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whitek1275 11-08-2012 05:07 PM

Your prediction on when Transformers will open
I personally think July 4th or maybe later...but I could be wrong since they want to draw in crowds all summer. I'm basing this on Despicable Me's opening but that was a whole new ride that needed to be designed.

Hoping for soft openings in May and grand opening Memorial Day.

Metro West 11-08-2012 05:52 PM

I'm guessing soft openings starting in mid-June with a grand opening July 4th weekend.

LUVIOA 11-08-2012 08:29 PM

I think I'm still scarred from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter "spring" opening. It ended being one of the last days of spring meaning June 18th. A pessimistic "summer" opening could go until September 21st. I'm sure that's not the plan but it could happen and they couldn't be held to people's failed vacation plans hoping to actually see it in the summer. I always go the end of June so I'm hoping for a VERY early summer opening too.

macraven 11-08-2012 10:09 PM

i doubt that the "summer date of 9/21" would be the opening date for the big T.

in the past, new rides open during the summer, such as june/july.
parks are quite full then with all the vacationers there then.

LUVIOA 11-09-2012 07:01 AM

Yes I doubt it will open so late too, that wouldn't make good business sense, but I also doubt they planned on the WWOHP spring opening to be in June. I remember the HP packages they sold and had to do a lot of scrambling to honor those people that booked it for May. I'm hesitant to schedule my vacation around a summer opening. I might shoot for August just to make sure. Can't wait for it!

damo 11-09-2012 07:26 AM

It seems to me like the reason they are rushing like crazy and working around the clock is to get that ride ready before the summer rush. Seems very counterproductive to spend all the money on getting it built in record time only for the slow period of the fall.

bowtie7 11-09-2012 05:52 PM

Since they have opened the exact same ride in California, testing and technical rehearsals will not be as involved as with a totally new ride system like Forbidden Journey, but they have to be on a very tight schedule. Clearly they want it up and running before the busiest part of summer so they can convert more the one day/one park Harry Potter guests into two park visitors.

CentralFloridian99 11-10-2012 05:20 AM

Late May/Early June

whitek1275 11-14-2012 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by CentralFloridian99 (Post 46672613)
Late May/Early June

I hope you're right...that means I will be there during tech rehearsals around May 20th.

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