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rutgers1 11-25-2012 09:26 PM

Once Upon a Time -- No ads in Disney World
On all the buses in Disney last week, there were ads for a bunch of ABC shows. Noticeably missing was the one show that would be of obvious interest to Disney World guests -- Once Upon a Time. I wonder why.

indiesgirl4ever 11-25-2012 10:56 PM

Hm how odd! I don't know if they are still there but I know that in DCA at the animation place in te windows of the off the page shop they had OUAT costumes they had te evil queens gown, snows wedding dress and more even including the storybook! But yes that does seem odd with the lack of ads in WDW is strange

Hoodie 11-26-2012 01:23 PM

There is a huge ad for it in DHS on the side of one of the buildings, but odd that it's not on the buses.

rutgers1 11-27-2012 11:14 PM

I thought it was kind of strange since some of the shows they were advertising in the buses weren't really "family" shows.

As my sister was saying to me yesterday when we were talking about, Once Upon a Time is kind of like how we envision the new Fantasy Land --- one little village/kingdom flowing seamlessly into the next in a way that somehow makes you think that all of these characters could really be living side-by-side.

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