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Brook730 11-10-2012 09:57 PM

4 Day mini trip and some serious thinking...
Well we just got back two days ago and I was not planning on starting this TR until Monday, but seeing as I am not at work today because of major back issues I figured I could start it now.

First I will start with the intros since I can't find the link to the PTR.

This is Keira she is Three years old and this is her third trip to the world. so far she is an only child so she likes to think she can have anything she wants. Well lets face it since she is the only one she does get a lot of what she wants but not in the spoiled brat type of way.

Next up is Matt he is 24 years old. He is actually from NY but moved sown here to FL about a year before we met three and a half years ago. Funny thing is he found my mom on Facebook just looking for some people in this area to talk to. Well long story short my mom introduced us and we have been together ever since. He does not like to admit that he likes going to Disney world but insists we take our vacations there because that's where I want to go. But the moment we hit world drive he starts getting all excited like a little kid again. In fact I think he gets more excited to see the welcome signs then I do!!!:rotfl2:
Sorry I do not have a good picture of just him on my computer so this one of him and Steve Harvey at AKL last year will have to do.

Then there is me. I will be the one letting you know all the fun we had on our mini trip. I am 26 Years old. I have lived in FL all my life except for two years when we moved to MS because of health issues with my mom. In the 24 years of living the FL I only went to Disney once as a child and now three times since I have had a child of my own. I hate my picture being taken and I am usually the one taking the pictures so you wont see me much. But this is me....
Matt stole my camera from me and I was not expecting him to take my picture..:rolleyes1

So this trip was planned very fast and was supposed to happen about two weeks before we did but I was not able to get the time off of work so we just rescheduled. So i started all of the planning for reservations and everything and before I knew it we were two days away from out trip.

For some reason when I sent my alarm to get up the morning of our trip I got confused and set it for 3 A.M. even tho that is the time I wanted to be on the road. So we started off out trip a half hour later then I wanted to but no big deal seeing as we already had everything in the car ready to go except our phone chargers. Now it is only about a two and a half hour to three hour drive for us depending on traffic but I did not want to be late so we always leave around 3. Before we could start our long journey we stopped to get some gas and coffee:coffee: then we were on the road:drive:.
Every other time we have went we just leave Keira in her pjs and she sleeps the whole way so does Matt. For me it is a much more peaceful ride that way but things did not go as planned and Keira was wide awake as was Matt. So for three hours I heard mom mom mom mommy were we goin and the endless amount of radio station changing or Matts CD playing the same three songs over and over and over again.:rolleyes2 So after stopping off at a rest area right before we got on I-4 we were almost there and I was thrilled to be getting out of that car!!! We arrived at out home for the next few days at about six thirty and were told our room was already prepared for us which was a big surprise. We stayed at pop and were placed in the 60's building and if you have ever been there you know its ALL the way in the back but we figured while we were there and we were still early we should go ahead and take a look at our room. We found it with no issues and got all settled in but I completely forgot to take pictures of it. We did not have the mickey head towel on out bed so I was a little sad but oh well I will live. Pop served its purpose as a place to sleep but if we went there on our big trip I don't know if I could handle it. Every day we walked out our door we were mobbed by an angry swarm of mosquitoes. Also the ac only went down to 68. Ok enough of my complaining now where was I. OH yeah so we set up our room and unpacked all of Keira's stuffed animals that she had to bring along but her all time favorite one is named Allie. She made Allie about three months ago at build a bear and has had to take Allie with everywhere. Usually I think things through more thoroughly but this time my brain failed me and she seen Allie right when we were leaving our room I tried to distract her seeing as I did not want to take the risk of Allie getting lost at the park so after the long walk back to the car she was still crying that she wanted Allie I know i'm a mean mom for not letting her take it but I know if she got lost it would be a lot worse in the long run so I continued to drive to our first park Hollywood studios. Did she stop crying and asking for Allie??? Did we have to turn around and go get her beloved stuffed bear?? the answer is in the next post.

