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madmumof2 11-04-2012 08:05 AM

The kids knew nothing! Surprise trip and wedding!
I've finally got around to doing a trip report! Last time I did mine live so it's taken a while longer to finish this one. :surfweb:

This trip was my 4th, my two eldest's 2nd and my (now) Husbands and baby boy's 1st! :woohoo:

I'll just jump straight in, it was an amazing trip in more ways than one. :D

1st day.
Wednesday 10th.
The kids big reveal!

Cameron and Alyssa woke up as usual, thinking they were going to school. They got their uniforms on, book bags ready etc the lot. The night before I had put up a sheet on the wall pretending I wanted to have a back drop to take some pics of them, which I have done before. Really it was to hide the big banner that said 'were going to Disney world Florida'! :cheer2:

About 8:30am Ben rang the house phone and I answered, apparently to the school who had just informed me there had been a power cut! Told the kids they might as well get their uniforms off and we'll watch a DVD. I said I know just the one they can watch, it's great, they've never seen it before, amazing etc. So we put it on and they watch. :happytv:

They think it's adverts at the beginning like a regular DVD, which is what I wanted them to think, then the video 'broke'. It went all funny, special announcements, something has gone wrong etc. :confused3 :rotfl:

This is the DVD they watched, skip to 11 minutes as the first part is made to look like adverts (which just happen to be focused on everything we'll be doing!), the fun part starts at 11:00 :D

We filmed it all and of their faces were priceless, we couldn't have asked for a better reaction! We had shock, surprise, disbelief, then pure joy, tears, hugs, excited kids, it was perfect! I don't think Alyssa believed us until we were on the plane! Here are their reactions! :dance3:

Not long after this the person looking after Cassie, our dog, came to collect her and we were on our way to my mums! We were a little late so we had to rush, went straight to the station and said our goodbyes, then straight on the train. The train journey was fine, went quickly, and soon we were at the hotel. We stay at the Days Gatwick near the airport. It was clean and tidy but an expensive dinner, we were charged 12 for the free transfer they promised on their website, we wouldn't stay there again.

Pics of today are included in tomorrows album :D

madmumof2 11-04-2012 08:34 AM

2nd day. Thursday 11th Oct
We got up at 5am and headed straight to the south Terminal to get checked in. Everything was quick and we were in the No1 Lounge before we knew it. :goodvibes

It was great, not too much food choice but handy to kill 3 hours and of course it was all free! They had plug sockets to charge all our stuff ready for the long flight. :surfweb:

At 8:30am we started boarding for our 9:15am flight. We got on quickly and landed a window seat, as well as two aisle ones, which was very handy for my 6ft5 (then) finance! There was bad weather over the Atlantic so we ended up with a 10 hour flight. The flight was not bad, food good, leg room good, kids fairly good, quick customs at Sanford. :woohoo:

Straight off the plane and out of airport to Alamo to pick up our car, which was gorgeous! all went wrong from there! The directions from airport to where we were allocated our villa was rubbish We got completely lost, driving around for 7 hours with migraines, bearing in mind I had never drive in the U.S before so not only were we lost, reading confusing instructions, with road names/numbers confusing us, on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road etc I honestly almost gave up and checked into a hotel! :sad1:

After a VERY long time (landed at 2:30pm, at the Villa at 9:30pm!) we finally found the offices to collect our villa information. By the time we got the villa info it was very dark so I was driving slowly in the left lane by mistake since that is the fast lane here! :confused:

We were looking for Walmart on the left as it was right next door to our community so had to concentrate hard in the dark, found it just as we thought we had passed it, turned into the Southern Dunes resort and three police cars with lights flashing came bounding past! We thought wow, bad day to come here, after all the delays today and stress I was really annoyed by this point at whoever they were after. :sad2:

Well, it turned out they were for me! Apparently I was driving too slow in the fast lane, they must have thought I was a drunk driver or something! I explained everything and they let me off, the Southern Dunes security staff thought it was funny! Straight to bed. Every day since this, when we pass the guarded gates, my youngest Charlie says 'police car'! :rotfl:

We didn't get much of a chance to explore as we were so tired and I had an awful headache, but the villa was stunning, and pool just wow!

