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francis6306 12-01-2012 02:04 PM

Many reasons to be THANKFUL! Oh, look the baby is crying… Nov '12 (THROWBACK FRIDAY!)
Welcome beloved readers and friends! :goodvibes It's time again to start the slow process of reliving my WONDERFUL Disney vacation with you fabulous people!!! Let's get down to it!!

Hi! I'm Christen!

Why yes that IS a mini Disney Cupcake!

I am 31 years old and I work in a Hospital/Physician billing office in the middle of the cornfield. Seriously. The place I work at is surrounded by cornfields. Why am I living in the Cornfields???:confused3

This is my Husband Corey!

I love him VERY much! He got a job working at a college in the cornfield! :teacher: Okay, well, maybe his work is not as much surrounded by cornfields… but they aren't that far away.

These are my adorable kids, Cortlyn and Catrina.
I know, I know… I make some sweet looking kids! ;)

We decided after a LONG bit of back and forth that we would take our family vacation over Thanksgiving to Disney World. Thanks to my husband's crazy job, it really is the best time for us to go. ::yes:: Since he does the Marching Band, July-Nov are full and then he also works with the Pep Band for Basketball games, so the rest of the winter/early spring is kind of iffy.

We had a WONDERFUL Travel Agent (Hi Jenn!:wave2:) that helped us so much! I know I can plan a great vacation on my own, but it was nice to have someone that could make that phone call to get me the room I wanted (Nemo!) or the dinner ressie that was hard to get (Be Our Guest)!

We stayed at Art Of Animation in a Finding Nemo suite and it was amazing! :yay::yay:We were on the Regular Dining Plan and had 5 days planned in the parks. This was our first plane ride as a family, so we got to use the Magical Express!

Hope that's enough to keep people entertained while I work on the first installment! :rolleyes1 I made notes about my trip, and I'm working to upload all my pictures to photobucket, so HOPEFULLY I can keep a respectable pace with this TR! :worship:

Okay, well, I might have messed up! I started uploading some pictures at the same time as start my intro… I'll have to come back and add pictures later! :rolleyes1

francis6306 12-01-2012 02:30 PM

Since photobucket isn't working for me, let's just get some history out of the way, shall we?

So, this trip had been in the works since… oooh… as soon as we got home from our first family trip in 2010! :lmao: I will say, right now, for ALL to read (okay… maybe just Dis'ers) that my ODD was 2.5 years old on her first trip. That girl has a steel trap mind and could tell you all SORTS of things about her first trip. Heck, we were talking about plans for the trip and she got mad at me because I told her we weren't eating in the castle! :headache: So, I was really excited to take her back to see how the magic was this trip!

My YDD was 19 months old for this trip. I will say, it was hard, but totally manageable! She did great with everything, but I also had realistic expectations.::yes:: I did not expect her to be a trooper and go from open to close in the park. I look at Disney as an ongoing destination for our family- none of this "once in a lifetime" event type things, you know? So, we clearly missed doing some things. But it's okay, because we had a GREAT time as a family and did things that WE wanted to do. Some may think our style of park touring is crazy, but it works for us!

We decided when we planned this trip that it would be best for the family to stay in the suites. We priced out several options, even looked at some off-property (I know, I know…) rooms, but every time, we just circled right around to being on property and in a family suite! :rolleyes:We loved the dining plan, no driving and finding hidden Mickey's! We knew that Catie would require daily naps and that while Cortlyn can go without naps, she could probably benefit from naps as well- so we'd need easy access to our hotel and being on property is the only way to really do that. The family suites were really perfect for our family! :hug:

So, let's go back just a little and say that we booked a Nemo suite over Thanksgiving last spring, but then in a turn of events canceled that trip and started planning a trip for June and then canceled that and rebooked for Thanksgiving! Sadly, when we rebooked, they didn't have a Nemo suite for our dates, so we settled for a Cars suite.:sad2: Not that we don't like Cars, but my girls aren't really into those movies, but they do love Cars.

I'll put my 2 cents in about AoA right here. I REALLY wish that they had done at least ONE building of LM family suites. Heck- I wish that they had made some single rooms in ALL the buildings. But what do I know about Disney hotel planning??!?! :confused3

Anyway, Jenn was able to score us a Nemo room! We had also found a great deal on flying, which ended up adding a day to our trip! :yay:

Okay, I think that Photobucket is working! :woohoo:

francis6306 12-01-2012 03:12 PM

We were flying out of Indy on the afternoon of Nov 17th. We woke up that morning and Corey had to go to work for a meet and greet of possible students for an hour and then he came home and we loaded everything in the car.

