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Momloveshockey 11-04-2012 08:25 PM

Anyone who had a child do the pirate cruise from POR Riverside?
We are heading to POR-Riv from March 2nd-9th. We have a 7 year old boy. I am wondering about the Bayou Pirate Cruise. He did Pirates League last New Years when we were at MK. I am thinking he might enjoy this. Something different for this trip. Anyone have first hand experience with this "voyage?" I am guessing that it means DH and I get 2 hours off? Parents don't go right?

Gorechick 11-04-2012 08:40 PM

My 7 year old twins did it in August and had a good time. Is there anything particular you wanted to know?

Momloveshockey 11-04-2012 09:49 PM

Just what the kids do on the two hour trip? All I know is they get a pirate hat and go somewhere, ending with a picnic lunch??

Chelley00 11-04-2012 10:13 PM

My kids did it on Oct 21.

There is no lunch. Now it's just a snack (goldfish crackers and a small bottle of water)

They get bandanas and life jackets at POR and then go to POFQ, OKW and DTD and search for clues to find the treasure (sword, eyepatch etc) At the end they come back to POR, parade through the lobby and find the big treasure, a bag full or pirate stuff (inflatable ball, pencil, coins, tattoos and other little things)

The kids had a good time. DD is almost 11 and it was a little boring for her, but she went because her little brother and cousin wanted her to. My brother and I had breakfast at Riverside Mill then sat by the pool and read while we waited. Not having the lunch made it a little expensive for what it is, but for me, having the 2 hour break since we were on a 2 week trip was incredibly nice.

PHLtoMCO 11-05-2012 02:14 AM

My daughter did it a few times out of the GF and loved it every time. Sometimes there is a photo pass person on the cruise as well and if there is you will get a photo pass card with the pictures from the cruise already on it! The kids usually get an arcade card in their loot bag as well. At least they did on the cruise out of the GF :)

soontobewed07 11-05-2012 08:53 AM

I'm so glad you posted this I forgot all about it! My ds would love this

Chelley00 11-05-2012 12:32 PM

Here's a picture of the "treasures" the kids get

Gorechick 11-05-2012 12:35 PM

From POR, the cruise made 3 stops- POFQ, OKW, and HOB at DTD. They had to get clues at each location. The snacks provided were either rice krispie treat, pretzels, or goldfish and each child got a labelled bottle of water before leaving. On arrival back at POR, they meet in the lobby at the big treasure chest and everyone gets a goody bag.

Keegansmommy 11-05-2012 08:42 PM

My son did this in April (he's 4) and loved it. I think it's a little pricey without lunch also. I was told when we made reservations they got lunch (uncrustable, goldfish, Krispie, and juice box) but when he actually went it was only a Krispie treat.

The captains were awesome though! They even gave little brother (age 2) a bag of "treasure" when they returned because he was pretty bummed he missed out. I thought that was really nice of them and definitely spread some Disney magic to a disappointed little brother.

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