Brook730 11-10-2012 10:18 PM

Day one Hollywood studios. 11-5-12
So did I turn around or just ride out the tantrum..... I decided to just let her tantrum run its course its not like it was disturbing anyone else and I continued to drive :drive:. It was not long before she completely forgot that she wanted Allie and we were pulling into a parking spot and starting our short walk to get our passes. Now this first day was on November 5th and we were not expecting to see Christmas stuff up already but indeed it was already up.
I took a few picture of the big tree out front but my camera was having technical issues and they came out as just white screens. We made out way to the ticket booth to activate out AP's we had a very nice CM take care of us and explained a lot of things that we did not know about our passes. While Matt was taking care of that I got a few pictures of Keira.

I will make this one into two parts only because my photo bucket is acting up so I cant put up any more pictures so I will continue soon.......

Brook730 11-12-2012 02:25 PM

Alright time to continue to this TR....

On day one of our trip we got there early so we could handle our APs like I already said. So by the time we got done with the APswe still had about a half hour wait for the park to open. While we were waiting Keira let me know she had to go potty which was wonderful. I was worried that she would not let us know since she was wearing her pull ups but her needing to go potty was horrible timing but when you gotta go you gotta go. So while we were gone Minnie mouse and Daisy duck walked by Mat was able to get a half way good picture of Minnie but the CM with Daisy was in the way to get a good pic of her.

Moving right along they let us in about fifteen min early and it was a mad dash for most people going to TOT and stuff like that over in that area that Keira is to short to ride still. I sent Matt ahead to to get us all FPs for TSM. Either I was walking really fast or Matt was moving like a turtle because I stopped to get a park map and take a few pictures and I still made it there as our last FP was printing out. Keira said she wanted to ride right now so I took a look at the wait time and it was only fifteen minuets so we got in line.

After riding TSM twice we walked around a little bit until it was time for our lunch reservation. This is where we went can you guess from these pictures???

Yup that's right we 50's prime time is where we had lunch Keira had a salad and chicken nuggets and a ice cream sunday. Matt and I both had the sampling of mom's favorites. My appetizer was onion rings and att had some seafood thing. for desert Matt had the apple crisp thing and I had this.
Over all it was a great meal entirely to much food and none of us finished it all but Keira only picks at her food unless its ice cream or cookies. So we got a to go box for her knowing she would be hungry within ten minuets after we left. After we finished our lunch we made our way to the great movie ride. We did the one twice this trip and Keira covered her ears the hole time but insisted on riding it again :confused3. She loves the witch and the fantasia scenes. We have been home for a few days now and she still keeps saying she wants to ride witch.

We wondered around for a little while until two which was when we had to leave HS for a little while to go to DTD. We happened to run into these guys and they were dancing around and goofing off because there was not a single person in line.

Keira had a 3:40 appointment at BBB and we did not want to have to rush around so we made sure we would get there before 2:30. Well I'm very glad that we left early because that gave us some time to look around and check out a few stores. We made our way to the pin store and of course right next to the pin shop was a train and that's all it took to start one of the biggest melt downs of the trip. Nothing was going to distract her from the train not even the pins. Well normally I would just let her whine and get it out of her system but I did not as her all red and splotchy when it was picture time at BBB so I gave in (I know bad mom ). Two dollars and three minuets later she was happy again but I did get a few cute pictures.

All she could talk about on the way to the BBB was the little boy she sat with in the train but in her defense he was a little cutie :lmao:. Matt decided he wanted to go to the cigar bar while me and Keira did the BBB Keira was not to happy about that but she quickly got over that when they called her back. She did ask her fairy god mother in training one time where her daddy went but after that she did not seem to care any more here are some pictures of her experience.
Lol I just noticed she looks terrified in this pictures.:rotfl2:
Keira being goofy well she did tell her to hold it to her face. :lmao::rotfl2:
Can you guess who she sees? Yup daddy just walked back in and boy was she happy to see him.

And Finally the reveal.

Honestly it was worth every penny and I would do it again in a heart beat to see her so happy.

