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Jess_Loves_Disney 10-30-2012 10:18 PM

Marriage license question
I just started my planning process :cloud9: and I have a question about obtaining a marriage license online. We are planning on arriving the day before the ceremony so we can spend most of our time there being on our honeymoon. So we have to get our license by mail. The site included in the packet Disney sent me is for which is $200.00 I know that the florida marriage license fee is closer to $100. So how do I go about doing it that way as opposed to the website? I looked at Brevard county's website but from what I read it seems like you fill out a pre-application and still have to go in. From the website "At any time after the couple has submitted their vital information via the template, the couple can come into any of the Brevard County Clerk of Courtsí five branch offices to complete the application process. All parties must be present with a picture identification card, the application number from the marriage license kiosk, and the applicable marriage license fee to complete the process." Am I misunderstanding something? Can someone guide me here? I mean if we can save $100 it would be nice! Thanks in advance! :goodvibes

lurkyloo 10-31-2012 01:47 AM

I'm not sure where you're seeing that on the site, but you do not need to go into Brevard County's branch offices if you use their mailaway service. And yes, it will save you $100 ($107, to be exact) off the cost of the service Disney advertises, which still requires you to jump through all the same hoops you would if you got your own license through Brevard County! :headache:

Download and fill out this form, then mail it in:

After that, you'll receive the paperwork you need to have notarized. Once you send that back, they'll send you back the license when you're within 60 days of the wedding. After the wedding, your officiant will send the signed license back to Brevard County, and you'll get your marriage certificate within about 2 weeks.


Jess_Loves_Disney 10-31-2012 10:34 PM

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!

Jousey 11-19-2012 06:33 AM

we looked in to it when we were going to drive down. check out the Flordia state website and look at the diffrent countys some have easy online service and others tack on fees that bring the price up. We got our licence from Orange Co. in person, took less than an hour.

CityGirlLost 11-30-2012 02:21 PM

We followed LurkyLoo's advice from her book and had no problem doing it all by mail through Brevard County.

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