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clairedy6 12-02-2012 01:33 PM

Naples/Sorrento/Positano Private tour
Hi everyone, we are considering booking a private tour/drive to Sorrento and Positano from Naples. Does anyone who has done this have a price estimate? Thanks

MrsScooby 12-02-2012 02:29 PM

Well we haven't done this yet but I can tell you the price for what we have booked..
We are booked with Rome in Limo for a full day tour starting at 8:00 am.
We'll stop in Positano, Sorrento and Pompeii.
They are charging us 550 euros for 8 adults.

I have to add on more euros for a tour guide in Pompeii for a 2 hour private tour...don't remember the cost for that, but it will be a private guide and tour for 8 people and worth it IMHO

Hope that helps.
Rome In Limo has had many good reviews from past Med cruisers.
I think the only complaint I have seen is some people felt rushed from place to place.

Cousin Orville 12-02-2012 02:47 PM

We used Rome in Limo in both the Amalfi Coast and Rome. If you email them, they'll give you a price quote. They did a great job, but my advice would be to do a little research ahead of time and decide if your itenerary seems too rushed and edit it as you see fit. I think sometimes their default tours try to squeeze too much in, but that's what attracts clients - "look how much we can see if we go private." Second tip is find a place where you want to eat (tripadvisor) and request to go there in your emails. They can still help you a bit with this prior to your arrival, but I've learned not to just leave it to the private drivers the day of and end up being dropped off at a tourist trap. Rome in Limo took us to an awful restaurant next to the Vatican - it was horrible, and there were several Americans on similar tours eating there. No surprise.

geffric 12-02-2012 05:17 PM

We used Rudy for Rome and Amfali coast:

Both DH and I recommend him..we paid about $100 USD for each of us per day..( I think sorrento et al was cheaper but then you have to add in guide for Pompai..

The restuarnt choices were changed because I am gluten free but were great and NOT tourist traps.

Cruisefan2 12-03-2012 08:53 AM

Can't remember who I used but it was great. We went to Pompeii to sorrento and then to positano. The driver brought us to this AMAZING Restaurant in positano. We had 4 people it was a full 5 course meal with desert all home made and two bottles of homemade wine. It was a open air family place. I'll post some pics of the view from the restaurant ASAP.

Anal Annie 12-03-2012 09:31 AM

We also used Rome in Limo for both our Naples day and our Rome day. EXCELLENT. I HIGHLY recommend them. I forget how many euros we paid now - we used them privately for Rome (literally did Rome in a day) and then shared a tour with another couple for Naples (did the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii). They offered a small discount for booking them in more than 1 city. Seems like we might have paid something like $900 USD for both days (plus the private guides and tips).

Personally, we enjoyed the restaurants they took us to for lunch in Rome and in Sorrento - they were uncrowded and reasonably priced. The authentic Napoli pizzas we had in Sorrento were SOOO good. I wish I could've taken a "to go" box. If we had more time to spend in both cities we probably would've chosen different places for romantic leisurely lunches with a view but we had requested a hectic day in order to get a lot done on our Rome day so we had a tight schedule to keep and were able to get in & out in an hour so we could keep our schedule for the Vatican. Sounds kinda like Cousin Orville didn't care for their restaurants or their schedule but we wanted to see everything we could. That's why we went the private route. We did Circus Maximus & Palantine Hill, the "Wedding Cake", the Pantheon & Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona (with enough time for some gelato in the piazza and a bathroom break nearby in a clean restroom with toilet seats) and the Spanish Steps before heading to the Colosseum where we had also hired a private guide thru Rome in Limo. She met us there and stayed with us for the Colosseum and the Vatican. She took a special interest in engaging our DS (14 then) into what was going on. He wouldn't have gotten so much out of a larger group. But she involved him in every aspect of what we were seeing. Worth every penny. We also hired a private guide for Pompeii through them. It was great to have someone for our son to ask questions of. I am so glad we didn't just try to navigate with audio tapes or tour books and am especially glad we weren't in a large group. It was really nice to have someone to talk to at these venues who wasn't trying to accomodate a large group of 30 people or whatever. They were devoted to us for the day and I loved that. They are definitely willing to customize your day to what you want to do so if you want to spend more or less time at any one venue you can do that. Just tell them. You could definitely spend more time at any of these places than what you can if you try to see everything like we did. But we WANTED to see as much as possible. But I could see spending hours at the Colosseum rather than 60 or 90 minutes. And that's great if you're STAYING in Rome and have more than 1 day to spend. But for a 9 hour tour day...and possibly the ONLY day we ever get to spend in Rome was what we wanted.