Brook730 11-12-2012 02:27 PM

Before we headed down to DTD Keira seen Phineas and Ferb and she really wanted to see them but the line was super long and we would not of had enough time So I promised her that when we got back we would stop and see her buddies.
Can you tell that she likes Ferb the best I think I have one picture that she is actually looking at me and not Ferb. By the time we finished with them we had enough time to go ride Star tours well I did Matt was not feeling up to it right then but that is my favorite ride in that park so I was not going to pass up a chance to go on it. Before we knew it our time for Dinner was here is where we went.
It took five ties of trying to get that picture because the two teen's right in the middle there decided that was a good place to have a full out make-out session :rolleyes2.

Keira had a Salad ( you will notice this is all she ever had what can i say she loves salads) and pizza. I had the calamari and charred steak. and Matt had the calamari and I honestly cant remember what else he had... Keira had this for desert.
And Matt had this.
Sorry I could not get a clear picture of either to save my life.

By the time we got out of Dinner it was getting late and Keira was getting tired so we walked around and she fell asleep in her stroller. I decided to take a few pictures but I like this one the best I love the way this sign looks at night.

While Keira was sleeping we decided to take turns going on Star tours. Matt went first and then I got to go on for my second time. Seriously the odds of having the same scenes twice is low but I managed to have the same ones except the last scene oh well it was still fun. I did feel bad for the little kid next to me it was him, his mother and his older brother and he was so scared to go on because earlier in the day he went on dinosaur and it scared him. He was a little trooper tho he did great until the ride was about half way over then he started crying. I felt so bad for the little guy but then after we got off the ride I heard him saying to his older brother that it was fun and he was only a little scared.

We went to some of the shops but I decided I would behave and not spend any money since it was only our first day. Matt and I were both getting tired since we got up at three that morning so we decided to call it and night and head back to the hotel. But not before we stopped for a few pictures in front of the big tree.
We quickly got back to the parking lot in the hotel and that's when more issues started. We took what we thought was the right way back to our room but it turns out we should of went Left at the giant yo-yo not right and we got all turned around. I simply just said man this would of been a lot easier if we would of remember the map and that was all it took to sent Matt off :furious: I stayed calm and told him dude chill out I was not blaming you for not getting the map just making an observation that if we had the map we may not of gotten lost. Oye I understand he was tired and cranky but I was just as tired as he was so I just let him get it out of his system and walked back to the room in silence. By the time we got there Keira was wide awake but I could tell she was still tired so i got her all changed and ready for bed and she was so happy to see Allie again that she would not let go of her for more then a second. That made it a little hard to get her dressed for bed but I managed. I took a quick but completely refreshing shower and went and put the AC down as far as it would go. After uploading pictures to Facebook so our close friends and family could see how are day went I fell asleep within seconds and next thing I know I'm being woke up around 1AM seating to death the AC was reading 74!!! So needless to say I did not sleep to well and then got woke up entirely to early by little princess poking me and whispering mommy wake up followed by her trying to start a early morning game of peek a boo. Next up day two and where did we go? Soon you will see..

Brook730 11-12-2012 03:04 PM

Day two
First off thank you to anyone who has been reading my TR and I hope you are enjoying it and will continue to follow it :thumbsup2.

Alright here we go day two as I said started early. I packed up everything that we would need for the day in our bag while Matt went to go get some ice for our little cooler. It didn't take long to get everything together and meet him at the car (neither of us got lost this time). The drive to the park started off the same way with Keira asking for Allie but I was able to distract her somewhat easily this time and before we knew it we were in the parking lot of our next park. We were at Magic Kingdom this day and I was very upset because I was not able to get onto the website to get into the new fantasy land preview but I decided what the heck I will go to the ticket booth and try my luck to see if they had any openings left for the day. We were beyond excited to find out that there would not be a problem and we could go in so we got our wrist bands and made out way to the monorail. BTW I am soooo afraid of heights I hate riding the monorail but it was the fastest way to get there and the boat was not running right then so I had to suck it up and just not look down.

