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JanetRose 11-20-2012 12:23 AM

Dansko Shoes
It's time for me to start buying better shoes!

Are Dansko shoes a good brand? I have wide feet.

cornflake 11-20-2012 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by JanetRose (Post 46749785)
It's time for me to start buying better shoes!

Are Dansko shoes a good brand? I have wide feet.

They're fantastic. They have proper support, they place your foot correctly so you strike correctly, they have the 'correct' heel height, etc., etc. You can walk all day and be fine.

The idea that squishy and soft is good is wrong - it feels nice to begin with but you need support for your arch and your foot to be positioned correctly when you walk and stand.

XYSRUS 11-20-2012 03:56 AM

I've only worn the clogs. I love them and although I originally just wore them at work-RN-I bought more and wear them all the time.

bas71873 11-20-2012 05:30 AM

I finally bit the bullet and bought two pair last year. I LOVE THEM! I am usually a sneaker gal all the way if I have to go anywhere for any length of time, otherwise, my feet & back kill me, but I can wear these all day and I'm fine. It's nice to be able to dress up jeans again without paying for it later :)

I guess I should clarify and say I only have this style shoe. They take a while getting used too with the "loose" fit, but I really do love mine.

Mermaid02 11-20-2012 06:19 AM

I love them as well. Since they are handmade I do recommend going to the store and trying several on until you find the pair that is right for you!

Pixiedust34 11-20-2012 06:21 AM

My dd has foot issues (high arches--pain from sports injuries) and loves her Danskos. She says that they give her feet good support.

kacaju 11-20-2012 06:51 AM

I love my Danskos!! I am not a shoe person at all and I own 3 pairs and would love to buy more of them. They are great for walking around on your feet all day. I do find that I cannot wear them in the house while I am running around cleaning and I cannot wear them on grass. So for those two things I still need to find a perfect shoe.

Christine 11-20-2012 06:55 AM

I only have "dress" Danskos. I have two pair of black suede heels that I wear when I wear dress pants to work. The are very good if you have to wear a heeled shoe. I wouldn't say I could go out and shop in them because they are 2.5 inches at least, but they are the most comfortable heels I own.

Anyway, I've never tried the more casual line. I've tried the clogs on in the store several times and just don't care for the way they feel and look on me. I find they look kinda cute on other people.

I do not have a wide foot--it borders on being closer to narrow, but it is not narrow, and I have no problems with fit in the regular sizes. I do think you should go try them on if you have anything other than a normal foot.

mrsv98 11-20-2012 07:39 AM

Love my Danskos! I have one pair that is at least 15 years old and just got a new pair last year in a different color. My lower back can give me trouble but not with these. They are a little pricey but last forever so definitely worth it!

luvwinnie 11-20-2012 08:12 AM

They are miraculous! I have psoriatic arthritis and I was really worried about a business trip that would require me to be on my feet all day...Dansko shoes saved the day. I also love Clarks. But all feet are different. I know people who love Naturalizer and they HURT me.

sharbear 11-20-2012 08:43 AM

I'm going to be the dissenter here. I have a pair of dansko's and have tried on numerous pairs. I think they are really heavy. They are ok if I'm standing but any prolonged walking and my legs are really tired. I like Jambu better. Similar shoes but I think they are lighter and more comfortable for me.

I ordered a pair of Cole Haan loafers with Nike air technology. I'm hoping they will be stylish but comfortable to walk in.

Mandychelle79 11-20-2012 08:55 AM

I bought my first pair of Danskos about 9 months ago and I will never own another work shoe again. I love them. My have issues with my feet and even if I end up on a 12 hour shift my feet feel fine afters.

SueInBoston 11-20-2012 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by sharbear (Post 46750969)

I ordered a pair of Cole Haan loafers with Nike air technology. I'm hoping they will be stylish but comfortable to walk in.

I have a pair of Cole Haan short boots with Nike air and they are very, very comfortable.

I own Dansko as well and find them to be very supportive as well, I can shop all day wearing them. They do feel heavy but I guess my legs are used to them. I also wear Sanita which is a similar brand.

powellrj 11-20-2012 09:19 AM

I have very, very wide feet and I have them fitted and stretched in the store. I love them!

Christine 11-20-2012 09:21 AM

I agree that Danskos are pretty heavy. I remember when I first started wearing them I sort of felt like I had cement shoes on!!! You do get used to them after a few days but they actually might make your legs tired, as another posted said, at first.

The weight/sturdiness of the shoe is what makes it such a good shock absorber and allow you stand for so long in them. But I guess there is the tradeoff.

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