Some photos of yesterday and our arrival today.

madmumof2 11-04-2012 09:08 AM

3rd day, Friday 12th
Today we had breakfast at CRT! We left the villa a little late at 8:30am. we were planning on getting there before park opening for some nice pics but we missed it since we still had really bad headaches from yesterday. We headed straight for the castle and were seated pretty quickly. pirate:

The princesses were great, as was our server who made sure we were always topped up. The weather was very hot (which lasted the entire holiday, right up until we were back at Sanford airport when it started chucking it down! We didn't get caught in the rain once). As I said we still had migraines so didn't enjoy as much as we would have done normally. Splash Mountain was closed, which was a shame as we didn't get to ride it last time. Thunder Mountain wait was too long as well. We used photopass + for the first time so got rides pics and castle pics. Alice and White Rabbit were very funny. Alyssa gave Alice a flower and she was trying to talk to it, asking Alyssa if she could hear it, and White Rabbit kept pushing Camerons sunglasses off his head. :lmao:

A dancing parade came suddenly and we just happened to be stood in the perfect spot. Unfortunately we missed dinner at Coral Reef, gutted as we loved this meal last time. Our migraines were still bad so we came home, played in gorgeous pool for a bit then went to bed. Just before we got back we headed to Walmart, just next door, to get a sat nav to avoid a repeat of our first day! :rotfl:

Here are some photos from MK (photopass ones still to be added later).

madmumof2 11-04-2012 10:11 AM

4th day, Saturday 13th
Woke early again, taking advantage of our jet lag and headed to 'Ohana for breakfast. The photo was free as we had photopass+. Gorgeous breakfast as usual, the characters were great. Our youngest is shy at the best of times so we were worried he'd freak at the characters but he loved them! He was so excited to see Mickey and gave them all a cuddle. pixiedust::love:

Afterwards we walked around the Poly, I love this resort. I'd love to stayhere someday but it's well out of my budget so I doubt it'll ever happen. :(

Used our sat nav this time which was so much easier. I wish I'd bought it before hand now, even though it would have been more expensive, that first day was awful! We planned and I drive day but it was too hot so we just went to Congo river golf today, very fun. Cameron lost loads of balls in the bushes, and was stung by something. Ben and Cameron lost, of course I won! :lmao:

Back to villa for lunch and a few hours in the pool. Dinner was at California Grill. It was nice but not worth the cost in my opinion. $180 with tip! View of wishes was just ok. Glad we did it but we won't be doing it again, far too expensive for what it is. :confused:

Back home to the villa quite late. Kids fell asleep in car and we conked out not long after.

Photos of today below :D

madmumof2 11-04-2012 10:32 AM

5th day, Sunday 15th
Date wrong! Sunday 14th!

We had a lie in today, pool morning! We had planned animal kingdom for the afternoon so we got to park at 2 only to realise we'd forgotten our tickets! :rotfl2:

Back to villa for a bit, more time in the pool, then off to dinner at Boma at 5pm. We had a quick look around before dinner and the resort is beautiful. This was a fantastic meal, location was beautiful, great view of the animals outside, great server, food absolutely gorgeous and got tonnes of it, too many desserts! The Zebra domes were lovely! :Pinkbounc

Alyssa was given a birthday badge and a birthday cake, although her birthday is when we get home. Very expensive but would do it again without the drinks in a heartbeat. :cake:

After our dinner we found a lovely viewing spot where they were also roasting marshmallows. The cm's gave everyone a stick with a marshmallow on the end to roast over the open fire. They kept going back for more, I'm surprised Cameron wasn't sick! We went to view some of the animals from one of the balcony's and Charlie chucked his hat over the side! :rolleyes:

Every one of us enjoyed this meal so it was a great success. First shopping spree at the AKL shop too, two mickey photo frames, red and black to match our kitchen, Alyssa bought an Aurora musical jewellery box with some of her money, Cameron bought some Mickey binoculars and something small I can't remember, and Charlie got a Mickey beaker with swirly straw and moving star. Back to the villa, sitting by the pool listening to the crickets, so relaxing and so warm! This is one of the things I miss the most, sitting outside by our pool after the kids have been put to bed. pixiedust:

Here are some photos from today. This album also includes a few photos from Animal Kingdom from tomorrow.

madmumof2 11-04-2012 10:49 AM

6th day, Monday 16th
Date wrong! Monday 15th!