First order of business was to go pick up a post card for A little guy that would be going later on in the year and his mom asked if I could send hi a card from Mickey. So I picked out a card with Mickey and Minnie riding dumbo wrote a nice little note on it and send it our from MK. I just got a PM from his mom the other day saying that he got the card and was completely thrilled with it and he was putting it in his toy mailbox for safe keeping lol kids are so cute. After that we walked a little bit and Keira just kept saying kitty kitty kitty I had no clue what she was talking about so I stopped and looked around and I seen what she was talking about the white car from aristocrats was over near the shops and she did not have a line so I let her go say hi and get a few pictures. While she was doing that Matt started a mission SotMK it didn't last to long before he Stopped doing it but while he was I took the chance to take a few pictures.

We then wanted to go check out the new fantasy land. Matt went and did more of his mission but he would soon regret that because he missed something really cute.
Keira and I went to Enchanted takes with Belle and it was awesome and Keira even got to be part of the little play she was Ms. Potts. and here are some pictures.
Keira and Belle leading everyone around the room for a dance.
Keira decided she wanted to try to steal the show and started dancing around what can I say maybe she will be a future CM.

pattyw 11-12-2012 03:37 PM

HI!! I love your pictures of the holiday decorations!! Looks like Keira is having a ball!!

Brook730 11-12-2012 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by pattyw
HI!! I love your pictures of the holiday decorations!! Looks like Keira is having a ball!!

Oh yeah she loved every second of it. just wait until I finish the magic kingdom part there is a funny video too. I hope you will sick around to see the rest of it.

Brook730 11-13-2012 05:58 PM

Day two part two
Wow I do take a lot of pictures don't I.

Continuing on after we got out of there we went here.

I think Keira really liked our warn cinnamon bun and Lefou's brew

We wanted to go on the little mermaid ride but they said Ursala was acting up and trying to take Ariels human stuff but that they were trying to get her to behave and we ay be able to ride later in the day. After a quick preview we went to tomorrow land and went on the people mover followed by the Carousel of Progress I know a lot of people bash on that ride but I love it.
I could not remember the time of our Lunch reservation for the life o me but then I remembered I was smart enough to put it all in my phone. We notice that we were getting close to our lunch time so we walked slowly back to the front of the park and got checked in for our lunch at Tony's town square.
I have been dieing for their Calamari since March when we went last time and that was my first time trying calamari. So obviously I had the calamari as did Matt. Now I knew Keira would want a salad but Matt said to get her apples but not wanting to argue with him I just said fine and Keira seen the bowl and opened her eyes really wide and says SALAD. She was so happy until they put down sliced apples in front of her then she got sad and just kept saying I want salad so I seen our waitress and asked if we could have a small salad for her and she said it was not a problem and Keira had her salad with in seconds. I honestly can't remember what we had for lunch but I do remember it was very good :).

After lunch we wanted to hit some of the ride we had not done yet on this trip. First we did Peter pan then over to the carousel. After that I took Keira to go see Tinkerbell and her sister and she was so happy to see the she absolutely loves Tinkerbell.
Here is a picture of her and Tinkerbell.
Its not a good picture but it will have to do for now. After that we walked all the way back over to tomorrow land because Keira was insisting on riding buzz so we took her on that then we split up I have never been on Stitches great escape so I went on that and since Keira is still to short for that one her and her daddy went to the Laughing floor. Keira and Matt loved the Laughing floor like always I'm not a fan of Stitches great escape but I had to ride it once. Then it was back to People mover over the course of the day we must of rode it like five times and Buzz like eight times but there was little to no lines so we did not mind and it made Keira happy so it made me happy.That's the thing we were not expecting the whole four days we were there the longest wait we ever had for a ride was fifteen minuets. I don't know if we were just in the right places at the right times or if the parks were just that slow but it was fine with me!

We also rode Haunted mansion Matt and I liked it but Keira had her hands over her ears the whole ride. The second we got off the ride she starts jumping up and down saying I did it I did it. But I did get a picture of the lady on the grave stone with her eyes open again not a good picture but here it is.

Later that day we have dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern we all loved it and then we were back in tomorrow land. We made what I thought was going to be a quick trip to club 626 but Keira had other plans. I think we were there for over an hour I hope you guys can see this video it's so funny.

That about wraps up our second day next up is epcot. Did we get to do all the tings we wanted to in epcot? or was it a complete bust? You will find out in the next update....

