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safetymom 11-18-2012 07:56 AM

Traditions at Thanksgiving
Do you have any family traditions at Thanksgiving? Ham or Turkey? Favorite dishes?

I would love to hear what everyone does for Thanksgiving.

Dismom+two 11-18-2012 08:31 AM

We always have turkey but my personal tradition is that I have to have cranberry bread with cream cheese for breakfast. :goodvibes

roomthreeseventeen 11-18-2012 09:20 AM

Early morning run in Central Park. The West Drive is behind the Macy's parade, so you get to see all the balloons without the crowds.

Then, Thanksgiving dinner with either my family or my in-laws, depending on what year it is.

ImTooExcitedToSleep 11-18-2012 10:18 AM

This year the stars have lined up and we're spending Thanksgiving at Disneyland!

Hmmm.....Plaza Inn fried chicken instead of turkey???

jcarter29 11-18-2012 10:30 AM other meats. I know some families do a ham or additional meats but we never did growing up so I never even realized that might be an option :) Honestly, as long as I have mashed potatoes and pie, I am good to go!

Hope you are planning a great celebration, Kathy.


wdwscout 11-18-2012 10:54 AM

We do the traditional turkey, but also have ham for my son who doesn't like turkey!
64 varities of starches as side dishes it seems.:rotfl: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, bread, etc., etc. And at least one side that could pass as a real vegetable.
Whole and jellied cranberry sauce.
And pie!!! :cloud9:

We are hosting again this year. My parents, my sister, my son and his girlfriend, and my aunt and uncle whose home is still a wreck from Sandy. John's family is all in Ohio or western PA, so we don't usually see them at Thanksgiving.

Oh... And football! I almost forgot - football will be on all day.
My husband hates football, so this is generally not his favorite holiday. He is waiting for the day we can spend Thanksgiving on a Disney cruise ship! :goodvibes

PinkBudgie 11-18-2012 11:34 AM

I can't stand ham. It tastes rubbery and salty to me. So, I am thankful that I married into a family that also does turkey for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. :goodvibes We just do the traditonal turkey dinner which is my favorite and I love the left overs!

Recently I got to try the Holiday sandwhich at the new Earl of Sandwhich that just opened in DTD at DLR. YUM! I have been trying to figure out how I can make one that good myself, but don't think I'll be able to get the bread to have the right amount of crunch.

NC Belle 11-18-2012 11:49 AM

We usually spend Thanksgiving with just the two of us (since our move to NC) and watch the Macy's parade to be followed by watching the B&W version of Miracle on 34th Street.

Our typical meal: Turkey, cornbread dressing with sausage/onion, gravy, potatoes/carrots/onions, and cranberry sauce. Mrs. Smith does the pie since I get to busy to do homemade.

I have been making my own cranberry sauce for the past 4 or so years---last year...i used red wine in it.

NC Beast plans to hickory smoke the turkey today since he has to work thursday and friday (we welcome the holiday pay). I did ask him if he wanted today to be Thanksgiving mealwise, however he wants it on thursday. So, we will be eating our Thanksgiving for brunch or very late at night (new shift time).

I'll be listening to podcasts, gaming, and watching some football (or maybe Netflix movies).

wdwscout 11-18-2012 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by NC Belle (Post 46737286)
watching the B&W version of Miracle on 34th Street.

I forgot- once everyone leaves for the day -usually around 7-8pm (we eat early)- DH & I sit down to watch It's a Wonderful Life. For us, that starts the Holiday Season!!


Originally Posted by NC Belle (Post 46737286)
I have been making my own cranberry sauce for the past 4 or so years---last year...i used red wine in it.

I have always made my own cranberry sauce- but adding the red wine sounds yummy!! I think I'll try that this year! :thumbsup2

MomofKatie 11-18-2012 04:38 PM

We live too far from any of our families to visit them (DH works in retail, so he is obligated to work Black Friday weekend), and nobody comes to us because each family is "complete" except for us where they live. Since it is just the 3 of us, we don't do a huge meal.

