! There are also much better options for desserts as well. Like I said, JMO.:goodvibes

TXPyroMom 12-06-2012 07:50 AM

We stayed in a TPV room at the Comtemporary this past January and the view for Wishes was great. We couldn't really see Tinkerbell fly, but my DD (5 at the time) didn't notice.

While I haven't been to a Dessert Party, I can tell you that letting your 5 year old watch Wishes in her PJ's and then hop into bed and get a good nights sleep is wonderful. For our family, we would not trade getting to bed an hour earlier for getting the chance to see Tinkerbell fly up close...not to mention the crowds that you get to leave the MK with after fireworks.

I am sure you will have a magical trip no matter which you decide :wizard:

ErinsMommy 12-06-2012 08:22 AM

Thank you all for the responses. I figured we would have 8 full nights of Wishes from our room, so I thought doing the dessert party one of those nites would be pretty neat -- fortunately it appears I still have time to decide since as of this morning no ressies are open for February yet.

At least one thing I've learned about myself over the last several months while planning this trip is I'm getting better at being patient. LOL

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