Brook730 11-15-2012 09:32 PM

Day Three.
Alright before we get this trip report going again I'm sorry for the delay in updates I have been having some major back issues. So a Dr. appointment a new prescription and about 60 dollars later I am back. Ok and once again thank you for anyone who is still out there reading this TR.

Here we go. Day three we wanted to go to the hotel food court to get some breakfast since we were already up early. It was good and while we were waiting for our food the staff all started dancing around it was quiet funny. Keira only ate her french toast and picked at her fruit she was to busy watching mickey mouse clubhouse to eat. We tried explaining to her that we did not go there and pay all that money for her to watch something that we could watch at home but she did not care lol kids.

After a quick breakfast we drove over to epcot and that's when the fun began we were directed to parking which for some reason we were put in the grass which made Matt kinda made he is very protective over his car. I reassured him that I would be very careful with his car and not hurt it.

We quickly made out way through security and the entrance. We made a quick potty stop per Keira's request and seen there was no line at all for space ship earth so we got on with in seconds. As always it was a nice ride except it was Keira and I in one car and Matt in the one in front of us. Before I could stop her she hit some other language other then English. So I could not understand a single thing which made the little video at the end a little difficult but we manager and it gave me time to look for hidden mickeys and just really look at everything. We walked over to Sum of all thrills and Matt got to on on he said it was fun. I don't do those things I'm to scared. So Keira and I walked around looked at some pins and waited on Matt. By the time we got back to him he was just getting on the ride so we got to the place just in time to see him ride.

We split up again and Matt went off to do his thing and Keira and I went to the character spot. There she got to see Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. She was afraid of Pluto for some reason but here are some pictures.

When Matt came back we headed over to living with the land typically we can go up and just get on a boat but it was packed today it was a fifteen min wait :eek:. We notice it was getting close to our lunch time so we went over to Nemo and decided we have enough time to go one before lunch Keira loved it she loves Dory. Funny thing is A lady I work with is named Doreen and I call her Dory so I tell Keira that I work with Dory but I think she likes both of them just the same and she just loves it when she can talk to Dory on the phone :rotfl2:. We did not stay in the aquarium part to long because we wanted to get to our lunch to see if they could take us early at least we didn't have far to go seeing as out lunch was at the Coral reef. They did get us in early which was awesome but yet again it was to much food Big surprise I had the steak and some shrimp Keira had a salad and Cheese Pizza and Matt had fish tostadas and the Lobster ravioli. For desert I had Creme brulee Matt had some sort of cheese cake and Keira had ice cream Keira really did not like her ice cream for some reason so we left and made a quick stop at the ice cream cart out side. I got Keira a mickey mouse ice cream and she was in heaven!!
The mess only got worse after that but once again she was happy after a quick wipe down with a few baby wipes she was all nice and clean again and we wanted to surprise her she had no clue where the figment ride was so we walked over to it and I broke the news to her can you tell she was happy about it.
By the time we were done there we thought it was a good time to go to the world showcase but before we went we stopped at club cool to get some drinks. Matt said it was not nice of me to give Keira beverly without once again trying it myself. So again my better judgement I tried it again and yup just as bad as the other times I had it so then came the time for Keira to try it and here it is her beverly face.

Yup thats right no reaction she actually asked for more!!
And no that Mt Dew is not for her to drink but she insisted on holding my bottle.

First shop in the world showcase was Canada we did the circle vision and when we came out we seen this little guy.
Wow he looks evil but he was not afraid of anything.
We then made our way around the world and quickly decided we did not want to stay there it was to packed and way to many people drinking. Before we left tho I had to stop at Japan I had to get my Sake the sparkling peach one IMO is the best so I went to buy a bottle and we headed to the front gates. We figured we would just go back to the magic kingdom and finish our day there. and the rest of our night was awesome. We rode Buzz a lot more times and people mover and then I just could not keep Keira off the dance floor so we went back to club 626 and Keira danced her little heart out. We called it an early night and were back in our room by eleven. So epcot was a bust but no big deal we are going back in March and will have two days in epcot so I was not worried about it. So up next is our fourth and final day of this trip and that is Animal Kingdom so keep and eye out for my next update I may even get to it tomorrow. All depends on what time I get out of work and how my back is doing.