DD won't eat turkey (moral reasons) so we usually do something completely non-traditional. We have done a Mediterranean themed meal, lasagna, and Thai, among others. I do make sure to make everything from scratch for the day, though. Wouldn't seem Thanksgiving-y if we ate out or made stuff from a mix.

This year, DH is going to use his new smoker to make a turkey breast. I plan to use an injection and dry rub on it, and he will smoke it with hickory wood. We will also smoke a chicken breast for DD. Sides will be more traditional than usual- roasted potatoes and butternut squash, sauteed green beans, homemade cranberry relish, and pumpkin or apple cranberry pie.

stmize 11-18-2012 04:41 PM

Disney world. And we eat wherever our ADR is. This yr is wcc at wl

mdvlprof 11-18-2012 04:44 PM

This year, thinking we might go out to eat. Just the two of us this year, and I just don't feel like going thru all the hassle to fix a big meal for just two of us.

gojoe 11-18-2012 05:50 PM

All Day Event
Growing up we had an all day event for Thanksgiving.

First Course: Appetizers; Mini Hot Dogs, Stuffed Mushrooms, Fried Artichoke Hearts seems like someone would try something new every year. If it was a hit they would do it again the next year

Second Course: Italian Antipasto; Italian Ham, Salami, Olives, pepperoni, cheese, pickled peppers, marinated mushroom with Italian bread

Third Course: Italian Wedding Soup sprinkled with parmigiano cheese

Fourth Course: Macaroni; Lasagna or Stuffed Shells or Manicotti with meatballs. With Italian Bread

Fifth Course: Turkey, gravy, Stuffing, Mashed, Sweet, Roasted Potatoes, peas, corn, with Italian Bread.

Sixth Course: Deserts; pumpkin, ricotta and apple pies, cheese cakes, assorted Italian cookies, wandies, rum balls, snow balls

Seventh Course: Mixed nuts and chestnuts.

We started around 1 and finished around 9. We would have a course take a break (watch some football, kids would play games). You had time to digest before the next course. There were also nap time, too. We would also have a coloring contest. We had to stop that. Some people got very mad when they lost.

They are some of my fondest memories. We're having Thanksgiving with my Daughter and her family in Orlando this year. She called me the other day to tell me she wants to do it like we use to do. I'm glad to see the tradition will continue.

Almost forgot high school football, crosstown rivals.

gojoe 11-18-2012 05:58 PM

My Disney Thanksgiving
The first year my daughter moved to Orlando we had our traditional Thanksgiving a day early. My daughter, my niece and their friends all worked at Disney World and had to work on Thanksgiving. My wife and I spent Thanksgiving at Disney World. I remember having the Thanksgiving Pizza special at Pizza-Fari. Turkey, cranberry sauce and cheese. It wasn't half bad.

ShesAPirate 11-18-2012 06:01 PM

Our tradition starts the night before, when we have a big reunion dinner with our friends. This has been going on for years.

On Thanksgiving, we'll watch the parade while we have our coffee and a light breakfast.

Next, it's off to our first stop (boyfriend's aunt's sister's house), where we'll have appetizers and champagne.

Then, we'll be going to my boyfriend's aunt & uncle's house. The champagne and appetizers will continue for a few hours, along with music (usually Sinatra and the like). I'll be making stuffed mushrooms this year. The usual fare includes antipasto, arancini, fresh veggies, etc.

We'll start dinner with a pasta course. This is usually manicotti or stuffed shells. And then finally, we'll get to the actual dinner :rotfl: Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce -- all the traditional food. This will be followed by pumpkin, apple, chocolate pudding, and lemon meringue pies, and probably homemade cheesecake and/or Italian pastries, too.

Thanksgiving is an all day event. Like, 12 to 16 hours, usually. It has to be, to accommodate all the food we need to eat ;)

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