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Cindie-rella 11-23-2012 12:15 PM

Poly vs. POR Royal Rooms
Okay, I need decision help...I have booked a trip for myself, DH and granddaughter for the end of next April. She will just be turning 8 at trip time. When I seen the renovations at POR with the Royal Rooms I thought that was where we just had to stay ! We've stayed at POR twice in the past (never with our DGD though) and love that resort. My hubbys fave! I have a problem noone wants to face on a WDW trip...neuropathy ! OUCH! My feet are so painful, but I will do my best and somehow survive as always. Anyway, it has me thinking that maybe it may be better that we stay at a monorail resort. My choice would be POLY. We will be spending most of our park visits between MK and EPCOT. 1 day at AK 2 times to HS. So with that in mind I'm figuring it might be easier on me by staying on the monorail. We are planning on meals at the POL,Y MK, CR and HDDR also, so I thought using the monorail would be much easier and of course the boat to FWfor HDDR.
Will my GD enjoy the POLY as much as POR ( esp considering those Royal rooms) Will it be worth the extra $$$ doing this? I was going to add an 8th night if we stay at POR but doubt we would be able to if I switch to POLY. Might staying at POLY help save me some painful steps? Any advice? :confused3

haPevraftr 11-23-2012 05:02 PM

I was thinking abut suggesting (as a less expensive option than the Poly) WL due to the convenience of the boat to MK or the Garden Wing at CR because it is cheaper (but still has monorail access), but I am not sure that either is better than POR in terms of walking. The distance of rooms (even at the Poly) from the transportation (even at the monorail resorts) will probably not be any less than just taking the bus from POR.

You should consider that the Royal Rooms at POR are some of the furthest rooms from the food court/main building/boat shuttle at POR.

On the other hand, if you can afford to stay at the Poly, go for it. It would be our resort of choice if we could afford it.

Cindie-rella 11-23-2012 10:17 PM

I was also thinking that the walk to the monorail from either MK or EPCOT is still shorter than walking to the bus stops, am I right? And its basically going to be more convenient being most of our dinner reservations are in that basic area. IDK, maybe I should just keep our POR reservation and plan on using cab service to the parks and dining reservations. Would still be cheaper than paying the POLY price and then I can stay the extra night...not sure what I should do.

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