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Raenstoirm 11-18-2012 10:28 AM

Damn running injury- update
Last sunday I did my first ever 10k (I have only been consistently running for about 6 months and was only going as far as a 5k).I am using a running program and increasing my long runs by 1 mile per week, so in theory I am not over doing it. In fact I am actually clocking less mileage per week than I was when I was only dong 5ks (I was doing a 5k 5 or 6 times a week before I stated marathon training).

Anyway I had some quad/hip pain (and a runners toe) after my Sunday 10k so I took off for a few days. My leg was still kinda achey, but I decided to go for a run on wednesday as my running plan suggested. I did 4.1 miles, but that last mile was bad. I might have quit early, but I was doing 2 miles out and 2 back, so I had to finish the run just to get home! Wednesday (after the run) and thursday walking was really really bad (as in not possible without support from the wall or another person), so I pretty much didnt walk at all (even took the day off from work). Friday I was still in lot of pain, but I was working through it. Yesterday things were still not good, but we had plans, so I had to be mobile, so I dealt with the pain. Today, really not good again (since I walked so much yesterday, I guess). Google seems to tell me I have a minor tear in my quad or a very minor stress fracture in my femur. But it also tells me there is not much to be done for either injury. I have a friend who is a sports therapist, so I will be contacting him today, but I was looking for suggestions from you guys. We go to WDW is 2.5 weeks and we are commando (12-15 miles a day of walking). Do i just cut running entirely until we get back, to let whatever this is heal? We are headed out of town for a week beginning tuesday, so I will not have access to any type of gym equipment (was planning on running while with the family prior to this issue). For the 1.5 weeks after we get back home before WDW I do have my gym with all sorts of equipment and a pool. So I can at least try and keep my cardio up, but I also wonder if I should just do nothing to stress the leg (even swimming) until all that WDW walking.
I am so upset here. I have been marathon training for about a month and I am really getting into it, so I want to go and run today (can barely walk, so that is not gonna happen!:sad:), so I would really like to get back to running ASAP. But I am also really scared that I will be in pain in WDW if I push too hard leading up to the trip. Why did I have to get injured???:confused3

Princess on the Run 11-18-2012 11:17 AM

Get yourself to a doc or PT ASAP!!! Don't wait on this. I waited about 6 weeks for my pain to go away and all I succeeded in doing was delaying the help I needed and losing out on 6 weeks of training time. It may be something simple (like mine turned out to be) but it's better to get yourself checked and on the path to correcting the problem. When you expect as much out of your body as we hardcore types do, you have to keep up on the routine maintenance. ;)

WaDiWo 11-19-2012 07:16 PM

I was sidelined for 6 months with a running injury ... it can take time.

Don't forget to go to the doctor, a sports medicine physician, orthopedic surgeon, etc. I had a femoral neck stress fracture and was on crutches for months, followed by a cane, and bone stimulation therapy daily ... I even went to WDW and on a Disney cruise with crutches.

I think I tried to do everything correctly when I was running ... but looking back I might have accelerated too fast and increased my weekly mileage too much. You can keep a running log and look at your patterns. Maybe my form was off too. Whatever your injury is, do not ignore medical advice or it may get worse. Better to be sidelined then for it to get worse.

My running blog (see signature below) actually became an injury blog, hehe, but now I'm back to running. You can do it! Just be patient. I know, easier said than done. Good luck! :goodvibes

cewait 11-23-2012 04:19 PM

Google says.... get to the doctor. If a muscle injury then you will be off from running for a period of time. If a SF, then you need to be off the area of SF for 6 weeks, or more. For the record, there is no minor stress fracture. A stress fracture that is continually stressed can become a full fracture.

I am betting that is is neither and you will learn then term IT band after visiting your doc. But again, I like any other person who does not see the injury can only guess.

Let the thread know when you find out.

Raenstoirm 11-26-2012 05:49 PM

I am just shy of two weeks since my injury and I am not all that much better, so I broke down and made a doctors appointment for tomorrow. I really hate doctors, but we leave for WDW in a week and a half, so I really have no choice at this point. Fingers crossed he says its just a sprain and gives me some pain meds for the trip! If I have to be in a wheelchair or something, I am not going to be a happy camper! :worried:

Raenstoirm 11-27-2012 04:27 PM

Stress fracture of the hip! Ugh. I may have to rent a wheelchair for WDW next week. :sad:

BernardandMissBianca 11-28-2012 06:04 PM

Carla, that bites! So sorry you are hurt. Please take it easy!!

DS16 ended up with a stress fracture in his shin. He took 3 1/2 weeks off, no running at all and only walking at school and he is much better. I hope you get better fast and can enjoy WDW. And stay off the herky jerky rides.

glss1/2fll 11-29-2012 03:55 PM

ohhhh yuck! So sorry.

At least on the bright side in a wheelchair you get front of the line privileges! ;) 12-02-2012 10:55 PM

Ouch! So sorry to hear about that but I'm glad you had the injury confirmed by a medical specialist. As mentioned, though, don't forget to obtain a Guest Assistance Card for attractions! It might be fun! I can imagine how much taking a break from running stinks, though, especially when you're this far along. I felt some issues in my knee when I started and waited a few days before I could run again. Did the doctor mention how long it would be before you can run again? Please keep us updated.

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