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dixonsontour 11-18-2012 05:35 PM

Dixons go Deluxe 14 nights DxDDP Updated 12/2 COMPLETE

DH 38 – likes meat, pizza and spicy food hates seafood and mushrooms

Me 37 – eats most things

DD age 6 ¾ - not particularly picky but knows what she likes

I think this was our 16th trip to USA since 1997 and DDs 6th (not bad for an English 6yr old!)

We have done ddp twice before in 2009 and 2010.

October 2011 and May 2012 we stayed offsite and ate mainly offsite – see my two dining on a budget reviews.

Plan this time was just Disney. We booked 14 nights at Old Key West resort on the offer for UK visitors including free ddp which we upgraded to dxddp.

We also had a 15th night room only at Art of Animation.

dixonsontour 11-18-2012 05:56 PM

Day 1 Travel Day


Frankie & Bennys Manchester Airport, UK

Rating ok

I had the English breakfast, DD a kids breakfast and DH a breakfast sandwich. Tea, coffee and appletiser to drink. Food was fine, seems to be the best option at terminal 2 we have eaten here before.

I had a voucher off eat for a free kids meal but they wouldnt accept it at breakfast time.


We flew with US Airways via Philadelphia. Food was ok and DD got her kids meal we had ordered.


Raglan Rd DTD

Rating poor

This was our 4th time eating here previously had great food. Unfortunately it wasnt this time. We were tired after our travel day and they seated us in front of the band it was so loud we and the servers had to shout at each other. DD hated it.

The regular dancers were not on that night just a young girl who danced once DD did enjoy that.

We didnt get any bread like usual (saw other tables did). Mains came same time as appetisers so they took the mains back. For appetiser we shared the dalkey duo battered sausages which were good.

The mains we both had serous steak with irish chips (fries) not mash. Not good had been kept warm whilst we had the appetiser (we soon learnt to order the appetiser then the main a few mins later) Steak was undercooked though so went back to be cooked more. The onion rings were tough and dried out.

Dessert. I had the trifle not great. Too chilled and soggy. DH had the dunbrody kiss which was very chocolatey and rich.

DD had fish and chips ate a little. No appetiser or dessert.

With hindsight a bad idea to go. We needed to pick up photopass + card and an Alice dress for DD (which had been discontinued!) and hadn't been wowed by olivias at the resort last time. We had previously loved Raglan Rd. Id completely forgotten to factor in the band had always dined earlier when it was quiet and relaxed.

nanienamou 11-18-2012 06:28 PM

I'm sorry you had a bad experience at RR. It does get loud in the evening, especially in front of the band.

Can't wait to read more! :thumbsup2

poohangel 11-18-2012 06:55 PM

Never eaten here, but sorry you did not enjoy it.

Mrs Doubtfire 11-19-2012 02:53 PM

I saw your post about this review and came to join in :)

Shame about your first meal at DTD but I'm sure it gets better along the way. We are always tired after a long day travelling and tend to grab a pizza or something quick.

dixonsontour 11-19-2012 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by nanienamou (Post 46739797)
I'm sorry you had a bad experience at RR. It does get loud in the evening, especially in front of the band.

Can't wait to read more! :thumbsup2

Thanks for being the first to comment.


Originally Posted by poohangel (Post 46739995)
Never eaten here, but sorry you did not enjoy it.

We have had three great meals at Raglan Rd previously so would give it another try at some point.


Originally Posted by Mrs Doubtfire (Post 46745933)
I saw your post about this review and came to join in :)

Shame about your first meal at DTD but I'm sure it gets better along the way. We are always tired after a long day travelling and tend to grab a pizza or something quick.

Agree it was overly ambitious for travel day. DH had persuaded me as he really didn't rate Olivia's at OKW - would have made more sense to have something quick at the resort like usual.

Definitely gets better - hopefully will get day 2 posted tonight (DD has just gone to bed:))

monica23535 11-19-2012 03:52 PM

Hi, great start to your review. My family and I were there roughly the same time.

We usually eat at Frankie & Benny's at Manchester airport every trip too.

It's a shame about Raglan Road, the food there's usually very good.

dixonsontour 11-19-2012 04:09 PM

Receipts for Franky and Benny's and Raglan Road

dixonsontour 11-19-2012 04:22 PM

Day 2 Magic Kingdom Breakfast

Crystal Palace

Rating Good

This was our second time eating here and we all enjoyed. We had a before park opening 8.35am adr so we could take some photos on an emptyish main street.

We checked in just after 8am and were seated 5 mins later.

As we entered crystal palace DD was surprised with a button (badge) for being the 100th guest of the morning, a fast pass for any ride (which she used for her first go on space mountain) and a signed character photo. She was thrilled - made her feel very special.

