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thatgrrl 11-25-2012 11:21 AM

Mickey holiday light help!!!!
Ok....I can not find an appropriate forum to post this here on disboards so my partner suggested I try the glbt Hoping there is a handy boy or gal who has the answer....

Anyone have any tips for pulling the Mickey heads off the Mickey holiday lights to determine which bulb is blown? They are not coming off easily and she knows if she forces it and it breaks I will kill her since they are rare hannukah Mickey lights....

It is this type of light...


valee 01-08-2013 10:00 PM

I don't know if you've already checked it, but if not, check to make sure that one of the fuses isn't blown. There's probably a teensy little sliding door on the actual plug that goes into the socket, that holds two minute fuses. You'll probably need needle nosed pliers to pull them out gently and see if the lights work if you put in an good fuse. Sometimes the interior of the fuse will have a dark interior if it's blown, but not always.
I think the fuses are all pretty interchangeable between similar light sets, so you probably have a spare fuse. If they're LED lights, find a fuse from an LED set that has comparable wattage, which will be less than older light strings.
I hope that solves it.

I just noticed how old this message is - that light string is probably back in the attic by now.

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