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vdub322 11-29-2012 09:40 AM

Opinions on adding two nights at the Poly as a split stay?
I apologize in advance for the long "story" but I am hoping I can get some useful advice by putting my thoughts out there...

We did our 2012 trip (first as DVC members) as a split stay between BLT (5 nights in a 1 BR Lake View) and Kidani (3 nights in a 1 BR Savannah view) and it went surprisingly well. Room at Kidani was ready at 10am and we loved both resorts. We also had our car on that trip though.

This trip we already have booked is 7 nights at Boardwalk Villas (new resort to us!) in a 1 BR Standard view. We are flying this time...first time for that! We have been kicking around the idea of adding two nights onto the trip for a while, because we fly out on a Thursday as of right now and DH and the kids don't have to be back to work and school until Monday.

We have APs from our 2012 trip (planned ahead to cover the 2013 trip) and I can't stop looking at the room discounts. I am really thinking about adding two nights at the Poly in a Lagoon view or Theme Park view at the end of the trip. (We have never stayed there and might not get a good chance unless they build DVC there.)

Ideally, I would have liked to put those two days at the beginning of the trip, but I can't move our BWV stay now. I know most people say to put the bigger room second in a split stay, but I am hoping going from a standard view at BWV to a better view at the Poly would make up for it. The Poly is really the only non-DVC resort that we are interested in staying at with the kids.

We might never get such a great opportunity to stay at a non-DVC resort again, and we aren't taking another WDW trip until 2015. Oh, and 1/28 is our wedding anniversary. By that point in the trip, I think everyone will be wanting to take it a little easier and slower...will two nights in a standard room with a TPV or Lagoon View be a good idea after a week at BWV?

disneymayz 11-29-2012 10:26 AM

We do split stays all the time.Our next trip we are staying in 3 different resorts with BLT being the last 2 nights. My wife and I just stayed at Poly (as an upgrade from All-Star) and I did not find it to be anything "WOW". But our resort is really a place for us to sleep and hit a pool. We do not hang out at the resort.
So in a nut shell, pack for it. But the last 2 nights in a piece of luggage by itself. That way you only have to deal with one bag for that part. Get luggage services to move your bags, and do not count on your room being ready early (if it is consider it a bonus). We switched resorts for one day in the middle of the week just wwe could try it out.
They have car rentals so the "not having a car" is not a factor.

wdwrich 11-29-2012 10:26 AM

If it were me, I'd go for the two nights at the Poly to finish up the trip. The Poly is our favorite resort and we stay there whenever the budget allows. Even without a car, the switch is easy to do. Leave your bags with bell services in the morning and tell them you are moving to the Poly. Head off to a park for the day and go to the Poly when you are done touring, check in and call for your bags.

vdub322 11-29-2012 10:34 AM

Thanks for the replies! I truly think that we want to do it, so a little reassurance is just what I need! With the washer and dryer in the room at BWV, I can do some laundry and pack up for the two days at the Poly the night before. I really love split stays for some reason! 56 more days!!

SusieBea 11-29-2012 10:35 AM

I think your reasoning is good. We loved the one 2-night stay we had at the Poly. If it's not a financial burden to you, do it! You will be so excited to try the new resort that the smaller (but not small) room at the end of your stay will not bother you. Let us know what you decide. :thumbsup2

TDluvsDaisy 11-29-2012 01:02 PM

I would totally do it. TPV if you can swing it. We've stayed there in the Tahiti building-the rooms are among the largest in the resort. We loved hanging out at the resort or even in our room. It's such a peaceful resort.

vdub322 11-29-2012 04:42 PM

I did it! :cool1:

I changed our flights and booked two nights at the Poly in a standard theme park view room! I am just so excited...I can't believe we are going to escape the PA winter cold for NINE NIGHTS in January!

Thanks for the encouragement...I can always count on you wonderful people here at the DIS! :thumbsup2

pixarmom 11-29-2012 10:47 PM

Well, given that we are splitting our January stay between Poly and BWI, we think that's an excellent idea! We often split stays (even 2-night stays!) and think it's a ton of fun. It requires planning and organization, but that's fine with me - I enjoy it. We have three boys (ages 5, 12 and 13) and we often stay in different hotels and resorts on trips (whether Disney or not.) I actually don't pack different bags for different parts of the trip - we pack light in the first place and I like for the boys to be in charge of their own bags. If they had to go digging through one communal bag for their stuff - not good! But I may take the suggestion I read from a poster on another thread to pack all the toiletries in one bag - that would make the transfer easier.

SusieBea 11-30-2012 07:39 AM

OP, I love that you added a countdown ticker! :goodvibes

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