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Loves Disney 11-09-2012 11:06 AM

Wishes Wedding - Minimum Expenditure
We're starting to plan for our 2014 wedding. We want to budget as best as we can with what we know - I know that 2014 prices will likely change from what the prices are now. My question is, is it possible to keep the ceremony and reception costs within the minimum expenditure or should we expect to pay a whole lot more?

baby1disney 11-09-2012 11:42 AM

Maybe see if you can find some prices from years before and compare them as to how much they have gone up. That may give you some ideas as to how an inflation you may be looking at.:thumbsup2

lurkyloo 11-09-2012 12:45 PM

Yes, you can stay within the minimum expenditure if you're willing to keep things simple. (Just don't forget that there'll be $2,000+ in service fees and tax on top of the minimumthe actual amount depends on what you select because not everything gets these.) I always say that it will be etched on my tombstone that we were only $69 over our minimum expenditure. :rotfl:

However, we did not have your traditional Saturday night wedding with open bar and DJ for 100 people. We kept our costs low by keeping our guest list low (34 of 50 said yes), having a weekday brunch with no alcohol, and foregoing flowers at the reception altogether (though now that I know how much we could have saved by doing bill-on-consumption beverages and changing our transportation options, maybe we coulda had flowers).

Prices for individual items and services are not going change dramatically between now and 2014. What changes is the minimum expenditure requirement. Right now, you can go as low as $10,000 using their promo for weddings on certain dates booked through the end of 2012. The lowest year-round minimum has been $12,000 for a couple years now, but prices have fluctuated a lot in the last four years or so because of the economy. When things were really bad, prices actually went down from year to year, but now they're edging back up.

kkbutterfly 11-09-2012 01:26 PM

I had a night reception at The Attic (12k minimum) for 27 people, with a 5 hour open bar and full menu and came in 20 dollars UNDER (I just paid it as we came in under because 2 guests backed out last minute due to medical reason), so it is possible! We had lots of food, a lovely 3 tiered custom mad hatter cake, and full open bar, but cut back on floral and didn't have a band or dj (just an ipod set up and vionlinist for the ceremony). It is possible! Keep in mind though, Disney photography is expensive so that can eat up a lot of your budget and if you go outside, you'll have to add that on top of the Disney expendatures!

disneyamy4 11-09-2012 07:57 PM

i agree with the tip about photography! and your dress and hair and make up and everything!
yes, you may be able to hit you minimum on the dot, but you might have a lot on top of that!

we've been pricing our ideal wedding and we are coming in at around 10k, which means we will have to spend a bit more to meet the minimums, that can easily be done!

but because i don't want disney photography.... that's $2,000 - $4,000 ON TOP of the minimums!

CityGirlLost 11-10-2012 10:41 AM

We were right at the line for the minimum expenditure. We had a noon wedding at the Wedding Pavilion and a reception for 27 at the Grand Floridian with Minnie & Mickey, a DJ and a dessert party at Terrace des Fleurs. We did use an outside photographer and videographer.

Loves Disney 11-11-2012 02:48 PM

Thank you for all the replies! I completely forgot to budget in hair and make-up!! I seem to be forgetting all sorts of odds and ends such as that service charge! I didn't even think of that! :eek:

I've been in touch with our Wedding Consultant and got some prices from him - it's very comforting to hear that so many of you were able to stay within (or near to) the minimum expenditure - right now with our estimated budgets (which we have set rather high) is roughly around $30,000...I'm getting a bit scared! It keeps going up! lol. I'm hoping that when we meet with our planner this summer, we will see this number going down significantly. :scared: What's killing us right now is our large guest count. We have about 100 invitations going out and an estimated 60 who will actually be there.

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