Animal Kingdom in the morning today, very hot and humid. It was not that sunny really until we left, although we may have just gotten used to the weather by now. We all played in pool for a few hours afterwards, then headed to Kissimmee where me and Cameron did the skycoaster!

This is the highest SkyCoaster in the world at 300ft, falling at up to 85mph!! We did this for charity, although I would have done it anyway! It was fairly expensive at $70 for us both, plus $15 for the DVD but I am so glad we both did this and it'll be a memory that'll stay with us a long time. Very scary as we were going up, filled with thoughts of 'this feels loose, he didn't fasten it properly, what it we fall, the rope looks very thin, what am I thinking!' lol Such a brilliant experience, and the DVD is so funny, all you can hear is my son screaming, although I don't know how many adults would not scream, let alone a 9 year old, so he was very proud of himself.

Here is the video of our skycoaster experience.

We also did the Grimm house, very scary! Alyssa didn't like it. I'd done this when I was 10, and 14, and I'd obviously forgotten how scary it was! I figured it was tame enough for her but no, definitely not for 6 year olds!

We had dinner at dennys across the street and it was great. Fab server and a nice meal everyone enjoyed. Charlie made a scene by shooting Camerons milkshake out of his hand with his drink! We went back to the villa and got into bed straight away, up early in the morning.

Here are a few pics of Old Town, although there are also pics from MNSSHP on this album too near the end of our holiday.

madmumof2 11-04-2012 11:11 AM

7th day, Tuesday 16th
Today was our booking for a night in the Universal Hard Rock Hotel! :cheer2:

We were up at 6:30am, out of the villa just after 7am and all checked in and at the park entrance by 8:15am! We left Ben and Charlie to sleep while me, Cameron and Alyssa went straight to HP. We rode the flight of the hippogriff ride 3 times in about 10 minutes! Cameron went on the Forbidden Journey on his own as Alyssa was too small. Onto Jurassic Park's river adventure and Spiderman before getting the boat back to Hard Rock to get breakfast from the buffet in The Kitchen, which was gorgeous. Alyssa got another birthday cake! :cake:

We went to our room to get Ben and Charlie and sailed back to IOA on the boat. Ben and Charlie had not had breakfast yet so we headed to Margaritaville. Ben accidentally ordered a very expensive smoking drink! It came with the glass to take home but still, made him read the menu properly from this point on! :drinking:

We hit Seuss landing first for Charlie, which he loved, and Alyssa was made zoo keeper for the day. We spent quite a while in the water section as it was very very hot today. Did HP now Ben was with us for the rides Alyssa was not big enough for. Forbidden journey was broken as was duelling dragons! :(

We had lunch in the three broomsticks where Charlie threw his croc over into the lake! Which makes a lost hat and shoe now!Meal was ok. Of course we had butterbeers, and I got the souvenir mug too. Bought Cameron and Alyssa Harry and Dumbledores wands too, another must. We met the Grinch and some characters from cat in the hat who Charlie hugged! :cheer2:

Once again the talking fountain was so funny playing and talking to all 3 kids. I love this fountain! Headed back to Hard Rock and had dinner in The Kitchen. Very expensive and not worth the cost but the servers were great and Alyssa got her 3rd cake!. Had a nose around the pool area before settling in for the night. Very nice hotel and would stay here again. :beach:

Here are a few pics :D This also includes tomorrow :D

Chilly 11-05-2012 08:32 AM

Very brave of you both going on the Skycoaster!

jockey 11-06-2012 05:57 AM

Great reports looking forward to more

Clare D 11-06-2012 03:31 PM

OMG you really are a mad mum. There is no way you would get me on there :bitelip:
Loving the reports so far :thumbsup2

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