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karly05 11-10-2012 02:56 PM

Salmon at Artist Point? Elevator at CHH?
Two dining questions:

How often and at what times of the year do they change the signature Salmon dish at Artist Point? I know I've seen it listed with different sauces/accompaniments, and I thought the changes were "seasonal."

Also, is there an elevator at Columbia Harbor House at MK to reach the 2nd floor dining room? I know there's one at Pizza Planet.

JadeDragon 11-10-2012 06:30 PM

Can't answer your first question, but as for CHH, yes there is an elevator. A couple of years ago I was in a wheelchair and we normally eat upstairs. I must have looked lost, so a CM asked me if they could help and I explained I was hoping to eat upstairs. They took me back to the elevator and away we went. (If I remember correctly, it's to the back left hand side if you're facing the menu boards/order area.)

TheRustyScupper 11-10-2012 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by karly05 (Post 46675399)
How often and at what times of the year do they change the signature Salmon dish at Artist Point?

1) The change is to the Copper River Salmon.
2) This is mid/late-May to mid-June ONLY. *
3) But, the change is worth scheduling !!!

* The Copper River Salmon usually run mid-to-late May to
ends no later than mid- June. So, it is only available for this

karly05 11-11-2012 07:18 AM

Thank you both for the responses. :)

Last trip, I was a little nervous carrying my tray upstairs at CHH (couldn't find a table downstairs); I just knew I was going to catch my toe on a step and send fish and iced tea flying everywhere (trust me, "Grace" is not my middle name).

Sorry I'm going to miss the Copper River Salmon at AP this time. Maybe another trip. But I was also curious about how often they change the presentation/accompaniments. For instance, here's how Allears lists it as of 10/12:

Cedar Plank Roasted Wild King Salmon - (type of salmon changes seasonally) with nicoise, eggplant caviar, heirloom tomatoes, quail egg and Meyer lemon aioli $39

But I know I've seen it listed in the past with different sauces/accompaniments (probably not the right technical terms). When/how often does that change?

Edit - Aha, found it - Here's how the menu on this site lists it (also dated 10/12):

Signature Cedar Plank Wild Roasted King Salmon - With Autumn squash, root Vegetables, baby sprouts and Spice cider reduction - $39.00

I guess maybe I'll just be surprised when I get there.

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