We were there about 1 hr 15 mins – very unhurried and fun place for breakfast. I also loved how light and airy it was. Saw tigger, winnie pooh, eyeore and piglet.

I got myself and DH a made to order omelette which was good. DD had chocolate milk and us coffee and orange juice.

I also tried the breakfast lasagne which was super sweet – cake/pancakes and fruit layered like lasagne.

Only blip was DH got the character to sign the wrong character autograph card which DD was upset about whilst I was at the buffet. I thought it went without saying that you gave winnie pooh the one with the winnie pooh picture on!

Used 3 TS credits

dixonsontour 11-19-2012 04:36 PM

Day 2 Wonderland Tea Party and Yachtsman

We used our first snack credits at storybook circus in fantasyland – we got 2 slushie drinks – blue raspberry and strawberry and DD chose a chocolate covered mashmallow on a mickey straw.

3 snack credits

Wonderland tea party, Grand Floridian resort

DD has become a fan of Alice in Wonderland over the last few months and asked to go to this tea party. It is for children only age 4 to 12 and takes place every afternoon 2-3pm. Cost $42.60

(not on dining plan) It is held in the park fare restaurant.

We had been at MK that morning and needed to travel over to the Grand Floridian. DD wanted to go on the monorail as we had got the boat to MK that morning. We walked past the resort boat only to find the monorail wasn’t running for technical reasons. So back to the resort boat – we had now missed the boat and had to wait. We were in time for the reservation but it was all a bit more rushed than I like.

DD wore a dress with flowers on. I had said we would get her an Alice dress but they had been discontinued.

When we got there we paid and DH left his phone number to be contacted in case of emergency. If you don’t have a US number they give you a pager.

DD then decided she didn’t want to go in. The other children were colouring on the floor with the cm. They offered a refund but suggested to DD she have a look inside. She went in and the table was all set for tea. She sat down and said she was staying. Parents then leave.

I then spent the next hour worrying about her – of course she had a lovely time. They took photos of her which we added to our photopass + card upstairs at the photopass desk. She decorated a cupcake, had apple juice in a teapot – they called it apple blossom tea and made a photoframe. She also met and played hide and seek with Alice and the Mad Hatter.


Whilst she was at the tea party I got a pina colada cupcake (snack credit) and a bottle of water (paid cash) from the pool bar – the QS place at Grand Floridian was closed for renovation. I shared the cake with DH it was really good.


Yachtsman steakhouse, Yachtclub resort

Rating - excellent

This was our second time here. Parking – we parked at the resort but had to give our adr details as they were really busy with people trying to park for Epcot Food and Wine.

We were about 30 mins early for our 7.10pm adr but weren’t seated until 7.30pm or so. They were really busy – lots of people from a conference. Despite the wait we didn’t feel overlooked – we could see how busy they were and they seemed to be managing things really efficiently at the podium. They also gave DD a kids menu so she could do the puzzles on this whilst we waited.

We were really hungry though (yes hungry on the deluxe dining plan!)

We were seated in a side room which was nice. People seemed dressier than when we had last eaten here but I think it was due to the large number of conference people. Server was great.

We loved the bread especially the onion rolls and asked for a second basket.

DD had fruit for her appetiser, I had a Caesar salad which was delicious and DH a pasta dish. DH was pleased to see the pasta option as he knew he would struggle with appetisers at signatures as he doesn’t ‘do’ mushrooms or seafood.

DD had steak medium rare, vegetables and fries. She loved the steak. The veg was very al dente but she did eat the carrots.

I had the strip medium with the potato gratin and peppercorn sauce. All delicious and cooked perfectly.

DH had the huge porterhouse and fries cooked medium well – excellent .

dixonsontour 11-19-2012 04:37 PM

For dessert – I was very full but enjoyed the ice cream sundae.

DD was delighted with the paint your own mickey puzzle – she remembered this from last time and was looking forward to it.

DH chose the chocolate peanut dessert and enjoyed.

We all just had soda to drink. For the first few days we struggle staying awake as we are on UK time – alcohol would just send me to sleep.

Great meal – turned out to be our favourite signature of the trip.

Used 6 TS credits

monica23535 11-19-2012 04:50 PM

Omg your meal at Yachtsmans looked amazing, could eat that right now lol

Sparkly 11-19-2012 04:53 PM

Great so far.

We didn't enjoy Crystal Palace- it was packed, we waited ages for the characters to come round and the food was cold almost instantly because of the aircon being turned up really high. The Mickey waffles and eggs were good though- did you see the chocolate ones? I had one but it wasn't very nice. Apparently they had to make it less chocolately!

The tea party looked a lot of fun and super cute!

xkaittloveex 11-19-2012 06:01 PM

Joining in!princess:

212456 11-19-2012 06:24 PM

Everything looks so good!

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