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rudy222 11-12-2012 07:31 PM

Docotors Ranking While on Disability

Can anyone tell me if my doctors orders regarding my medical conditions hold more power over the private disability doctors that may be reviewing my case right now?

I Love Pluto 11-12-2012 07:41 PM

To my knowledge -

The doctors attached to your job make the decisions. Your doctor can give input, but the final decision is made by your employer and/or representative of your employer.

I have a friend who is presently dealing with a situation such as this. I hope things turn out OK for you. :goodvibes

rudy222 11-12-2012 07:47 PM

that is very scary, I have been on this for almost 3 years. they have deemed me disabled from my own occupation of 23 years. I know now I am up for a 36 month "any" occupation review. my doctor called me this evening to tell me they sent him a letter telling him that I have failed demonstrate a disability and am capable of working. he has sent letters to the disability company telling them I am considered disabled from any job permanently....

any suggestions on how I can fight this, cant afford an attorney, just spent thousands on one and he did nothing.

I was approved for ssdi in less than 3 months my first try...

I Love Pluto 11-12-2012 08:09 PM

Prayer works. It sounds like you have a good doctor who is willing to help you get the things you need. That should add a large degree of comfort for you.

I hope everything works out for you! :goodvibes

rudy222 11-12-2012 08:47 PM

its hard thinking by the end of this month i could be homeless and without health insurance. these private disbility companies have no idea how they can ruin a person life. The government even deemed me disabled how can they do this!

peemagg 11-12-2012 11:10 PM

Have you tried submitting the judgement that you received from the government? I would think that if you are deemed disabled from any occupation by them, then the others don't really have a thing to say. At least this is my understanding from my lawyer. I am currently going back against my old employers long term disability company for back payments and the difference between what I am paid on SSDI and what they paid me while on it.

I hope things go well for you. Have you tried looking up things about whether or not they can go against the ruling for SSDI on the net? There might be some information out there that can help you without paying a lawyer.

rudy222 11-13-2012 09:51 AM


That may be a good point I could try to do that. It just seems like nothing matters to them. This is their last chance to try to take it away from me and I have to be strong and fight this.

To answer your question, yes I have done some searching on the net, and the fact I have SSDI doesn't seem to matter and its all based on their findings and how their contract reads.

One would think though this makes absolutely no sense! if the government has deemed me disabled from any occupation that would hold some power... I just don't understand it.. There really should be some law that these companies should not harass people that are on SSDI these people have already proven themselves. Its just not right!

If they force me to go back to work, which I know I could never do even part time, that will effect my SSDI so I could lose some of that. I will lose my health insurance, life insurance policies everything. I worked at this company for 23 years and the decision to stop working after making almost $45,000 annually was not something I wanted to do, I just could not do it any longer. I was a good employee gave this company my all and this is what one gets in return. I know that probably does not mean anything, but this was not a planned decision never did I think I would leave work at 52, my goal in life was to retire at 65 and move to how's that for planning... We do what we have to, life changes and I thought I did the right thing for my health, but all the stress from this is wearing me down and that's probably what they want but I know I cant give up.

One lady at the disability company said something like, if they sent me back to work I had to be able to perform a job that paid 60% of my disability. Well that's probably $13-$14 an hour and don't see anyone starting me that high in any position without a degree, and not having worked due to a disability for almost 3 years. I expressed this to her and she stated, "oh we would help you find a job" was that just a line of crap? How can they find me a job they are in a different state than me? I learned the hard way to never believe what they say, they are not out for the claimant, they in this case are the "enemy" but they try to make you believe they are there to help you, they want you to slip up and I believe in many conversations with her I may have slipped up....

peemagg 11-13-2012 02:34 PM

From my experience with them is that they can't force you back to work, but they can stop payments. That is what happened with me. They deemed I couldn't do my job, but could do a sedentary job, so they just cut me off. My lawyer and I are now going after them for this.

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