Let me just say, that when Catie woke up, she had that puny, snuggly, *I don't quite feel well* look to her. :scared: Cortlyn had a stomach bug earlier in the week and I was sooo afraid that Catie was coming down with that. Well, I thought everything was fine when Catie started having messy diapers. Cause every mommy knows you can clean a messy diaper up much easier than the other tummy troubles, right? But she did seem to perk up a bit after a few messy diapers and so I thought we were in the clear! :blush:

Catie is an amazing helper!

I was SERIOUSLY impressed with myself! This is all we packed!!!

While we loaded the luggage and the BEAST of a stroller (THAT will come back later!), the girls ran around the porch and front yard.

Then it was off to Dance class for Cortlyn, where she got to try on her costumer for the winter performance of Nutcracker! It was WAY too big, but they altered it for us! :thumbsup2

We jumped BACK in the car, and went through the drivethru at McDonalds and got a late breakfast… Well, only because we thought they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30 and it was 10:45, so we thought we would get some burgers to eat on the way… but we were wrong! Oh well! Breakfast it is! Then, of course, the girls decided that it was naptime!

We had about a 2 hour drive to Indy from where we live, so this was good that the girls fell asleep so quickly… of course, it would have been better if they slept the whole drive, but that hour was good enough! Soon, we were driving up to the Indy Airport! :drive:

We parked the car RIGHT next to a shuttle spot! :thumbsup2

Soon, we were on the shuttle to the airport!

The Airtran gates are ALL the way at the far right of the terminal. So, we walked down to our gate and then Corey and I took turns staying with our stuff and running around with the girls. It was fun, since you could tell most of the people on the flight were heading to Disney. This ADORABLE little girl walked up to me and bluntly asked my name and then where we were going. She was shocked when I said Disney and turned around and introduced me to her entire family and told them that I was going to Disney like they were. I smiled knowingly at the mom, since it very well could have been my ODD asking some random stranger their travel plans in the middle of the airport. :goodvibes

Our flight was running on time.

We decided to have a picnic in the airport- which was a hit with Cortlyn! :thumbsup2
Sorry… no pictures of the food from the airport. It was a hotdog and it wasn't all that great!

I will say, that we got there PLENTY early… But it is impossible to know that until you get to the airport and go through security. I was afraid that since we were going into Thanksgiving week that it might be a bit heavier, but it didn't seem to be in my opinion. Soon enough though, they were ready to gate check any luggage or strollers and we were ready to board the plane!

I spent the money and paid for our seats- which I am SO glad that I did! Both of our flights were completely booked solid!! Gotta show the good, bad and the ugly, right?

This is how my feet looked the majority of the flight… yeah, yeah, my carry ons fit under the seat, but I needed access to that stuff!

emmysmommy 12-01-2012 08:07 PM

Yay! You are doing a TR and are off to a great start with the adorable photos of the girls. You are to be commended for only bringing three suitcases - well done! I don't have such self control with my packing! ;)

Looking forward to reading all about your trip!!

francis6306 12-01-2012 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by emmysmommy (Post 46831794)
Yay! You are doing a TR and are off to a great start with the adorable photos of the girls. You are to be commended for only bringing three suitcases - well done! I don't have such self control with my packing! ;)

Looking forward to reading all about your trip!!

Well, did you SEE the pictures of that massive stroller we took!?:eek: I knew we only had so many hands getting into the airport!

Glad to have you on board!

longhorns2 12-02-2012 06:35 AM

3 suitcases is AMAZING! WTG Momma!

Can't wait to hear the details!

mom2rtk 12-02-2012 08:55 PM

Yeah! Can't wait to read all about it! :cool1:

jenseib 12-02-2012 09:27 PM

I'm here! I now have to actually read. :lmao:

Sam33 12-02-2012 10:12 PM

OH my Gosh, cutest ballerina mouse ever!
And love the matching cupcake eating pictures :lmao:

rachel09985 12-02-2012 10:19 PM

I am in! Looking forward to hearing more

francis6306 12-02-2012 10:47 PM


Originally Posted by longhorns2 (Post 46833864)
3 suitcases is AMAZING! WTG Momma!

Can't wait to hear the details!

Thanks! :thumbsup2 I was sooo proud of myself that morning! We only checked 2 on the way down, since the smallest counted as a carry-on, but on the way home, we checked it! :goodvibes


Originally Posted by mom2rtk (Post 46838800)
Yeah! Can't wait to read all about it! :cool1:

I can't wait to read about your trip!! Are you ready to go yet? :rotfl:


Originally Posted by jenseib (Post 46839002)
I'm here! I now have to actually read. :lmao:

Ha… because you don't have enough going on right now with your own TR's?? I couldn't two at a time!!!


