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jnoble82 11-05-2012 08:49 AM

Ready to go back!
I just landed last night and I'm ready to head back! My problem is...when should I go next year?

Right now, I'm considering Sept. 16-23rd, Oct. 28th-Nov.4th, and Dec. 2nd-9th. Any opinions on when to go? I really enjoyed going this time of year for my birthday(about the time of the 28th-4th for next year) but I was thinking maybe go in September, catch the Mickey party earlier in the season or attend the Christmas party in December. Thoughts?

chuckinthechat 11-05-2012 12:36 PM

Personally, being a bigger fan of Christmas that is when I would love to go. But the Halloween parties wouldn't be to bad either however with Christmas you can experience it in all the parks, not just MK

mahannie 11-06-2012 11:21 AM

Like the previous poster, if you haven't experienced Disney magic during the Christmas holidays, DO EET! Seriously, that 2nd week in December is a great time to go and see all of the holiday decorations that are fabulous! Just resort hopping to see all of the different themes you could spend a week.

That being said, going to Disney right after Labor Day you will experience some of the lowest crowd levels all year. I remember walking around the World Showcase and only seeing a handful of people.

If I could choose, I'd go during December. (Just make sure you bring layers, oh and those dollar store gloves). Forty degrees doesn't seem cold, but in Florida it always seems much colder.

jnoble82 11-06-2012 11:57 AM

I live in Syracuse, NY so I know cold haha. It was funny seeing people wearing scarfs and bundled up for the great freeze when it was 50 degrees out. (I seriously saw someone in a winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves walking to the bus. over kill much?) My only worry is my december dates being pop warner. I would LOVE to see Disney at Christmas. I love Christmas. I like SNOW (just not 20 degree weather :rotfl:). I think I've changed my dates with the travel company I've been emailing about 12 times already. I'd also be taking a trip to IOA (Harry Potter). AGH I wish I could go all 3 times (Sept, Oct/Nov for my birthday, Dec).

mahannie 11-06-2012 05:33 PM

Pop Warner dates for 2013 look to be Dec 7-13th so I think you'd be okay with the dates you have listed. If you do go then, I would recommend doing the Candlelight Processional. There's something magical about hearing carols sung by a choir while sitting in one of my favorite places!

Oh, and then there's the Osbourne Festival of Lights over at the Studios, a must see- especially when the "fake" snow starts to fall and the lights and music all get going. The gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian, the all chocolate sculpture in the Swan lobby, sitting in the Wilderness Lodge by the fireplace. So many things to see during the holidays!

Also, if you are at all a fan of the Harry Potter universe then you MUST go to Universal Studios to see the Wizarding World. It is designed as Hogsmeade Village during the winter, so all of the buildings have snow on them. You can eat at the Three Broomsticks and shop at Honeydukes and Zonko's. Try both kinds of butterbeer. Go inside the Hogs Head pub for a shorter line. :thumbsup2

Hogwart's is absolutely amazing with the themeing and the ride is my all-time favorite theme park ride, even beating out anything at Disney, which is saying something, lol! But maybe this should all be in a different thread...

jnoble82 11-06-2012 06:03 PM

Oh awesome! I think I'm leaning towards December now. The poor travel agent I'm working with :rotfl2: I love Christmas and I enjoy snow. I'd be there for part of pop warner (I work Wed-Sunday so I could really stay until the 10th) but I work in a children's science museum. I deal with middle school kids all the time. Looking at Disney's page, Art of Animation is open. I'm also leaning towards Pop Century. I loved All-Star movies but Pop Century looks great and we visited AoA and it was amazing! May get some Pop kids towards the end but whatever :hyper: All the Christmas stuff sounds amazing. I missed every parade this year (mostly because I ended up stuck in line for a ride or because myself or my mother wasn't feeling well) so hopefully I can catch something. Maybe the Osbourne show will make me like HS a bit more (its my least favorite park). My time that I went before this past week was during a big break I think and the line for Splash was 3 hours (and the queue was different I think. I feel like a lot was different, Space's queue, there was a chair lift like ride you did over the park, etc. There was NO FASTPASS!!) so as long as its not that bad, I think I'll be OK.

I'm going to work in a day at IOA regardless of when I go. I went this year and it was AWESOME. Rode Forbidden Journey about 8 times (gotta love single rider lines). I waited in line 3 times for Ollivanders hoping to get chosen but it was always kids. One little boy named Charlie who started to cry so the shop worker picked another kid. he did talk to little Charlie after and I think helped him feel better. That was one Charlie of about 14 I saw on my vacation. The time around Halloween should be dubbed "The British Invasion" as there were sooo many British people but it was awesome actually as I love the accent. They were really nice and I didn't notice that it made the crowds that unmanageable.

I think I'm leaning towards December! My worry now is a snowstorm hitting so I can't fly out. Don't mind getting stuck down there but I don't wanna stay up here!:banana:

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