Brook730 11-18-2012 10:35 AM

Day four
The last day of our trip we all started off in a icky mood because we did not want to be going home already.Keira even decided to go all psycho baby on me when I asked her to help me pack up our stuff.

We started to cheer up a little on the drive to AK and by the time we got there we decided we would not let it get us down and that it was not to long until our next trip.
Keira loved the tree at AK and wanted her picture taken in front of it. We were only about twenty minuets early for our breakfast reservation so we went into rain forest cafe and were seated in less then five minuets. Keira had tonga toast with OJ and Matt and I had the pie of the viper. We ate fast and headed into the park. It was about ten minuets after opening that we got it so we walked back to the safari and seen that the wait time was only five minuets and got in line. Now as far as animal sightings it was one of the best rides we have had on the safari. But we were in the back row and that's when y back got majorly messed up again.:sad: I honestly did not think it would have an effect on me I mean I did ride Star tours and it did not bother me. This little guy and his friends crossed right in front of us and stopped for a minuet then finished crossing and watched us go by.
Close to the end of the ride we went over a huge bump she must of just cut a corner to close or something because it made the people in the front even leave there seat so you can imagine what it did to us in the back row and my first reaction was to make sure my daughter was safe so I was leaning towards her to hold onto her the whole ride and that bump just did it at least it was only a little sore until we got home.

So I just brushed off the pain and took my pills since it was about time to anyways and we headed to Asia and walked through the trail I got a few good pictures here they are. Some may be from the other trail too I can't remember which ones are which so I guess we can just enjoy the pictures of the animals.
lol bad monkey!!:rotfl2::rotfl:
We loved seeing the Tigers well that is until a group of Like twenty full grown men in orange toga looking things rushed in there to look at the tigers and were just pushing the kids out of the way so they could see. It was extremely rude so we just went to the next area and with in seconds they were there to so we just left that exhibit. Honestly I understand they wanted to see and where they come from they may be very special to them so they wanted to see them but you are an adult have some respect for other people and wait your turn and don't be pushing little kids out of the way. We all spent the same money to get in and see the stuff no one should think they are any better or deserve to have special treatment. OK sorry for that little rant but that was the one and only time in Disney that I really wanted to just punch someone.

By that time it was about our lunch reservation time so we headed back up to the front our lunch was at Rain forest cafe too. Before we went in Matt wanted to feed Keira to the animals on the sign because she refused to listen.
She thought it was funny but made the decision to listen after that.
Keira ordered her own food there she requested apple juice and chicken nuggets the waitress thought she was just adorable. I had the primal steak and Matt had something with steak ribs and something else he did not really like it to much but I loved my steak.

we walked around for a little bit and did some pin trading then went to its tough to be a bug. Keira was fine until the one but sprays acid on you and the little girl behind us started screaming like someone just took her candy. So that set Keira off too luckily I was able to calm Keira down to where she was not being to loud for everyone else and just a dull whimper. The only other part she did not like is when the room fills with smoke that kind of scared her but not to much. She did think it was funny when the bugs crawled under her bottom tho but she was ready to leave after that.

I wanted to fit in one more thing before we left and that was camp Minnie Mickey to see the characters. First up was Mickey mouse and there was only like three people in front of us then they went on a quick break. Keira got a little upset and decided to be a little bratty and say move people so I told her she had to say sorry and behave and she did and started talking o the little boy in front of us and they were comparing each others pins and before we knew it Mickey was back and it was her turn. Mickey even held duffy and was playing with him for a minuet before we took pictures.

Next up was Minnie mouse no line there either we picked a good time to go while the parade was going.

Last was Donald we skipped chip and dale this time but next time we will go see them.

After camp Minnie Mickey it was time to go. But we were not going home just yet. So where did we go you ask well we made one last trip to DTD. Up next is my final update for this trip.