Originally Posted by Sam33 (Post 46839337)
OH my Gosh, cutest ballerina mouse ever!
And love the matching cupcake eating pictures :lmao:

Thank you!!!!! She was quite adorable!!! princess:


Originally Posted by rachel09985 (Post 46839404)
I am in! Looking forward to hearing more

:yay: Thanks for joining in!! Hopefully it will prove to be a good read!

francis6306 12-02-2012 11:12 PM

So, I hope that I don't get judged for being a bad mom in this next segment… but it is what it is, and I can't go back and do anything any different now…

Catie was starting to show some signs of not feeling well again… :sad2: She had a messy diaper, so let me just tell you- that was fun in the plane bathroom. Those things are NOT meant to change a toddler in! :headache: We finally get to MCO and things are going well. We got on the fake monorail and decided once we saw the food court to get some food now rather than later… this turned out to be an EXCELLENT idea and not just because we could get Chick-fil-a. We got our food and Catie was refusing to eat, but running all over the place drinking her milk. Well, Corey ran off to catch her and then I hear him yell my name… followed by the statement that no mom EVER wants to hear. "She threw up" :sad1: It was mostly milk, but it was still everywhere on her, on Corey, on the floor… sigh. So, I'm dealing with that and I notice a worker WITH a mop in her hand. What would you do? You would assume that she is working in that area, right? :rolleyes2 yeah… This lady was totally ignoring me and I was not pleased. I had a handful of napkins and I was trying to clean it up, but come on- it needed to be CLEANED, right? Well, I look at this lady, trying to get her attention and say, my daughter threw up here and she acted like I was a huge inconvenience to her night. I don't know… maybe she just finished mopping that area or maybe she was about to get off work. But I was TRYING to clean it up. Anyway, there was another lady sitting near me that said "You go take care of your daughter, I'll watch this spot!" And I was grateful for her!

I took Catie into the bathroom and cleaned her up. Luckily, I had packed some ziplock bags and PJ's in the diaper bag, so we were able to change her and I had the clothes in the ziplock bag to take care of later. Of course, NOW I think- why didn't I just throw them away? But in the moment, I just shoved them in there! Corey went to clean up and then we headed to ME.

Luckily that was the ONLY time that Catie threw up. She perked up and was great the rest of the trip! I'm still not sure if she caught a bug, or if the plane messed with her already sensitive belly, but either way, she was 100% fine.

Here is the only shot I got at MCO…

We get down to the ME area and go down our little lane and got to the end and they motioned for us to go RIGHT onto a ME Bus!!! :yay: Of course, Catie was fussy, because she was done being held and having to sit and tired- it was getting close to her bedtime. Cortlyn was just excited to get started! Our ME stopped at CBR first and I texted my friend Shelley, since she had just been there a few weeks before! Then Pop Century and Cortlyn was excited because that's where we "lived" last time, according to her! HAHA… Catie had long since fallen asleep on the bus. Too bad we'd have to wake her up once we got to AoA, but it was good for her to have a little nap!

Finally, we made it to Art of Animation and it was just BEAUTIFUL! The pictures just don't to it justice in my opinion! I told Corey to take the girls to the play area, and I did the check in. I had done the online check in, so it was fairly painless. They already had my Disney Visa on the card for me! YAY! I started to tear up as I was checking in. The emotion of the hard work and the long day just hit me. The CM was so sweet to me. :hug: I had requested a Pack N Play to be in our room, but it wasn't there, so I had to call the front desk to get them to bring one up for us. Seems like if it's in the notes on Online Check in, they would have it in there… but it's okay, we got it set up just fine and Catie went to sleep pretty easy!

Finally, we were on our way to our Finding Nemo Suite!!! We were staying in the Crush Building! It was so amazing! Cortlyn LOVED our room and she just LOVED the bed that she would be sleeping in all week! I think she wants me to get one of these suckers for her bedroom at home! :rotfl:

The bathroom for the main area, has a pocket door! I love that! And the door between the sink and the toilet and bath can be closed.

The little kitchenette was great. You have to turn the fridge on (it's not set to really be cold I guess) and there are plenty of paper plates and bowls as well as plasticware for you to use. There are also paper towels up under the top cabinet, and that is kind of hidden… but its nice to have that!

Okay, so this little lamp can be turned off with this little button on the floor next to the couch:

Okay… So that's it!! We arrived!! We're ready to start our fabulous vacation…

4fordisneyworld 12-02-2012 11:38 PM

Lovin' the efficient packing!! I am getting better each trip we take :)

Cannot wait to hear about your trip!

debrapagliasotti 12-02-2012 11:51 PM

Joining in, cant wait to hear how the trip went!

jenseib 12-03-2012 09:40 AM

woohoo. Let the fun begin!!

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