I think their prices are spelled out on their website. I follow them on Facebook and I saw a recent post where they're going to open an office in Miami soon - so if you are in the US perhaps when they do that you will be able to pre-pay in USD rather than deal with the whole euro thing. I don't know about that for sure but it would be helpful to be able to pay in USD.

Cousin Orville 12-03-2012 10:15 AM

Just to clarify, we had a great time with Rome in Limo. We used them during the 2011 DCL med in Rome and Naples. Having been to Rome and Pompeii before, we were probably more specific about what we wanted to do and likely customized it a lot. They were excellent. We wanted to walk about and relax in the Piazza Novollo having some ice cream and sitting by the fountains with our kids. My wife wanted to do some shopping down Via Condotti (across from the Spanish Steps). They were very willing to go at a slower pace for us. My only strike is the restaurant they took us to. Now maybe most people liked it, but it was crowded, extremely touristy, and poor quality pasta and pizza (the worst I've had anywhere in Italy). It may have been a fluke, or the driver may have made a bad assumption that since we had young boys, that the restaurant was more appropriate for them. Anyway I definelty blame myself for not being a bit more vocal of what we wanted - homemade pasta, a bit quieter and more local.

In Naples we went straight to the amalfi coast and it was wonderful. Requested to go to a particular restaurant and it was amazing. One of the best meals in Italy.

We'll be heading back on the Magic this summer and have booked Rome in Limo again in Rome. I highly recommend them. It's absolutely worth it.

pjacobi 12-03-2012 01:32 PM

Another tourist gets trapped

Originally Posted by Cousin Orville (Post 46836288)
Rome in Limo took us to an awful restaurant next to the Vatican - it was horrible, and there were several Americans on similar tours eating there. No surprise.

I'm sure the driver collected a big fee for dropping you off at this particular restarant. The driver may have even collected a percentage of your restartant bill. That how the tourist trap system works!

Avoid the trap by getting restartant recomendations before you leave home.


carpenta 12-03-2012 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by pjacobi (Post 46843434)
I'm sure the driver collected a big fee for dropping you off at this particular restarant. The driver may have even collected a percentage of your restartant bill. That how the tourist trap system works!

Avoid the trap by getting restartant recomendations before you leave home.


Yes, they usually get a kick-back or it's a family member. Last time we were in Venice I preplanned our dining and found a Michellin (sp?) starred resturaunt and wrote a letter to make reservations for my family. I took an Italian dictionary and (tried) to write in Italian for the request. We got the reservations and when we arrived we were treated like royalty. Our daughter did not really like what was on the menu and the chef came out and delivered home made pasta. THE BEST pasta ever! She was thrilled. Our meal was memorable. Not cheap but worth every cent. It really pays to try to converse in the native tongue because most people are thrilled. And don't forget to do your research about the great foods found in Barcelona. The web is a great place to get the low down on foods IMO.

Anal Annie 12-03-2012 03:35 PM

I have no doubts that the tour guides / drivers have "agreements" with certain regular restaurants to use them. And I don't have a problem dining at local Mom & Pop restaurants as long as I don't feel like I'm being ripped off. While I am sure that there are BETTER restaurants they may actually be more of a "tourist trap" and more expensive than the ones the tour business tends to use...we appreciated both places we were taken and the bill wasn't big enough for our driver to get a "big kick back" from it.

We found the prices at both restaurants that we were taken to to be extremely reasonable. Our driver and Colosseum guide in Rome both recommended to just "get the house wine" and I wasn't disappointed and I thoroughly enjoyed the bruchetta sampler we ordered. The location and quick service kept us on schedule. There were other Rome in Limo groups dining at both this restaurant as well as the one we went to in Sorrento. But they were small private tables like ours, not huge tour groups. When we were at the one in Sorrento we saw the Disney tour guide with her big Mickey Mouse tour sign that she had to walk around holding up over her head come in to eat (alone). I guess she dropped her group off at the Disney selected restaurant and she came to where she considered a good place. I believe that Disney contracts out their excursions to locals. The people leading these tours aren't DCL employees and they're free to take their own break for lunch wherever they want. We figured if it was good enough for the locals it was good enough for us. I'm telling ya the pizzas at the place we went to in Sorrento with the fresh basil and San Marzano tomatoes were fantastic...and lunch was capped off with some local Limoncello (yum).

If we'd paid an arm and leg for our meals and they were so-so I could (and would) say that we were ripped off. But this was not the case for us.

IF we ever get a chance to go back to Italy maybe we can research the top places that may take 2 or 3 hours to complete a meal and hopefully we'll have that kind of time to use on a meal. But personally I would rather do this fancy type of a meal for a dinner than a lunch. For a lunch I don't necessarily want a multi-course meal that costs $50+ pp I just want it to be good. But maybe that's just me....

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