Brook730 11-18-2012 11:31 AM

Day four part two
After we said our good byes to AK we went to DTD. Traffic was sooooo backed up it took us almost an hour to get there. Keira fell asleep in the car which was fine since she did not get a nap at all that day. I got Keira our of the car very carefully and put her in her stroller and she stayed asleep while we walked from down near AMC to World of Disney. I expected her to wake up as we were going through pleasure island with all the music but she stayed asleep. Keira must of been real tired because she slept through the whole time in World of Disney and until we got back to pleasure island again. It was cute she was asleep until she heard music then she started dancing for a minuet and then opened her eyes and broke into a full out dance in her stroller. :woohoo::banana::rotfl2:
Unfortunately it was already time for our dinner reservation at House of Blues. None of us were ready for more food so we figured we would go ahead and order and if we were hungry we would eat some and then just get to go boxes for later or the next day. I had the Jalapeno corn bread which was awesome and the buttermilk fried chicken. I was not expecting a whole half of a chicken so I almost had a heart attack when they brought it out. I really did not like the chicken to me it kinda tasted like dish soap but I got a to go box to bring it home and see if my mom liked it. I cant remember what Matt had But Keira had apple juice and cheese pizza. I was shocked about that too I was expecting a small kid sized pizza like what she has gotten every other place but nope they brought out like a huge pizza for a kid I could not of even eaten all of that it was like eight slices. :scared1: So after our dinner that no one ate much of we went back over to world of disney after all we did still have five unused snack credits So we got some snacks to give to Keira later for different things like cleaning her room and stuff like that. Matt also wanted a pair of Mickey ears and he chose the Christmas one's that Keira quickly took over. The funny thing about my name is most people spell it with and e but my mom was not thinking about it when she named me and spelled it Brook not Brooke so I can never find anything with my named spelled the way I spell it so you can imagine my surprise when I found a key chain with my name on it spelled my way so even tho it was nine dollars I had to have it. So now it is proudly hanging with my car keys and house key. y only issue with it is I sound like santa's sleigh when I walk around since I hook it to my belt loop so when I am at work I tuck it in my pocket.:rotfl:
I honestly will never to to go in World of Disney again at night tho man it was packed and some of the people were so rude. One man almost fell on Keira because he was running around like a wild man and tripped. But oh well lesson learned make trips to DTD during the day when everyone else is at the parks. Before we knew it the time had came for us to leave we wanted to be on the road by eight but it was about nine before we left DTD. We made a quick stop for gas before we found our way back to I-4. It took us a little longer to get home then it should of but I had to stop to use the bathroom like 5 times and also to get a 5 hour energy because I was just exhausted. Unfortunately the 5 hour energy did not help much but the occasional sip of my Mt Dew is what kept be going. We got off of I-75 about three exits before the one that I needed to get off of because A truck had hit the over pass at the very next exit and we did not want to get stuck in traffic. We were about twenty minuets from home when I had to use the restroom again and at that point I was so annoyed because I just wanted to be home in my bed since I had to go to work the next day but I decided if I did not just stop there was no way I would make it all the way home. So in less then two minuets we were back on the road and passing Wal-mart so I joked with Matt that we should stop it and do some grocery shopping Like we did last time we went to Disney. He said no obviously and in ten minuets we were home at about 12:30 in the morning so grand total time driving was three and a half hours. We only took the essentials out of the car and sent my mom a quick text to let her know we made it home safe even tho I'm sure she heard us since she does live right next door. i got Keira all changed for bed even tho she was already asleep and I was in bed and asleep by one. So now comes in our serious thinking. Two days past after our trip and I was talking to Matt about how much cheaper things are up there and we started throwing around the Idea of moving to the Orlando area we found apartments for cheaper then what we pay here so our only issue is finding work. We both work for a chain of stores called Sweetbay a branch off of Hannaford the company also owns Kash and Kary and food lion But the closest sweetbay to the apartments we were looking at is to far away so it will take a little more tie to look into it but we may be moving there in about a year or so.:woohoo:
So that concludes my TR I hope you enjoyed it and be on the look out for my PTR and TR in March. Thank you again for anyone who has read this no many comments so Maybe someone will leave me a comment on how you liked it thanks again Bye

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