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Oswald lover 11-16-2012 10:39 PM

Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom?
Do you like that theres a Starbucks in the Magic kingdom? :confused3

Tink1987 11-17-2012 02:16 AM

I really don't. I was so against the news when it came out, and still am.

Personally, it goes against everything that the parks, especially MK, stand for.

GAN 11-17-2012 05:51 AM

There's always been "sponsorship" so that really is nothing new. My problem is that I just can't stomach their coffee.

vwlfan 11-17-2012 06:52 AM

given that DW coffee is mostly swill I am happy about it BUT
I don't like that it is taking over the Mains Street Bakery!

I don't have a good suggestion for another place though.

OKW Lover 11-17-2012 07:08 AM

I'm glad they found a new sponsor for the Main Street Bakery. I'm not a real fan of Starbucks coffee, which tastes burnt to me, but its got to be better than the Nestle product.

JacksLilWench 11-17-2012 10:22 AM

I hate that Starbucks is taking over MSB....but I can't complain about Starbucks being more present in the parks! I like their coffee (I think I'm a rarity there ;)) and to be able to soon stand on Main Street in view of Cinderella Castle with a skinny vanilla latte in hand? You will never see a happier chick!

People are (I think rightfully) upset about S'bucks replacing MSB, but think about this- S'bucks is a pretty decent company for Disney to partner with. They do a lot for the communities they do business in, and at a corporate level. They opened a roasting plant in a small town in Georgia so people could go back to work, they have a foundation called "Indivisible", and do an annual Month of Service where they encourage their employees and "guests" to partake in community service projects. I think that's a part of why they two companies decided to go in together. May not help to soften the blow for nostalgia, but might help on some level!

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